Who is Monsanto?

is a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation based in the United States. They are the world’s leading producer of
Roundup®, a herbicide with the active ingredient glyphosate.

Monsanto is also the largest producer of genetically engineered (GE) seeds on the planet, accounting for over 90% of the GE seeds planted globally in 2003. Monsanto introduced a genetically modified product (Roundup Ready Soybeans) that were resistant to Roundup. The first crops introduced were soybeans, followed by corn in 1998. “Roundup Ready” crops greatly improved a farmer’s ability to control weeds, since glyphosate could be sprayed in the fields without harming their crops.what-did-you-say?

TRANSLATION:  Roundup Kills Everything except the genetically engineered crop.   The seeds are engineered to resist the Roundup herbicide and further, the toxic (weed killing) residue of Glyphosate remains on the Roundup Ready seeds are genetically modified to withstand the herbicide toxicity.  This is also the primary purpose of ALL genetically modified seeds, to resist pest’s – drought – and most importantly pesticide and     herbicide.

Are you getting this?
Seeds that are “Roundup
Ready” will survive Monsanto’s glyphosate herbicide while killing everything around it.

WOW – Great Idea right?   WRONG!  when these crops are harvested, they contain high levels of glyphosate and it doesn’t just go away.  Millions of gallons of this have been sprayed all across the U.S. – for years!  Corn crops are treated this way too.  The Corn is fed to animals, used in cereal and many other products… in fact, you probably know that corn products are in 75% of the things you buy at the grocery store and all of these products have traces of herbicide.

In addition, because weeds are pretty “smart” – the ones that used to die from the RoundUp herbicide treatments don’t die anymore.  They have adapted and become tolerant of the product that used to kill them.  Sources confirm that as many as 20 new types of weeds nicknamed “SuperWeeds” have been found growing in GMO crop sites. (SOURCES)

Throughout its history, Monsanto has developed chemical products which have eventually become controversial or been banned, including DDT, Agent Orange, Bovine Growth Hormone, and PCBs.


    • I believe the Government have tried to stop Monsanto, but Monsanto are so powerful with their money that they overpowered the Government in court. Could be wrong, although I do recall reading it.

    • Science has found no risks with GMO foods. Please actually investigate the science and stop reading opinions of people who gain from fear mongering.

      • Dear Rebecca,
        thank you for your message.

        I have read more on this topic over the last 10 years than I would care to admit. Although I respect your opinion, your statement is simply inaccurate… and here’s why:

        Your Statement “Science has found no risks with GMO foods” is inaccurate.

        Scientific Fact that GM DNA transfers to Humans and the Environment.

        It’s a FACT that GM plants and animals are created using horizontal gene transfer (also called horizontal inheritance), as contrasted with vertical gene transfer, which is the mechanism in natural reproduction. Vertical gene transfer, or vertical inheritance, is the transmission of genes from the parent generation to offspring via sexual or asexual reproduction, i.e., breeding a male and female from one species.

        Comparatively, horizontal gene transfer involves injecting a gene from one species into a completely different species, which yields unexpected and often unpredictable results. Proponents of GM assume they can apply the principles of vertical inheritance to horizontal inheritance, but this assumption, too, is flawed, and now it’s been confirmed that GM genes can transfer to humans and the environment.

        “It is now clear that horizontal transfer of GM DNA does happen, and very often. Evidence dating from the early 1990s indicates that ingested DNA in food and feed can indeed survive the digestive tract, and pass through the intestinal wall to enter the bloodstream. The digestive tract is a hotspot for horizontal gene transfer to and between bacteria and other microorganisms.

        Higher organisms including human beings are even more susceptible to horizontal gene transfer than bacteria, because unlike bacteria, which require sequence homology (similarity) for incorporation into the genome, higher organisms do not.

        What are the dangers of GM DNA from horizontal gene transfer? Horizontal transfer of DNA into the genome of cells per se is harmful, but there are extra dangers from the genes or genetic signals in the GM DNA, and also from the vector used in delivering the transgene(s).

        GM DNA jumping into genomes cause ‘insertion mutagenesis’ that can lead to cancer, or activate dormant viruses that cause diseases. GM DNA often contains antibiotic resistance genes that can spread to pathogenic bacteria and make infections un-treatable · Horizontal transfer and recombination of GM DNA is a main route for creating new viruses & bacteria that cause diseases”

        Cross pollination of different varieties of the same plant (what our ancestors did) is low-tech and, over time will occur naturally. Genetic modification of seeds is done in a lab and often crosses different biological kingdoms, such as crossing a bacteria with a plant, the unintended adverse effects of which may be incalculably large and impossible to ascertain before they are released into the biosphere.

        In 99% of the writings on within this site, any time a topic is mentioned as fact, it is backed up with either peer reviewed research, scientific evidence or a “personal account” supported by the parties that make such a claim.

        The statements above were sourced from the now late “Dr. Mae Wan Ho a geneticist who devoted her life to gene study”

        For some REAL SCIENCE, unfortunately you have to do the research.

        I suggest you start here: https://ban-gmos-now.com/2016/05/20/in-memory-dr-mae-wan-ho-ban-gmos-now/?blogsub=confirming#subscribe-blog

        • No-GE-Joe that was a wonderful reply and it has inspired me to do more research also thank you so much for all the information on this subject.

        • Everything that kills off Life Kills Life.
          Good you don’t drop dead right away because you are a bigger Life form
          Cow Pig Human is simple bigger then a small weed.
          Multiply the dose that is put on a weed to you human body weight increase the Roundup Dose accordingly and I wish you luck to survive this also as it is labeld safe for human. ( only in the dose for a weed ) Arseen does not kill you also in small dose. Try more from it then call me when you are still able to do so.
          We created enough bad envireoment surounding us if you weaken yourself more with the food intake its. Game over.
          Why are we soooo reluctand to try to live healty. I dont understand it.
          Your article is verry good.

          Thanks Chris

    • I believe the government allows this. They dont give a fuuuuck about us. Its all population control people!!! Where do you think ppl get cancers from, diseases, obesity. The government creates ALL of these things. Viruses. Flu shots? What a joke!!!! Fuck the government. They can suck my asshole. Each of them. Organic all the way, and i STILL dont even trust that!!!

  1. People need to wake up and realize what is actually in our food. No one likes to read labels, too time consuming? It infuriates me when I talk to people about such things and they brush me off. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help 🙂

    • Ok what do u suggest we should look for on the lebel
      I dont know anything about it, and its the first time i heard about this company, What to look for on the food label to be safe from it: thanks

  2. Ok, I don’t like it. I hear everyone complaining but what is the solution? Should we all plow up our yards and grow our own foods? Where do we buy seeds that are not genetically modified? Have you stopped buying food at the grocery store? How do you know what you are buying and where is was grown and who processed it? Where the people who processed the food healthy and their hands clean? When did the labels on food become the truth? Who could understand words they can’t pronounce let alone spell. The words on labels are a different language. I have enough touble understanding simple English. If you don’t like what the government is doing are you involved to change it or just complaining? I am not complaining, I am just asking questions. The politicians have to eat it too. None of us get off this planet alive, except Neil Armstrong. Give me solutions not complaints.

    • This site is here to create awareness. Everyone here is trying to do something about it and there are nothing but real stories from real people telling it how it is. I didn’t make this S%^# up. This is real.

  3. Tsk tsk.. They don’t want you to be educated about what is in your food. They FEAR you actually knowing. Of course we would immediately understand that GMOs cause sickness and disease [cancer!?!] And then it’s a domino effect. No GMO illness equals less Dr visits equals less trips to the pharmacy equals no $$$ for pharmaceutical giants equals no/less Campaign donations equals broke busted politicians… Simple as I can lay it out. Keep the American people sick so the American Politicians stay rich.. PATHETIC!!!!

  4. It is critically important that we all take this seriously! Yes, READ LABELS and buy non-GMO and organic as much as possible!

    Your very life depends on it!

    • Here is one thing you should know… the difference between Certified Organic and Organic Ingredients.  These are the facts:
      “Certified Organic” – this means that all ingredients contained are 100% organic.  Simple as that. This is the label you WANT to see.
      “Organic Ingredients” – this actually means that only 70% of the ingredients are actually organic.  The other 30% is not.  Even a label saying “100% Organic Ingredients” is misleading. While that 70% is 100% organic, you still have that 30% that is not organic at all.

      • Derek,
        we have also found it to be true (in enough cases to make a massive difference) that “USDA 100% Certified Organic” has some classification issues that show there is an “acceptable inorganic threshold” we’re still attempting to assemble the facts. I became interested in this three years ago from and issue brought to my attention by Barbara Peterson of farmwars.info, “which is the fact that of all the certified organic labels, most of them can still contain varying amounts of non-organic ingredients that will effectively negate any benefit of the organically-grown ingredients.”

        I’m going back to this topic again because you’re not the only one commenting – and thank you for making your statement public. We’ll post here if there’s much more to this than what has been said previously.


  5. You write “Sources confirm that as many as 20 new types of weeds nicknamed “SuperWeeds” have been found growing in GMO crop sites.” but you seem to have forgotten to include any of these sources. Could you possibly fix this to give this article some more credibility?

  6. This is the first time visiting your site. I like what I see, so I just want to thank you! I’ve been trying to find out what & who is Monsato (for awhile now)! Finally I got lucky (I call it fate)! I came across your site, & at last I can understand clearly, who’s Monsato! I knew for years, how extremely dangerous Roundup is, but I had no idea Monsato is the leading producer of Roundup! Yikes! I thought Monsato was a group of farmers (like a union), that are okay with planting GMO a seeds!

    They’re roots go far deeper! This is real scary! I live in Hawaii, & they always say, “buy from our local farmers”! Is there somewhere, or something I could do to find out what local farms or farmers are connected with Monsato?

    Or what supermarkets to shop at, where I can buy safe, GMO free produce from? Are only organic produce safe to eat?

    I recently started to learn & apply a more healthy lifestyle for my family & I, so I’d appreciate all info! Sorry, about bombarding you w/so many questions, but I love the way you write & explain everything (even your replies in the comment section)!!
    Thank u again for all your great info & your help & dedication to spread knowledge & awareness to everyone who wants to learn!

    • Hi. Thanks for your visit, kind words and your message. I will only take credit for standing up and highlighting my own experiences and observations. The truth about Monsanto does not need to be embellished. That is; we don’t need to make stuff up because the actual truth is deplorable. I mean what I say – Monsanto is the “Worst Corporate Citizen in Human History” hands down. Any rational person, given all the facts – would certainly agree

      However, my passion is fueled not so much by Monsanto’s past, but their perpetuation of a business model that has NO place in our future, despite their propaganda and claims to the contrary. Monsanto clearly is using a strategic execution plan to OWN ALL of the seeds in the world that are used to grow our food, change the genetic properties so that the seeds are resistant to weed control and then sell products that control weeds.

      Visit this page for more helpful information:

  7. Thank you for sharing information. I heard that Monsanto bought WholeFoods. Could that possibly be true ??!! And is the butterfly non GMO logo on a product the only real way of proof ? Thanks for your time, Im new at this

    • Thanks Elizabeth!

      Where did you hear of Monsanto and Whole Foods? We have no knowledge of this unlikely acquisition… and I’m sure
      it would be FRONT PAGE NEWS if there were any truth to it.

      On the non-GMO logo question – regarding verification, The Non-GMO Verified project is the only source we discovered that certifies all points – from start to finish – to be GMO free.

        • Uuuuuum…wow Nick. Again we’re sorry to be the ones to tell you but you’re quite mistaken, uninformed and ignorant of the stark truth backed up by peer reviewed study, research and findings of the scientific community at large, and the countless real-world examples from regular people from all educational backgrounds and every walk of life… and that’s just one sentence.

  8. The government allows this because the monosanto produces $5.8 billion in revenue for the U.S. This the Obama administration said they will not stop using Monsanto because it would cut out such a high revenue of our country. several other countries have banned the import of these crops from us. OSHA also has been banned from inspecting these farms even though each year thousands of workers get harmed and even die from pesticide use. the farmers and there families that use pesticides have a 73% higher chance of getting cancer from this then anyone else in the U.S. also the United States Cancer Association has verified this information but again the revenue of using this is too high for our government to stop this. Also these farmers are the ones that receive government subsidies if they don’t grow as much crop as predicted. All these facts and are available for public on government websites.

  9. This is my first time seeing this website, because its something for my college classes. Anyways, we should put a stop to this nonsense. Genetically engineered products are Unhealthy! we need to put a stop to this! And to all of y’all that think its nothing… OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE REAL WORLD!!!!! LEARN TO ACCEPT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:(

  10. What I think the problem is: Secret Organizations and members of the Government that have been contaminated and turned dark and that are being controlled and manipulated by Dark Alien Races that are coming from off Planet, from other planets, galaxies and universes.

    • Well… ummm – thanks for that – but we work with FACTS here because the FACTS are scary and deceitful enough – no need to embellish.

  11. Wow! Great information!!! Someone asked the question of what other farms can we use that doesnt link to Monsanto. I wasn’t sure if I saw it amswered.

    Thanks again for your site of great information.

  12. The best way in my opinion to do something about this is to make people aware. Blast all the facts you come across on social media, to family , friends etc

    • Thanks Steffanie and you’re absolutely correct! People just do not know. Even more disturbing is usually when people begin to learn the facts – it stems from some health crisis they are going through that requires them to learn about their food intake, where their food comes from and what’s in it.

      Onward we go!

      Thanks for your support!


  13. First, thank you so much for ask you di and say. To the person who asked about what we can do: First you can contact your senator telling them about Monsanto’s evil intentions asking him to do something about Monsanto (I.e. Voting to refuse Monsanto’s attempts to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes). And you were completely right when you asked if you should grow your own vegetables and fruits and you can can even grow then inside. Watch a video on YouTube that shows you how to make a multilevel cart to grow them. Another option is that you can get your produce at a Wholefoods or a food co-op. You can also get seeds at those stores or amazon or eBay. There are a lot of things you can do to keep GMO’s out of your diet.

  14. Worse than this…research HAARP and geo-engineering. Look up…we are being poisoned in plane sight. Chemrails are blocking rain to California facilitating the drought for 4 years now.

    • An interesting set of circumstances and coincidences regarding HAARP – yes… but there are no hard facts for us to consider and this is typically not what we discuss @ whoismonsanto.com… but thank you for your contribution!


    • Hi. We’re very sorry you feel that way. We only post verifiable facts here. However, if you would like to BACK-UP your erroneous comment we will have you know that WHOISMONSANTO.com has had a running challenge to anyone offering a counter argument based on same facts. Since the inception of WHOISMONSANTO.com, no one has offered even one argument to the contrary…. not ONE! Our apologies if you disagree. Presently, without any substance – your comment does nothing to change the truth’s and transparency that is posted here – and our readers understand this.


  15. I believe if Donald Trump really wants to help the American people, he’ll put a stop to Monsanto for good! There is way too much cancer and I truly believe this is why.

    • Way to go Carrie. Thank you for your post. It will take more than one man to stop Monsanto’s continued crime against humanity, but time will tell how the position might change when it’s initiated by someone who appears to be immune to lobbying and political interest. Monsanto has an absolutely MASSIVE lobbying presence and pours TONS of cash into the lobby pool. Total for this pool 36 million. That’s money spent on campaigns so when candidates get into office, there is an expectation on the part of the campaign donor. The top spender in 2013 was Monsanto — the maker of Roundup pesticide — which spent more than $6.9 million lobbying on issues like proposed changes to the patent system.

      Monsanto’s core business is “Strategic Control of the Food Supply” If they are to be stopped, the more powerful thing for the president to do is help the disclosure process, help the labeling effort because if people know what’s in their food, they will refrain from buying pesticide soaked crops and untested genetically modified products. This is more powerful than any regulation or new laws. No product sales = no revenue for the companies that produce harmful products.

      Data Sources: The Center for Responsive Politics –
      ( see this table – https://www.opensecrets.org/lobby/indusclient.php?id=A07&year=2016 )

      Thanks again for your post!

      No GMO Joe

    • Hello Carol! Thank you for that tip.

      Here are some facts to counter and ELIMINATE any idea that GMO’s are safe. In the sense of practical and scientific, this can not be true – it’s false and an outright lie.

      A GMO food has had its DNA altered through the insertion of genes from another species of plant, animal, bacteria, or virus.

      Examples of genetic modification include splicing fish genes into tomatoes and strawberries, jellyfish genes inserted into corn, or tobacco engineered with lettuce.

      Some genetic modification is done to create new drugs or industrial products, but in agriculture it is used to increase resistance to herbicides, pests, or bad weather.

      Why GMOs are unsafe and destructive:

      Common GMO crops include soy, corn, canola, cottonseed, and sugar beets. Genetic modification creates new proteins the human body has never before encountered. As far as the body is concerned, these new proteins are not food but instead dangerous pathogens to be attacked, destroyed, and removed.

      The body works hard to expel these contaminants as this my dear
      creates inflammation, which if chronic can lead to multiple unwanted health conditions. For instance, an increase in allergies has been shown in populations after GMO foods are introduced, as well as in farm workers who handle the GMO foods. Animal studies show GMO foods can trigger reactions to a wide range of other foods.

      GMOs are legal in the United States because of the scarcity of study on humans. The only research on humans shows that GMOs transfer into the bacteria that reside in the gut, which should be cause enough for concern.

      This means that long after you have eaten a GMO food its foreign proteins could stay behind in your gut, with unknown outcomes.

      For instance, if a food is modified with an antibiotic, it could create an antibiotic-resistant strain of bacteria in your body.

      Or a food modified with a toxin designed to kill insects could turn your gut bacteria into a pesticide. These new proteins could also make it into other parts of the body, including potentially a developing fetus.

      The studies on animals are alarming enough that most other First World nations require GMO foods to be labeled, or have restricted or outright banned GMOs.

      The FDA’s own scientists have warned of allergies, toxins, new diseases, and nutritional problems and urged long-term studies.

      Vote with your dollars. Avoid GMO food altogether and tell your South Dakotian fellow Americans to say no to GMO.

      Thanks again.

      Source natural news

    • If we understand the question correctly, the simple answer is “Yes” and “Yes”.

      As we “peel the onion” so to speak – we learn more. For example, Monsanto, as a general practice does not allow users of their GMO seeds to re-seed with the offspring… I would guess that this is a control issue that’s two-fold, one of profit and the other of “the unintended and admittedly unknown consequences” of second generation GMO seed. I will research this more as now it has me curious.

      If the seeds were used, they would have similar molecular structure and characteristics of their parent seed.

      Good question Carol, thank you!

  16. I got to this page for the heading. “Who is Monsanto?, but the article never answered that. Very misleading. I already know “what” Monsanto is. I wanted to know who the people and organizations are who run it. That’s what the header led me to belive was coming.

    • Really Sue? Please accept our apologies. We thought that the first two sentences on the home page tells us exactly WHO Monsanto is. Here is an excerpt – “Monsanto is a multinational agricultural biotechnology corporation based in the United States.
      Second sentence “They are the world’s leading producer of Roundup®, a herbicide with the active ingredient glyphosate.

      Monsanto is also the largest producer of genetically engineered (GE) seeds on the planet, accounting for over 90% of the GE seeds planted globally in 2003. Monsanto introduced a genetically modified product (Roundup Ready Soybeans) that were resistant to Roundup. The first crops introduced were soybeans, followed by corn in 1998. “Roundup Ready” crops greatly improved a farmer’s ability to control weeds, since glyphosate could be sprayed in the fields without harming their crops.

      Are you sure you didn’t see it?


  17. This is great info.. thank God I am finding out info before falling ill to this GMO source.. Thank you for your research and hard work.

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