Biotechnology’s Blindness


Biotechnology does not seek to examine the social dynamic that has caused the overpopulation and starvation on the one hand and over-consumption and immense waste on the other. Rather it seeks to solve the problem by pushing alteration of the genetic pattern of life in nature.

There’s no doubt nature has changed both by itself and though human activities, but the rush to see biotech as a magic potion that will solve our agricultural problems, overlooks the significant potential downsides to GMO’s or rather Genetically Engineered Organisms.

I wonder why in a democratic society we have not pressured corporations to recluse themselves from influencing government, academia and the media in a direction that advances their financial interests.  All these institutions of society are prone to corporate influence. If one understands the logic that underpins the viability of capitalism, then one is understandably leery of people who are working or associated with corporations telling us what the facts are.

anon-mask*** anonymous claims to have lifted a database from a Monsanto server and the text above was written (as a comment, I believe) by someone (no-name given) and saved on the Monsanto corporate server.

It sure is an interesting paragraph, isn’t it?

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