American Farmers Speak


American Farmers Speak their thoughts on GMO’s

Norbert (Norb) Johansen – Anytown USA
“Well… when we talk about the issue of the safety of these products . . .  we’re growing crops out here that, if any bugs or worms chew on them, the crops have a built-in pesticide that was genetically engineered to kill worms and bugs that chew on the crops. The pesticide is in the total plant, including the kernels that we eat.   If our DNA is the same as these little creatures that chew on them, and it kills them, I don’t know about you, but it quite frankly scares the hell out of me to be eating these crops.”

Jake Bendixon  –  Anytown USA
There is not one published peer-reviewed report in the world stating that genetically modified foods are safe.

Norbert (Norb) Johansen Anytown, USA
As a farmer, when I first heard about these things coming on the market I thought it would make things easier for us and I assumed that everything would be safe. But what I’ve learned is that just because our government approves it and companies introduce it, it isn’t necessarily going to be safe. We look in the past . . . we were told that PCBs were safe.

DDT, we were told that was safe. There is an old commercial that the government put out showing children eating at a picnic table while a DDT fog was rolling over them, because the chemical companies that produce these assured our government and people that these things were safe.  The list goes on and on of products like this. We’ve now learned, years down the road, that they were very dangerous.  They are probably the reasons why our country has the highest cancer rate of any nation in the world.

Jake Bendixon  –  Anytown, USA
Now we’re being told that these genetically modified crops are safe.  At that moment his head turned outward as if he were going to cry and he said.  “I don’t believe it.

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  1. It is quite Obvious that Pesticides are dangerous …simply put using Chemicals in small or large quantities can eventually cause Health issues ! If these Chemicals can kill live organisms then surely it can destroy cells in Humans ! It is not only Appalling that The FDA And other Government Agencies responsible for the safety of Our Food Products would accept Bribes and Kickbacks to risk the Lives of Those whom they suppose to serve . It is Imperative that a New Federal Agency be implemented that is Free of Political Bullshit aka Lobbyists , aka Special Interests Groups , aka Paid Food Assassins , that will eradicate this type of Genocide and push legal laws that will be enforced by stiff Jail Time for those who conspire to contaminate the Food Products by refusing to keep Pesticides out of our Food Chain !

    • Thanks Carl – we wholeheartedly agree that the Mighty US FDA needs a regime change. The rules to accommodate the handling of public health issues do not necessarily represent the public’s best interest. There’s no backup plan to deal with unintended consequences of poor or “payola based” decision criteria. If we follow closely the moves of Monsanto over the past 50 years, one can only deduce that that they have figured out how to navigate through the restrictions to such extreme that Monsanto has built the model that everyone follows. When it’s clear that they have not, or weren’t able to, a person is put in place with the power and support to do so. We don’t allow our children to “play with their food” and the same goes for the handlers.

      To be fair, I believe that it is also absolutely essential that “an FDA Regulatory entity” be in place. Protection is critical but it can only work if impartial and transparent. We hardly have that.


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