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I'm really mad

Who Am I?

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The Longer Version:

I’m angry and driven to post facts and important information that is essentially hidden from the public.

GMO has been around for much longer than I have.  My outrage comes from the distorted, and often suppressed information cluster.  The problem isn’t Genetically Modified products… it’s Genetically Engineered Products.

There is a huge “life changing” difference between the two.  There’s nothing worse than people who spout off about the problem without real understanding… PLEASE DON’T BE ONE OF THEM!

Call me “truth seeker” OR “FACT finder”  I’m not out to get Monsanto however  the reporting of factual information about Monsanto’s strategic assault on the worlds food supply needs no embellishment.  The facts as they stand alone cite nothing short of deplorable conduct and the worst corporate citizenship in human history.  I spent six years learning about them

Here, we expose the truth and let the public decide.  I do believe they are the worst corporate citizen in human history… and there’s loads of facts and cover ups to support that description as accurate.  I didn’t make the negative headlines and I haven’t made their mistakes – but I can tell you that Monsanto is still making both and that’s a fact!

We should demand proper identification of these products and it’s pretty simple to see that the majority of the public agrees.  I have already decided.  Myself and my family are GMO free and I believe other people would also become GMO free if they knew what was going on and “in” their food.  Unfortunately it’s not easy to get the facts when they are suppressed by the fact-making entities… but you need to get the facts.  I have posted information all over this site.  It’s my own research writing and that of others.  Credit is given to other authors when they are the source.

Regarding Genetically Modified Seeds:

My Story, the LONG version:
November of 2004 was the true beginning of my journey to research,  learn,  and understand Monsanto’s self-appointed role as savior of the human race.  I began peeling back the layers of deceit and manipulation that seems to have gone on since the early 1900’s.

Monsanto was put into a context that was close to home.   I was deeply disturbed by what I learned.  It involved family and some cold obnoxious truth.

I thought about it for weeks and it was then that I began research into this company called Monsanto.  I’ve separated the facts from fiction over the years and this makes me an authority.  Nothing posted here will ever be untruthful.

Please, indulge me while I share some background…  I’ll try not to bore you too much.

I’m a 40 year-old American guy with a beautiful wife and family.   We are hard-working, somewhat typical, middle-class Americans.  We’re fortunate and blessed to have what we have today and like many American families, we quietly contribute our time and resources for the benefit of our  community.  We think we’re regular people and we love our country.

My wife is from Iowa and she grew up on a big and busy family farm.  Although her parents have passed away,  the farm is still in the family and run by a sibling.  Her late father “Ted“,  ran the farm for 30 years.  He raised an average of 2500 hogs annually.  Between Ted and his brother Robert who lived a mile down the road,  they collectively worked more than 5000 acres of corn and soybeans each Spring.

At Thanksgiving time, we would usually go there and do all sorts of fun things.  My wife’s five sisters would usually show up with their families too.  Eventually, if we needed a break from the indoor activity,   Ted would lead one of my wife’s sisters husbands and myself outside and we’d pile into  one of the giant pick up trucks and drive around slowly on the rolling hills of the farm property.

There were lots of things to look at such as newly planted Oak and Cherry trees,  a gigantic pond that Ted carved out with the bulldozer and stocked with Perch and Bass.  It was like a little vacation spot on the farm.

 One of those times that myself, my father-in-law, and one of my wife’s sister’s husbands were driving around on the property,  out of the blue, Ted, (my father-in-law) started to talk about a company called Monsanto.

He was complaining about how Monsanto was forcing him and his neighbors to use Monsanto products.  He began to describe the local “talk” ( like the local diner – local) and national politics – and we just listened to him in awe.

The gist of his rant?

Monsanto had silently taken control in that town of 327 people and a thousand other towns like it in Iowa.   I soon learned that this was occurring state-wide, nationally and world-wide.   If you were a farmer with crops, you had better use Monsanto’s stuff or you will go broke from competitive price manipulation and patent infringement. It was also said that Monsanto uses fear and “gangster-like” tactics that freak out farmers terribly.  Essentially if your neighbor was using (GMO) seed and you weren’t, if one seed from a Monsanto crop was found growing in your field – they could take your farm away or hit you with a $30,000 “licensing fee”.  The terms were “pay up or be sued”.  Most farmers were terrified, the risk was too great because the probability of a stray seed was too great.  Without going into too much detail, the farmers began to fall like dominoes.   I’ll say that this event back in 2007 is what started me on my aggressive investigative journey.

Then Ted started to talk about genetic engineering of the corn and said that the corn seed he gets today is a GMO.  I was like “what’s that”  He went on to say “If it comes up early summer and makes it past the second week, it is good all year if you spray the (Monsanto supplied) herbicide.”   It’s resistant to pest’s.  It has the pesticide built in to the genetic code of the seeds.  Although he was new to using Monsanto’s products, that’s what everyone else was doing because of the fear factor.  We returned to the farm in late summer and Ted had his personal garden and of course, and the 5000 acre GMO Corn crop.   The GMO corn in the field looked noticeably different than the corn in the garden.  It looked perfect and almost like shiny plastic.  There were bugs hanging out on the leaves, but they weren’t eating anything.  I looked down at the ground where the corn stalk meets the earth… No WEED’S.  Not even one… anywhere.

In the garden the corn looked like corn.  Ted used dead fish and Halloween candy leftovers every spring and aside from daily weed pulling, that was it.

The tomatoes, the corn and everything always tasted soooooo good from the garden but bland and complex from the field.  I didn’t know a thing about GMO at that time so it wasn’t like I was programmed to think that.  That’s what I thought without any influence.

A sales guy came to the farm every season.  It was usually the same guy and he often stayed for dinner.  The weird thing was that if you planted one year and had a great harvest, you were not allowed to use ANY of the yield for the following year’s planting thus; Monsanto could drop the price of the seed to way below the price of the natural organically grown seed that farmers have been using for years.  I was shocked.  It sounded like extortion.  “Use our seed or else”

Not knowing a thing about this topic and seeing that it had far reaching consequences in the public health sector right down to my own family, I had to get the facts so that I could understand what was real and what was just the result of the churning media – known to be biased if even at all factual much of the time.

When I began to learn the facts about genetic manipulation – Monsanto was always at the front of the bus, if you know what I mean.  I was not trying to convict them… not yet.  I didn’t have the facts.  Today the facts are flying out into the public like rats jumping off a sinking ship.  Not only that, there is now an abundance of scientific data that spells it out in three simple points.

1. Glyphosate and its state in Monsanto’s RoundUp,  is toxic to humans.  This is a fact.

2. Genetic modification for the purposes of herbicide resistance is good for the growing season but stays in the crop.  As the corn and soybeans make their way into just about every consumer product we would normally buy at the grocery store that contains corn products,  toxic levels of Glyphosate residue is found in those products too.  Glyphosate interrupts normal defense mechanisms in our bodies that fight and balance our health.   The rise of disease and conditions in the last twenty years can be linked – and that’s nearly genocide.   The graphic below tells all –

WARNING: It’s possible that you will go ApeShit when you see it!  There are also many more charts showing this trend from toxicology reports produced by people who are independent of the political wash lobby.  Viewer discretion is advised in that the truth will likely MAKE YOU ANGRY.


3.  Little is known about the long-term damage thus; why are Genetically Engineered foods allowed in the market, unchecked or vetted?

Consumers must be able to make the choice and therefore, products must be labeled.  Monsanto will fight to the death any legislation that requires GMO’s to be labeled.  What’s up with that?

The reasons above and many more are why people “in the know” are “Marching Against Monsanto”  We live in one of the only countries (U.S.A.) were GMO’s are legal – they shouldn’t be.  Thank god we also live in a country where we can peacefully protest to get things changed.  Ultimately this battle will be Monsanto’s defeat because if labeling requirements aren’t met, it will still remain true that people will vote with their dollars (they won’t buy GMO) If you can’t sell your product, you eventually go out of business.

The last time I checked, “We the people” are the words in the U. S. Constitution that will uphold the public’s wishes regardless of who is in office.

I chose to collect information from the words and writings in books of people who worked for Monsanto or who have had conversations with those people.  I spoke with former employees of various sources and they absolutely wished to be anonymous for fear they might be targeted.  That just strengthened my determination to discover the truth.  I began to uncover results, FACTS that were staggering to me.  I thought “How could our government let this company get away with this”  “and they are still manipulating the system to their advantage  today.”

Eventually I have come to understand just how and of course, it’s been going on for years… but this is our food, our children and if the American tax payers are now flipping the bill for health care, there’s a rock solid argument made for guarding cost through prevention.  Stop GMO’s – require labeling in the process, and let harmless organically grown technology do it’s thing.  We have no business playing God especially when the end product is harmful to ourselves in ways we can prevent.

Here is where the passion to write and share the facts about Monsanto comes from.   It’s not Monsanto per se‘ – it’s the things the company has done and is still doing in the food source production process.   It’s the quiet corruption of the environment, entire countries and their seemingly blank check when it comes to toxic discharge under U.S. Federal law.  There is no room for corporations that conduct their profiteering at the expense of the citizens of the world.  How do those people sleep at night?

As long as Monsanto continues to manipulate and dupe the system(s) for its own benefit – “Who Is Monsanto.com” will attempt to uncover and act as another one of the many voices of transparency.

This is too important for people to be passive about.

Again, the public gets the facts and people can make their own decisions about the foods they eat, compliments of Monsanto Chemical Corp. (dba – Monsanto)

All feedback is welcome and especially if you have a story to share or some factoids that can be authenticated.

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