Aspartame Testimony from Real People!


First I’ll share my short personal story  – then please read on to know the stories of hundreds of people.  Coincidence? I think not!

People have been asking me about Aspartame for years.  I quit artificial sweeteners (completely) nearly four years ago and was never a big consumer of them.   Some years ago, my wife was having mi-grain headaches for no reason at all.  She was getting them all the time.  She was also drinking 3 to 5 cans of diet Coke almost every day.  When we got pregnant with our first child, four months before that she stopped alcohol, caffeine, and diet soda and abstained from this for the whole pregnancy.  Oddly enough, the headaches stopped, but since she stopped pretty much everything – we could not conclude that it was from artificial sweeteners.

After the pregnancy (flawless by the way) she gradually began to enjoy wine and coffee again and yes, even diet soda.  The mi-grains came back within three weeks.  I was coming along in my research and suggested she eliminate the diet soda… and guess what?  The mi-grains went away again.  Over the years I have collected some CLEAR and credible information about Aspartame, or more commonly referred to (artificial sweeteners)

There are brand names to Aspartame and it is here where I believe the confusion begins. The short explanation is that over time, these sweeteners cause serious damage to humans.  So why use them?  I will not give any Brand Names or name any specific products but look around this page and it should be crystal clear.

Years ago when I began my Aspartame research, because of my experience and limited chemistry background,  I have always believed Aspartame to be a neuro-toxin, but wasn’t about to go spouting off with just my belief.  I needed more hard evidence.

Then I found out about a guy named Mark Gold from the Aspartame Toxicity Information Center who published a partial list of regular people who reported adverse reactions, and went into great detail about their own “before and after” Aspartame use stories.  The amount of  personal testimony from real people that Mark has collected is stunning.  Reading their messages is even more stunning.

We can’t make this stuff up!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Please print out this list and read *ALL* of the way through it over time.  I know it’s long, but it can help you recognize the various cases of aspartame toxicity and *help others*.  Then copy and share this and other documents from the Aspartame Toxicity Information Center web page with as many others as possible.

The names have been removed to protect confidentiality, but many of these posts can be found in various archives and WWW search engines.
Please note that this document is only a tiny percentage of adverse reactions to aspartame that have been posted to the Internet over the last few years.  The toxicity reactions posted to the Internet are only a very small percentage of the total toxicity reactions reported to various groups.  Two independent organizations track aspartame caused health problems:  1) the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network (ACSN), P.O. Box 780634, Dallas, Texas, 214-352-4268,, and 2) Mission Possible International, 9270 River Club Parkway, Duluth, Georgia 30155,  770-242-2599,   Please contact these organizations for more information.

If you have experienced health damage from aspartame and your health improved after removing it from your diet, please forward your
aspartame toxicity reaction to:

Mark Gold
Aspartame Toxicity Information Center
12 East Side Dr., Suite 2-17
Concord, NH 03301

Extensive resources for nutrition, general wellness and healing can be found on the main web page:

Sent: Friday, February 15, 2008 1:53 PM
Subject: Diet sodas

A few weeks ago, read the aticle on this website:


Aspartame: Personal Stories from Real People

For years I have been drinking Diet Pepsi & Coke at the rate of
4-6 cans per day. Myself and all those around me noticed that I
was losing my train of thought to the point where I was having
long pauses when speaking within sentences and forgetting what
I was talking about.

My memory was also being impacted as I couldn’t remember  things
like I once did, I was fatigued (always seemed tired) and my joints
in my arms and neck ached. There were times that I felt my heart
beating so hard and fast I thought that it was going to explode out
of my chest.

I did not go to a physician regarding these symptoms, I just thought
that I was aging and perhaps there was something really wrong with me
that I didn’t want to know about.

After reading the article, I stopped consuming the above mentioned
Diet Colas. This is the only thing that I changed in my diet to see
what would happen. I now have been experiencing more energy, my
normal speech has returned, my joint aches are almost gone, my
heart rate has subsided and my memory has improved greatly!!

There should be a way to get these messages to masses – I plan on
sharing this with all of my friends & relatives.


Sent: Sunday, March 02, 2008 6:57 AM
Subject: Asparatame/ Headaches

Dear Mark,

Thank you for your persistance for gathering information regarding the public’s welfare.
I personally experienced reactions after ingesting asparatame.

Prior to having children, I drank diet pepsi occasionally. When my husband and I decided to
start our family, I obstained from ingesting anything that contained asparatame for fear that it
would harm my baby. However, after giving birth, I found myself tired all of the time as most
mothers do, so I started drinking diet pepsi throughout the day. I consumed approximately
three cans of diet pepsi each day. I was experiencing terrible migraine headaches, fatigue,
insomnia and nausea. In addition, when I worked on the weekend during the night shift as a nurse,
I would drink more. My headaches were terrible. I was trying to care for patients, while my head
felt like it would explode. I was taking tylenol and excederin migraine medication on a daily basis.
Then, I finally noticed that the headaches were being triggered by ingesting asparatame. If I chewed
a piece of sugar free gum, eventually, I would come down with a headache. It frightens me that the
food companies are still making products with this ingredient. How many people give their children
sugar free gum? We are poisoning are children.

I want to thank you for your time and enthusiasm regarding this serious issue. I hope that the efforts to
rid the artificial sweeteners are a success.


Posted to:
Subject: Re: Information for List – New Zealand
Date: 09:48 PM 9/1/2007

Hello Betty,

My name is xxxxxx xxxxx. I am 48 and live in Xxxxxxxxx in New Zealand. I
have for many years (about 10 or so) had Cardiac problems, they have
been diagnosed as ARVD (Arythmogenic Right Ventricular Dysplasia),
however this has never been able to be confirmed despite numerous
investigative procedures. In addition I have been suffering from joint
pain and deteriorating eyesight. Recently I was involved in yet another
procedure to investigate my heart. The result was once again
inconclusive. I was on a very high dosage of Beta Blockers. My last
visit to the Cardiologist recommended reducing them to a minimum

Following the reporting of Abby Cormack’s case and your visit to New
Zealand. I had reached the point where I was increasingly frustrated in
my diagnosis. I was angry and frustrated and so after some
investigation I stopped ingesting Aspartame in any form. That was five
weeks ago. I also stopped taking my Beta Blockers at the same time. I
have now not had any heart palpitations in the last three weeks, I was
having five or six each day (heart rate varying between 30 and 160 BPM
at rest). In addition, my eyesight has sharpened, my joint pain has
decreased and I am sleeping better.

I was consuming about 1 litre of Diet Soda a day and in addition was
having Equal in my coffee about six times per day.

I am very happy with my progress and now read food labelling very
P.S. My wife is also very happy with my improvement, to the point where
she is much more conscious of food labelling for both her and I.


Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2007 10:17 AM
Subject: Aspartame induced sickness

I battled high blood pressure from 1987 until 2006. My blood
pressure had become uncontrollable. I had memory lapses where
I could not remember someone’s name. My joints were hurting
and aching and my prostate was enlarged.

My doctor just kept increasing my medications and the symptoms kept getting
worse. After experiencing dizziness and nose bleeds from excessively high
blood pressure, I had to stop eating and only consume distilled water.
After several days, my blood pressure went down to 116/65. I started eating
only one food at a time and checking my blood pressure at intervals
afterward to see if my blood pressure went up. I did not experience a
problem until I drank a diet drink with Nutrasweet. My blood pressure soared
to 185/100 and stayed high for hours. As a result, I took diet drinks off my
consumables list.

Then I had a cup of coffee sweetened with Equal and my blood pressure soared
again. So I switched to decaf coffee sweetened with Equal and had the same
thing happen again. My blood pressure soared and stayed up for hours. After
that, I knew that Equal sweetener, (aspartame), was the problem. I drank decaf
coffee sweetened with sugar for a solid week, and it had no effect on my blood
pressure at all. I even went back to regular coffee sweetened with sugar and
had only a moderate blood pressure increase, (131/80), that lasted for about
an hour.

On top of that, I haven’t had a memory lapse since I stopped using aspartame.
My joints had been hurting me so bad that I could not sleep through the night.
My joints have not ached since I stopped using aspartame – that is not a
coincidence! On top of that, my prostate  symptoms subsided too. I do not have
to take any medications at all since I eliminated aspartame from my diet. I
think I had several TIAs as a result of high blood pressure induced by aspartame.
I wonder how many people have died of strokes or heart failure from high blood
pressure brought on from using aspartame?

It is not a coincidence that my high blood pressure and my other health problems
started when I started using Equal, back in 1987, and ended when I stopped using


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Subject: Aspartame
From: tayva
Date: 03/02/08 10:37 AM [Editor’s note: Australian date format translation: Feb 4, 2008]
Loc: Chicago, IL

Ok, so this is a little odd and I thought I’d share in case it helps
anyone else. I used to drink a lot (a LOT) of diet coke – it was the
only thing that got me through the long days of study. I stopped for
a while, can’t remember why and felt so much better, and then sometime
later started again – at which point I was so sick, I had phenomenal
migranes, nausea, exhaustion etc. I didn’t link the two at this stage,
and then went to the doctor who did some tests. The results? Aspartame
poisoning. Oh. My. God. I thought it was a myth created by freaks on
the internet but it seems not. So now I have lost my caffine source,
and have to avoid lifes little pleasures like low fat jello (I love it!),
diet coke and copious amounts of other products.

Anyone else ever had a reaction like this?


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Subject: Re: Aspartame [Re:  tayva]
From: HomesickInDallas
Date: 04/02/08 04:47 PM
Loc: Dallas, Texas — from Melb

Back in the 1980’s, while still living in Australia, I used to work for a
very well known worldwide pharmaceutical company (whose name I won’t put
here for legal reasons). I worked in the Research & Development Lab and we
did some lengthy research on Aspartame as this well known pharmaceutical
company was considering putting Aspartame in one of their liquid
antacid products.

The research done in Australia on Aspartame at that time — along with other
research done in Europe — showed Aspartame to be a carcinogen (cancer causing)
and the Australian Health Department would not provide approval to include
it as an ingredient in the liquid antacid product (nor anything else for
that matter).

I imagine those “rules” have been relaxed since the 1980’s because Aspartame
is a real money maker. But to this day, knowing what I saw in that research,
I have never ingested a product that contains Aspartame, and I do everything
I can to talk my friends out of any dietary drinks or products that contains
it also.

Just my 10 cents worth.


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Subject: Re: Aspartame
From: Mad Max
Date: 03/02/08 08:42 PM
Loc: Middle of nowhere

I also was a big diet coke drinker, until this summer, when my HAIR started
falling out! I went to a natropath, who told me I was really dehydrated, and
also told me to google it. That was all it took, I haven’t had one since.

Many, many people have horrible reactions like you did, I’m glad they discovered
what it was so quickly. There are so many problems it can cause.


Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 11:11 AM
Subject: RE: Nutrasweet toxicity

Dear Mark,
Thank you for responding. Since eliminating aspartame-sweetened
products, I have experienced a dramatic improvement in mental clarity, and
coordination, and the disappearance of sudden exhaustion, blepherospasms of
the left eye, myalgia, depression and anxiety. It was extremely helpful to
compare symptoms with other sufferers. Thank you for your website.


My own history, by Kim xxxxxx:

January 02: My right foot went numb

February: First vision loss, holes in my vision, progressed to losing
right field of vision for hours

March: Numbness increased up to waist, health quickly deteriorating
unknown cause Went to primary Doctor for Neurological exam: Abnormal,
right reflexes hyper. MRI scheduled.

April 2: lesions found on the MRI. Memory loss became significant
problem Numbness spread to entire right side of body. Told I did have
MS and needed to be followed at hospital of U. of Pennsylvania. Told
my friends and family that I had MS.

May-March 03: MANY tests run at HUP and Presbyterian Hospital and
Sheiy Eye Hospital Symptoms rapidly increased, intermittent field of
vision loss, burning in my head, extreme memory loss and fatigue,
pain in right arm, joint pain, leg pain, depression, numbness began
on left side, eye pain, red eyes, extreme thirst, chest pain, rapid
heart beat, hives.

I began looking into the possibility of disability through work. In
the spring of 2003 was told I had central nervous system Sjogrens and
possibly MS as well and needed to begin a 2 year chemo treatment of
each immuran or cytoxin and should begin immediately. Told due to the
decreased saliva production I should always drink diet sodas to
protect my teeth. In May 2003 I informed doctors I wanted to delay my
treatment until Sept because I direct a camp in the summers in VA and
did not feel I could handle the treatment and face my
responsibilities. I also informed the people at camp my health was
rapidly deteriorating and that I wasn’t sure I would be able to
continue at the camp (that I had founded). Doctors strongly
encouraged me not to wait for the treatment because the disease was
progressing and the damage was irreversible.

June 2003 While at camp and drinking a diet coke a dear friend, Jack
xxxxxxxxx , asked if I knew that diet coke could cause all the
problems that I was having. I explained I didn’t believe him but had
nothing to lose so I wouldn’t drink one for another year and see what
happened. The only thing I had to lose was a chemo treatment I was
dreading and praying to live without. In Sept. 2003 Returned to HUP
neurology. Major improvements and asked by the Dr if my improvements
were a result of starting my treatment. I explained my only treatment
was stopping Diet Coke. My memory loss had dramatically improved, the
burning in my head stopped, extreme fatigue was gone, arm pain gone,
eye pain gone, loss of vision completely stopped, numbness never
progressed since the day I stopped drinking diet coke and many more……

The Doctor said the only way to prove it was to reintroduce it and
see if the symptoms returned. I said NO WAY. Sept 03 to spring 04 I
continued to feel good and decided that I was willing to reintroduce
Diet coke for the good of others so the medical field would know the
need to promote this FACT. In the spring 2004 I called the Dr and
said t I was willing to reintroduce Diet coke and asked how would he
like me to do it. He explained it needed to be controlled and I could
only have one per day and needed to journal my reactions. After one
Diet coke per day for 4 days I already had burning in my head,
extreme fatigue, abdominal pain, arm pain, red eyes….the 4th day I
left my daughter at school and couldn’t even remember I was suppose
to pick her up(that had not happened since I had stopped drinking
Diet Coke). I told my Dr I cannot continue because it’s not SAFE. I
never dreamed all the horrible symptoms would return so quickly.

In Aug 2004 took my sister Roxanne to meet Betty Martini. Sister was
diagnosed with MS 9/11/01. She had tremendous pain in her hand and
arm. After meeting Betty took aspartame seriously and within 3 weeks
had use of her hand and was pain free. This is a very concise
summary. Thank you for all your work and thanks again for taking the
time to meet with both Roxanne and I. Keep up the GREAT work!!!!!

[Editor Note: Kim and Roxanne appeared in the movie, “Sweet Remedy”
(a sequal to the aspartame movie, “Sweet Misery”) produced by
Sound and Fury Productions: .]


Scoop Independent News

Chewing gum case strengthens school diet drink ban
Thursday, 21 June 2007, 11:37 am

The case of a Wellington woman who became seriously unwell
after consuming excessive amounts of the controversial additive
aspartame in chewing gum underlines the urgent need for consumer
information and warnings about potential side effects,
Green Party MP Sue Kedgley says.

“This case also leads me to repeat the call for fizzy drinks
containing aspartame to be removed from schools,” Ms Kedgley says.

Abigail McCormack began suffering crippling muscle cramps and
tingling in her hands and feet, heart palpitations, anxiety attacks,
depression and skin rashes, she thought she was dying after consuming
excessive amounts of chewing gum containing aspartame. Ms McCormack
is concerned that there were no warnings to alert her to the fact
that aspartame could cause harm. These health problems stopped when
Ms McCormack stopped chewing aspartame sweetened gum.


[Video Interview:  ]


Discussion Group: WNHO Aspartame Information
Re: Canderel!! – E951/ Aspartame/ NutraSweet, Equal — Diabetes
Message #6219 of 6240

Hi Betty,

Some months ago, Anita, told me what she had experienced with
the horrible pain she was in and that the “doctors” couldn’t
do anything for her. lets face it, if the medical proffesionals
told there patients, they would lose money.  That’s the way I see it.
I have suffered from fibromyalgia for more years then I care to think
about.  Horrible, debilitating pain that just wouldn’t let up and
the feeling of being a “pest, hypochondriac, or any other “problems”?,
that I might be told, and was!!!  There was nothing wrong with me,
according to the doctors and in respects to doctors that I saw about
my back pain, I was told that I better get use to, and learn, to live
with it!   But that’s a different problem.

Back to the fibro.  I believe it was in March, this year, that Anita
told me about the aspartame and gave me some information in regards
to it.  To tell you the truth, I didn’t really go along with it at first,
BUT, after more research she had my attention.  I haven’t had one
diet soda since then.  I drank it because it was suppose to be safe
and therefore, no sugar.  I have lost more weight since I stopped using
any kind of aspartame.  It’s been nearly three months and I cannot
believe the relief I am having!!!  My whole family is amazed.  One time
I, without giving it a second thought, ate some Yogurt, and within hours
I hurt so bad and after I was having such relief and then to have it hit
me that fast really made a believer out of me.

Anyway, I’ve taken up too much of your time but thank you for being
there for us.


Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2007 6:28 PM
Subject: Asparatame

Wanted you to know that I get very ill within 45 seconds of ingesting
Aspartame, I cannot believe it is still on the market.  People have
tricked me with chewing gum saying it is made with real sugar.  Soon my
stomach starts to hurt and my tongue feels like it has a film on it.


Sent: Wednesday, February 14, 2007 11:41 AM
Subject: aspartame neurotoxicity

You guys are doing an excellent job of getting the word out on this subject. However
the physicians I have talked to are either neutral, uninformed or state they need research
studies to confirm the existance of real dangers of this substance since so many substances
have this ingredient but so few of their patients report or demonstate side effects. As a R.N.
with a Master’s Degree in Nursing and a person who has recently experienced severe
neuro side effects as a result of drinking 700-1000 cc of Crystal Lite per day x 5 days for a
period of about 2-2.5 months I can stay with 100 percent certainity that I had neuro damage
and if had continued drinking this tea would have probably either been in a wheelchair or more
likely dead. I had ataxia, gait difficulties, tremors, decreased left leg reflexes, total loss of appitite
with a 8 lb. weight loss over a 2 month period and other neuro related side effects. I recently
returned from Mayo Clinic in MN. They could not confirm or deny this relationship.Apparently
they are not doing any studies on this substance but several on the effects of coffee!!. I met several
peple there and one stated she knew of a 12 year old boy who had stopped growing and finally it
was attributed to Crystal Lite, another gentleman was there for neuro related issues but his doctors
at home and Mayo could only say is weakness was probably a virus( as he sat drinking his diet coke
there in the airport waiting as I was for our flight to Chicago.) I shared the info I had received from the
interne on aspartame side effects and his wife stated they drank “lots of diet coke” but would stop
aspartame intake andwould inform their PCP and their neurologist. I have refered many people to the
web site and warned others of this danger. The gentleman in the airport had not been on a statin as I
had been so my MD thought my side effects could have been related to the known effect of leg
weakness even in the face of a negative CPK he contined to believe all my reports were either statin
related or who knows just what he thought.My home phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. How can I help?
I am much better but it has taken 60-90 days.


Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 2:58 PM
Subject: My Story Regarding Aspartame

My name is xxxx xxxxxxxx and I live in xxxxxxxx, Alabama. I am 51 years old.
Last year, I was feeling so much pain and stiffness in my legs (especially my knees),
that I had gotten to the point I could barely get out of my car and walk into a store.
I would literally have to get out of the car and stand beside it for 3 or 4 minutes before
I could start walking. I got really scared, because my job is in sales and I was starting to
have trouble making sales calls. I remembered an article I had ready years ago in
Oxygen Magazine about Aspartame, as well as a story in Readers’ Digest about a woman
who was about to take her last vacation because she thought she would be unable to walk
in the near future. Her brother (I believe) had read an article about Aspartame and told her
about it and, within a month after discontinuing its use, she was able to walk on her own again.
I was drinking several diet drinks every day, as well as using Aspartame to sweeten cereal,
etc. I decided to just try going without it, and within 2 days I could feel a difference. After
a month, I was totally pain free. At the time, I was going to a Rheumatologist at the
Kirklin Clinic in Birmingham because I have Raynaud’s Syndrome. I had told him about the
pain in my legs and knees, and he put me on Mobic and 2 Tylenol Arthritis Strength every
six hours. Although it did help, it didn’t completely alleviate the pain. He had done a series
of tests because of the Raynaud’s, and because my father had severe rheumatoid arthritis, but
found me to be arthritis-free. When I got off of the Aspartame, I went back for a checkup and
told him about what I had done, and he said I was certainly not the first person to tell him this
same thing. He totally believed I had “healed myself” — his words. Now, I am off of the medication
and doing great. I have told several others who have gotten relief by going without Aspartame.
I try to tell as many people as I can, because it has made a tremendous difference in my life.


Sent: Thursday, March 22, 2007 10:10 AM
Subject: Aspartame

I am responding to your article/web page on aspartame. I am 44 years old and have been suspecting
aspartame as a major health hazard since it hit the market. I have been “dieting” all my life to stay thin
and because of all the hype about saccharin causing cancer, as soon as Nutrasweet hit the shelves I was
all over it. I ate everything they had with it and added the packets to my numerous cups of tea on a daily
basis. As soon as it was in soft drinks, I drank that too. In 1982, I had a child born with a major heart
defect, and then in 1985 I had another child born with cranial-facial deformities. Even at only 23 years old,
I was beginning to suspect the product as a possible cause of the completely unrelated birth defects my
children had and wrote to the governor of Ohio (Celeste) explaining my suspicions. The governors office
wrote back saying they were not aware of any problems with the product but did not give me any advice
on how to persue the issue. The rest of my family and friends convinced me that the government would not
allow a product on the market if it were not safe so I continued to drink it. By my late 20’s, early 30’s I
was sick of the daily headaches I was having. I hate taking any kind of drug (go figure) and I hated having
to take pain reliever all the time. At that point I had read some serious articles about aspartame which made
me truly believe I was right all along. I stopped using it completely (mind you I had still been adding it to my
numerous cups of tea daily) and my headaches stopped. I still have blood sugar problems (insulin sensitivity?)
to this day which cause me not to be able to eat large portions of carbs at a time or I become completely
dysfunctional. I maintain a lower-carb diet (1/2 cup of carbs at a time mostly) to control it. On occasions
where I can’t take it and have to have a donut or something, an hour or two later I become extremely irate,
shaky, hungry, can’t think straight or barely have a conversation without wanting to kill everyone. I think this
is permanent damage as I have been off aspartame for about a decade and I still have problems with that.


Sent: Thursday, June 14, 2007 5:20 PM

My son is 11 and has ADD and is very sensitive to anything with aspertame
in it. He will go from a loving little boy to someone who just flies off the
handle. and has tantrums uncontrollable. He says he doesn’t know why he
does this and says that he doesn’t feel right. I took him to his pediatrician
and she ran tesets and concluded that it was the aspertame he was reactin
to. we have cut everything out of his diet that has this in it and he is a totally
different boy. What I don’t understand is why the FDA is allowing this to be put
in our food and drinks?


Sent: Saturday, February 03, 2007 12:57 PM
Subject: Thanks you for saving my life

My life has totally change !!! I have been drinking diet coke for many years , thinking I was not
consuming sugar , so I must be doing something right, WRONG!!!! I begin to get sick several
years ago with symptoms that compared to MS. I have suffered for years but last year was the
worse. I have seen 3 nero . my family physician sent me because of my symptoms and my blood
test !! I was experiencing muscle weakness ,vision problems, speech problems, depression and I
was expecting any day to wake up and not be able to walk. I underwent every test know to man!!!
Lumbar puncture horrible!!! Vision test !!!! Doctors puzzled!!! I did not get better. A friend of my sisters
ask did I drink diet drinks, my sister said that is all she drinks. They refered me to the web site!
I thought what do I have to lose so I quit diet drinks. My life changed within a week I could tell a
huge difference. I could walk again !!!! My vision totally has improved !! My speech is totally normal !!!
I can read again!!!I truly believe that diet coke was killing me!!!! I have told everyone I know to STOP!!!!I
have been off any aspartame for about 4 months ! WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!!! If there is anyone who
doesn’t believe this is happening just quit and see what happens!!!!


To: Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum. []
Subject: aspartame and seizures
Date: 09:17 PM 10/17/2006

Hi Dr Martini,
I have been fighting the war of aspartame for the past 13 plus years!
Diet coke started my s/sx…. I would pass out after drinking diet
coke, my Dr’s say it is not related and that is has to be something
else, but I stopped using diet coke and no more passing out, that was
13 yeasr ago, But then now everything has artificial sweetners in it
! and low and behold when ever I consume something with aspartame in
it wham I pass out! I get a terrible headache, and very sick after a
episode, memeory loss, confusion, just a terrible feeling my entire
body goes thru, my eeg shows iam having migraine headaches even when
Iam not, but yet my nuerologist and family DR both say its perfectly
safe to consume, when I know what it does to me but all the medical
tests they have done , blood work,echo cardiograms….halter
monitors, except the eeg which shows iam having migrains when iam not
have all been normal, HELP what does it take to prove this is poisin
to me what can I ask the DR to test for to hepl me prove my case? Iam
affraid that the aspartame will one day kill me! Please help ME!


Sent: Wednesday, June 13, 2007 12:14 AM
Subject: aspartame and mood disorder.

I don’t know if anyone else has drawn the same conclusions as i have,
or maybe it hasn’t even be suggested yet; but i have found that nutrsweet
had caused my mood disorder. I had been diagnosed with bi-polar disorder
(who hasn’t) and had been medicated for years. within the last year i had
stopped consuming diet soda with nutrasweet and noticed a considerable
improvement in my mood. on occasion when i did ingest nutrasweet a mood
swing would follow within 72 hours. the swings were hardly noticable from
1 soda, but, with multiple sodas the mood swings increased. ….


Sent: Monday, February 05, 2007 8:03 PM
Subject: reaction to aspartame

Hello Thank you for the information on aspartame. I tried Columbo LIGHT yogurt
and I had severe panic attacks that were so horrible. ….


Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2007 12:59 PM
Subject: Aspartame, from the beginning…..

…. I’d like to share something with you and (if you would like)
your readers. I hope the following helps you to get people to
“think before they consume”.

Plus, I’d love to find out if others recall the news program.  I
certainly cannot be the only person alive who remembers this!

Back in the ’80s, when “Nutrasweet” had first been approved by the FDA,
I was in the process of going through tests, and it was right around
that time I was finally, after a life time of seizures, definitively
diagnosed with epilepsy originating in the temporal lobe.  My
neurologist, the man who persevered, went to bat for me, and finally
made the diagnosis, was Dr Michael Weintraub of Briarcliff Manor, NY.
I’d been back and forth to Dr Weintraub’s office so many times, his face
and voice had become a part of my regular life.  And “Nutrasweet” was
all the rage, being toted as the new “safe” artificial sweetener, to
replace the carcinogenic substance “saccharin”.

I was sitting at home one evening, watching the Eyewitness News program
on ABC Channel 7 out of New York City (everyone must remember Roger
Grimsby and Bill Beutel?), when to my surprise, a very familiar face
appeared on the screen.  It was my own doctor, Dr Weintraub.  The
report  was on … aspartame.  Dr Weintraub had the papers in his hand,
the study results, and the letters, from the neurologists who had been
on the FDA review panel of those studies, strongly recommending that
aspartame NOT be approved.  He went on to explain how aspartame can
cause seizures, and if a person has a personal or family history of any
kind of seizure condition, can increase and seriously complicate
existing symptoms.  He showed the data, he discussed the studies, all of
the facts where there.  He then expressed his great dismay that, despite
all of the medical professionals’ strong recommendation that approval be
denied, the FDA approved it anyway.  He warned that anyone with any
history, or family history, of any kind of seizure condition stay away
from anything with “Nutrasweet” in it.

After the interview, the Eyewitness News Team stated that, the next
night, a follow-up program would be aired on the same subject.  I tuned
in the next night … nothing about aspartame was mentioned.  There was
not even any indication that they’d done the show the night before.  For
some reason, the newsroom had shelved the story.  I’ve tried searching
old archives of Eyewitness News, and can find no mention of the story,
and yet I clearly remember it, as did my Mom (who passed away several
months ago).  I have wished, many many times since, that I’d had the
clarity of mind to give Dr Weintraub a call.

I had been drinking diet soda for a brief time before seeing the report
— and had been having terrible trouble with my seizures (which are
“simple partial” seizures) at that time.  I’d have seizures that would
literally come and go non-stop for days, and they would not only be
extended in time, but of a severity that I’d never experienced before.
I threw out the rest of the Diet Coke and gradually the seizures went
back to “normal”.

Today, if I even accidentally get a few sips of aspartame in diet soda,
as has happened a couple of times when someone in a restaurant gave me
the wrong beverage, I’ll launch into a prolonged and intense seizure
episode.  This is bad stuff, and I’ve had “Eyewitness” evidence that the
substance was approved against all medical recommendation.  Not only
that, but now food manufacturers no longer have to put obvious labels on
their products.  Did you know that it’s become difficult to find a pack
of gum, even the gums that are not labeled “sugar free”, without getting
aspartame?  Even good old “Juicy Fruit”, which has been around for as
long as there have been teeth to chew it, now contains aspartame!  It
supposedly “makes the flavor last longer”!  There is poison hiding

When Sucralose/Splenda came out, a friend was gung ho on it, and bought
me a box, claiming it was perfectly safe, just “modified” sugar, and had
no aftertaste.  I gave it a try.  Well, to start with, it does have an
aftertaste (though not as bad as aspartame’s).  After the first use, I
waited … no seizures that day.  Wow, could it really be true?  So, I
used it for a few days.  The build up was slow, not like aspartame,
which hits me right away.  But within three days of using Splenda (and
not even a lot of it … just a little sprinkling on my oatmeal, etc)
the seizures began.  I also experienced horrible gas and stomach pains,
and then diarrhea.  I stopped using it, and the symptoms cleared up.
Not wanting to judge the product, which this friend to this day still
raves over and thinks I’m “imagining things”, I’ve given Splenda several
other chances, with the same results (only the symptoms begin faster)
every time.

Poison is poison, and packaging it in a sunny yellow box doesn’t change

I don’t know if you’d be able to track down that old Eyewitness News
story, or even others who witnessed the report.  I’m not even sure where
Dr Weintraub is today … we moved far out of the area almost twenty
years ago, and I haven’t kept track of him.  All I have is my own
memory, and my own word for you on the story … but I swear I was not
imagining it, it was real, it was there, and I couldn’t have been the
only one who saw it.

Good luck in your fight!  I’m definitely lending my hopes and positive
thoughts to your success.
Below this letter, please find my copy of your adverse reaction
questionnaire as found on your website.

Name_xxxxx xxxx_____________
Age_49__ Sex:  _F
Address__xxxxxxxxx_____ City__xxxxxxxxxx________State__x_____
Tele xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Q. Medical problems that you believe are caused from using aspartame:
A. seizures

Q. Why do you believe aspartame caused these problems?  consumption of
A. aspartame increases the severity and duration of my seizures, and I have
other evidence as stated in the above letter as to aspartame’s influence

Q. Did the symptoms go away when you stopped using the products?
A. yes, they went back to ‘normal’

Q. Did you see a Doctor about symptoms?
A. not specifically the aspartame influence, no

Q. Did Doctor think it related to aspartame?

Q. Did you report your symptoms to the FDA (Food & Drug Admin.) or any other group?
A. no, just to you, I didn’t know where they could be reported

Q. What specific products(s) containing aspartame were you consuming when you
experienced these symptoms?
A. diet sodas, mostly diet coke, but any aspartame will trigger the reaction

Q. On the average, what quantity were you consuming (how often, how much each time, etc.)
A. a small amount, maybe one soda every few days, when I first
noticed them, but even a tiny amount of aspartame can trigger the response

Q. How long had you been consuming these products before you experienced the symptoms?
A. not long, and I now avoid the product completely

Q. Did you begin using products with aspartame when you began a restricted calorie diet?
A. yes

Q. Did you use aspartame products only for some of your meals to save
A. initially it was drinks rather than solid food

Q. Did aspartame seem to help you lose weight at first?
A. no, I didn’t use it long enough

Q. What were the long term weight loss effects of using aspartame.
A. none


To: Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum. []
Subject: Claritin (hayfever – sinus medicine) contains Aspartame
Date: 03:16 PM 1/7/2007

First of all, Doctor,let me say how much the community at large owes
you for your tremendous research and energy on MSG and Aspartame.

Secondly, as time goes on, more and more people will hear your
message and begin to feel appreciatvie of you.

But in the meantime, people are continuing to make themselves and
their children ill with these awful food additives.

I want to tell you about a personal experience. For years I have
suffered with terrible allergies and hay fever.  One day a doctor
gave me a sample of “Claritin” and the next time my allergies
bothered me, I took one tablet.

Well, for the rest of the day, life was difficult. I could not get
my brain to tell my muscles what to do.  It’s as though there was a
disconnect between the brain and the nervous system.

Of course I resolved to never take this product again. (It did
relieve my allergies but at what a cost!)

Then recently a friend suggested that I take Loratadine. She offered
me one of the OTC tablets she had with her.  It was amazingly
effective. I remarked on that – and added “I wish I had known about
this – I cannot use CLaritin because of the side effects it causes
me.” I then explained to her about the weird brain-nervous system
disconnect that I felt when taking Claritin.

She repleied “Well, they are one and the same thing. If Claritin
bothered you, I imagine that later today Loradatine will affect you

As it turned out,  it did not bother me at all. And later when I got
to the store and checked out the respective labels of the two
products -I found out that in the version of Loratadine I was
taking, the manufacturing company did not add in Aspartame.

But in Claritin, guess what? Aspartame is added – and you pay extra
for that as well.


Subject: Joint Pain
Date: 8/21/2006 10:07 AM

Dr. Martini,

I’ve come across some of your work as I am investigating my own
strange “illness”.  I am currently an M.D./Ph.D. student at
xxxxxxxxx xxxxx University and have been having these weird
symptoms that no one can seem to get to the bottom of.  It began
back in January.  While studying I started having trouble gripping
my pencil.  My right thumb (DIP joint) almost needed to crack into
place before I could write.  I didn’t think anything of it.
It persisted.  Slowly the joint began to swell and was quite
painful.  My mobility was nearly completely lost.  I had trouble
doing almost everything with that joint.  I took plenty of NSAIDS
and finally after months took the time to go to a doctor.  I have
since been in 5 times, always told to take Ibuprofen and come back
if not better.  X-rays are basically normal but there is clearly a
large “lump” of some sort on the joint.  A recent visit to a hand
specialist left him stumped.  He too tells me to wait.  I thought
about what this could possibly be due to and the only thing I can
come up with is Splenda.  I eat it like crazy.  I put it in
everything.  When they came out with the large bags (for cooking I
guess) I started putting it in so many of my foods.  I finally
decided that I would quit eating it about a week ago.  (I couldn’t
quit, but cut WAY down and my thumb has already gotten
smaller.  Not normal, but better.)  I thought things were
improving until yesterday I woke up with bad knee pain.  This
morning it is completely swelled up and has limited mobility.
????  There has been no trauma.  My question is….in your
experience have patients with Splenda toxicity had joint problems?
If so, why would a new problem arise once I cut down. ????
If you had any thoughts, I would love to hear them.


Subject: Joint Pain
Date: 8/21/2006 12:45 PM

Thanks for your quick and informative reply.  I can’t tell you how
many of those symptoms I have/had.  The skin reactions in the past,
chronic dry eye, doctors have looked into Sjogren’s a few times,
dramatic visual changes with no cause found, unexplained joint
pain…….  I can’t believe it.  No one ever asked about artificial
sweeteners, I never thought about a connection until recently.  I
thought I was really healthy.  I exercise daily, eat very healthy,
diet soda and Splenda were my only vices.  I didn’t think they were
great for me, but I had no idea.  I didn’t consider it to be the
cause until no one could figure out my thumb.  When my plans to
become a surgeon were jeopardized with the immobility of my dominant
hand, I started looking into possible causes myself.
Thank you so much for your time and your knowledge.  I really appreciate it!

[Editor’s Note: Diet soda with aspartame.]


Subject: Joint Pain
Date: 9/12/2006 1:01 PM

Dr. Martini,
Again, thanks for sending me this information.  I have quit all
artificial sweeteners and my thumb is almost 100% back to
normal!!!!  I am so amazed!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2007 12:58 AM
To: Mark Gold
Subject: Re: Aspartame Poisoning

ok mark here we go.

In Aug. of 2005 i had a real bad operation on my tummy. It took 100 days
to get over the operation. After the 100 days i was better a few days i
thought. In Dec i got up one morning fell to my knees i tried to yell for
help and could not get the words to come out. People around here could
not understand what i was saying i was slobbering and slurring when i
tried to talk. I got up with help and would run in to the walls and my
feet tried to go faster than my body. I was so scared.went to the
hospital here er 3 times 1st thing they did was a drug and alc. test all
3 times they could not find what was wrong….

A couple weeks later i went to another county hospital er same thing.
A week later went to another county hospital er. They did and said the
same thing. The 1st 2weeks i went to a walk in clintit they gave me
meds for enter ear that i really did not have. I had no  health ins. at all.
The last er i went too they told me to go to my reg doctor. I did he
ask me how many diet drinks a day did i drink..I said at least 2 or 3..
Because i did drink at least 2 or 3..he sent me to a nero doctor..

I went they did a spinal tap and mri and other things he really found
nothing they did some guess work and said it was rare that he thought
it was ataxiay cerebilitis ( )
but i would be better in a couple months..

OK months went by and was no better then i had lost all
my moter skills could not write talk much and walk like a drunk. I fell
all the time if i stood up very long or go to the store i had to have a
wheelchair.. I pulled to my left. They did test to see if i had a
stroke. I could not remember nothing. I would forget where i put something
i put up 5 mins before. The past year and a few months my Arthritis that
i have had for a few years did not get twice as bad but like 4 times as
bad. My kidneys got real bad like i was going every 10 mins to let go of
a few drops.

A few months ago went to er here in so much pain after they
gave me something in a iv for pain. I pasted at the hospital 3 kidney
stones 1 was about the size of a jelly bean 2 others was real
small. While all this time I had no common sense at all. I could not
comperhen nothing i had only a 1 track mind.. I know that i am not
telling all this in order but i am not over it yet and i am doing the
best i can do.. But i am much better. My nerve’s got real bad and still is
but i will not take nothing to control them.. I got so depressed that i
took and ordered a pretty leopard room rug and nailed it over my living
room windows and made a frame around it made a pretty picture. But there
was no lite in there and could not see out side.I wanted to be in the
dark.I had told my kids this last christmas that this would be my last
christmas here. I really felt it..each day i felt i was getting worse.. I
never felt any better.

About 6 weeks ago my best friend that lives here was listen to a radio with
Dr.Blalock talking about aspartame and he gave a website about it. we went
to it read it and about all the simptons fit me to a t.all the things the
other doctors thought i had was just picking out like maybe 1 or 2 things.
But this site about aspartame had all of them. So i went back to my family
doctor and told him this. Dr. Lewis i did not lie to you but you ask me how many diet
drinks did i drink a day i said at least 2 or 3 which is true but i
drink 6 to 12 a day i craved them. He had did a research on aspartame
before cause of his wife had trouble with it. He told me to stop it so i
did  all at once.. 2 weeks later i was thinking a little better my
doctor has now took me off 1 of my sugar meds. Lower my hb meds and
cholesterol  meds.. I am more clear headed not dizzy. Walking straighter,
not falling, nerve’s is not as bad, i am typing this, my memory is coming
back to meand i am not forgetting as bad. I forgot to say since i have
been sick i have trouble staying awake…That is not much better
pain is getting back to like it was before.

oh yes let me tell you about my kidneys…2 weeks after i stopped aspartame
at 3 am i got up and went to the bathroom and i stopped and stomped the
floor something did not feel right. For the 1st time since i had been
sick my dancing feet was gone. I was walking right. And i went to the
bathroom and my kidneys acted a qt. or more.and ever since then i would
go and each time do a lot at a time and i only go 3 or 4 times a day where
i was going every 10 to 15 mins .. at night i would go 5 to 6 times now
maybe 1 time.

All i have done to help me is stop taking in aspartame. I do not buy
anything with aspartame in it..I am trying to open other people eyes too.
Each day when i get up i do feel something is better. Now when i lay
down to go to sleep I do not think that i problem will not wake up in
the morning. I am no longer depressed and now i tell my self that i
am getting better and going to over come this and live.


Sent: Friday, June 29, 2007 12:12 AM
Subject: oh yes

I am almost 99% now except i have narcolepsy and can not drive. Doctors
think it was caused for the posion i never had it before. My sugar has
went nuts in the last few months i am up to 8 to 10 shots a day 3 diff
insulint. I have lost some wait after getting off aspartame. Everything
else is about gone and back to what it was before i got aspartame
posion.. Thanks so much for asking..


Sent: Saturday, December 30, 2006 7:53 PM
Subject: Aspartame Use

Dec. 30, 2006
I came upon your website and found the information interesting. I am an ICU RN for
30 of my 33 years as a nurse. I used to drink Diet Coke all day long. At least a 6 or
more pack a day. My internist told me to stop drinking it because I was having such
leg cramps especially at night. It was worse with increased activity at work being on
my feet. I stopped for a while, and my cramps got somewhat better. I then started to
drink Flavored water when I went swimming in the aqua therapy pool at the YMCA.
I used to drink at least 2 liters of that stuff. It was delicious. But my leg cramps came
back again. I then realized that the sparkling flavored water had Aspartame in it. The
cramps I had were not the usual uncomfortable walk it off cramps. They were severe
almost called 911 severe cramps. Like someone took molten broken glass and was
ripping my legs from the groin muscles to my inner leg. They would also come in my
calf’s and in my feet. It was like someone took a ratchet and was cranking up the muscle
and the pain. You could feel it tightening. It would last for 15- 20 minutes, crying in agony.
Then it would start to go away. when you think it was gone you could feel the muscles
cranking up again. This would go on for 3-4 times a night. The next day you legs muscles
would be hurting from the tightening process. When I stopped all aspartame products the
cramps mostly went away. I rarely have them and not the extent as when I was drinking the
drinks. I can only assume that the cause was from those drinks. xxxxxxxxxx, RN, BSN, CCRN


Subject: Aspartame – joint pain and irritable bowel syndrome
Date: 9/12/2006 10:19 AM

I began to experience back pain associated with sitting down about six
years ago (2000).  The pain became progressively worse as time went on.
Because I sat at my job all day, the situation was becoming unbearable.
I went to a back specialist who arranged for an x-ray, which showed no
significant problems with my spine.  Nonetheless, I went to physical
therapy, which provided limited relief.

About a year ago, I began to experience symptoms of colitis.  I again
went to a specialist and had a colonoscopy.  The doctor reported that
there was no apparent damage, but that the colon was swollen over its
entire length. He could offer no explanation for the swelling. The
diagnosis was therefore “non-specific colitis”.

Later, I began to notice that the pain in my back seemed to correlate
with the amount of diet Pepsi I was drinking.  So, I decided to stop
drinking it for a while.  To my surprise (and great joy) the pain in my
back began to subside and is now nearly completely gone.  As an added
bonus, the symptoms of colitis also subsided.

I have celiac (allergy to gluten ­ e.g., wheat) and I learned that
aspartame might cause symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  I
think that the aspartame caused my colon to swell significantly, which
caused the symptoms of colitis.  In addition, the swelling must have
put pressure on some nerves in my back.  When I stopped drinking diet
Pepsi (aspartame) the swelling went down, the pressure was relieved and
the back pain went away.

This allergic reaction to aspartame may be linked to my celiac or it
may be just something that happened to me.  If it is related to celiac,
it is important to note that celiac is under diagnosed.  Approximated
one in 130 to 150 Americans has celiac. It is also important to note
that I drank a lot of diet Pepsi for many years (about four 12 oz cans
per day) before these symptoms emerged.


Subject: Aspartame ..should be illegal for innocent children PLEASE  help protect the kids
Date: Sat 9/9/2006 10:31 PM

I am VERY upset about the legalization of this horrible substance,I
do believe my very  severe migraines ,borderline narcolepsy (even
falling suddenly asleep while driving)weight gain,
depression,depression about my weight gain, low thyroid,food
addiction,memory loss,and while having severe migraines my eyes were
so blurry I litterally couldn`t see,stress from the beleif that my
migraines were going to KILL me,and poor night vision (inability to
see distance and very dry eyes).

I seriously believe all of these things listed  have been directly
caused by ASPARTAME that was in my Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper,I
drank these things thinking they are “ok” since they ARE legal
totally unaware of the horrible effects,I even allowed my daughter
to chew gum and drink soft drinks with aspartame .

I beleive this not only because of learnign about what it REALLY is
but also because I did NOT have any of these problems until after I
started drinking Diet Coke ,I know exectly when I started drinking
diet coke because I had a step-grandmother who drank it (she was
lead to believe it is Good for her since she was a diabetic) when
her son married my mom ,we started buying Diet Coke and I started
drinking it,not knowing any of the TRUTH about aspartame I kept
consuming this poison that is brand named ASPARTAME.



Sent: Monday, July 24, 2006 11:48 PM
Subject: Aspartame questionnaire
Aspartame Consumer Safety Network Questionnaire
Name xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx___________________ Age_32___ Sex: M__F_X_

Medical problems that you believe are caused from using aspartame:
Seizure disorder, hypoglycemia, numbness in limbs, paresis in limbs,
ringing & numbness in right ear, heart arrethmias, migraine headaches, arthritis.

Why do you believe aspartame caused these problems?
I use to drink 24-30 diet coke sodas daily. I had gastric bypass surgery and gave it up.
I lost the weight and started drinking diet soda again. I started having problems that
they doctors were unable to pin point the reason for. Spent several days in hospital.
I stopped drinking soda again and was symptom free during that time. I started drinking
the diet soda again and the symptoms started again.

Did the symptoms go away when you stopped using the products? yes

Did you see a Doctor about symptoms? yes

Did Doctor think it related to aspartame?
I haven’t told the doctor about my find yet. Will do so this week.

Did you report your symptoms to the FDA (Food & Drug Admin.) or any other group?
No, this is my first bit of research

What specific products) containing aspartame were you consuming when you
experienced these symptoms?
Diet Soda, ( Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke)

On the average, what quantity were you consuming (how often, how much each time, etc.)
Before the Gastric Bypass I was consuming 18-30 diet cokes daily for years. I stopped
for 2 years and started back up about 6 months ago. Average consumed 6 to 8 daily.

How long had you been consuming these products before you experienced the symptoms?
Before the bypass, I didn’t have many symptoms but obesity, headaches, arthritis.
After bypass, within 6 months.

FOR THOSE CONCERNED ABOUT WEIGHT: Did you begin using products with aspartame
when you began a restricted calorie diet? Yes

Did you use aspartame products only for some of your meals to save calories?
No mostly in drinks

Did aspartame seem to help you lose weight at first? NO

What were the long term weight loss effects of using aspartame. Gain

FOR THOSE WITH DIABETES: Any trouble controlling blood sugar while using aspartame?
I do not have diabetes.. But I am hypoglycemic.
My blood sugar drops reactive and fasting.

Did using products affect the types of food you selected to eat? NO How?

Did aspartame affect your desire for sweet tasting food or drink?
I have a serious chocolate craving and other sweet or salty cravings.
I have them more when I am drinking sodas


Sent: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 8:47 AM
Subject: Aspartame withdrawal symptoms

I am a 38 year old diabetic woman (been diabetic since giving birth to my
seven year old daughter).

I have been drinking diet pops, mainly diet coke or pepsi max, for most of
the last 25 years. I started drinking diet pop when my mum used to tell me
about the ill effects of ingesting sugary drinks. I must admit that I drank
up to 2 litres of pop daily for a lot of years, containing both aspartame
and coffeine.

I heard of an Italian research into the side effects of aspartame, and
desided last year that I would reduce the intake of diet pops to be only for

Then in about April this year I started feeling quite depressed, nauseated,
irritable and I felt that my heart seemed to be beating harder, and went to
the doctor. She suggested that because of my last few years,- loosing my
husband, father-in-law and grandparents, breaking up with my new partner,
desiding to move back to Norway to my own family etc. would all be
contributing factors of my feeling “down”. But I am not the depressive type,
so when I went home, I looked up on caffeine on the internet, to see if that
could have anything to do with it, which it had in a big way. I’d stopped
drinking it approximately 3 weeks previous. But to my horror it
also stated that aspartame as a sweetener could also make me feel this bad.

I asked my doctor about the effects of aspartame in the body a year ago
after reading about the Italian research, but he laughed at me and asked
where I’d heard of that, and said anything in moderation is fine.  I went
home and continued drinking diet pop, but not as much as before. However I
stopped drinking that and coffee at the same time,- went cold turkey, and
got the withdrawal from both at the same time. I went through hell, but i
made it through to the other side feeling on top of the world, and I only
have small periods of “depression” if I drink big amounts of pop in one day.
A few days after drinking a lot of pop, I get one or two days feeling a
little down again.

But the biggest proof I could get came when I had my 6 monthly diabetes
checkup. Every time before the nurse asked me if I drink a lot of alcohol
which I do not. Nevertheless the liver tests they do has showed up that my
liver is abnormal, and showes symptoms as if I drink a lot. Every test that
is, apart from the one taken approximately 3 months after stopping drinking
diet pop. Now my liver is normal. I told the nurse I have stopped drinking
diet pop, and she agreed with me that it could well have been the aspartame,
and that the doctors don’t know everything.

The Italian research showed among other things that aspartame could turn
into some form of alcohol in your liver…!!! I think that just prooved it
in my case. I also had a lot of problems loosing weight before when I drank
diet pop, but when I stopped I lost nearly 5 kiloes in 2 months. I also feel
like I have a lot more energy, I don’t snap at my daughter as much, I am
over all a lot happier and feel great about life in general. So aspartame
really played a big role in my life making me feel lethargic, out of puff
and short tempered, and also gave me a lot of tummy problems. I’ve got IBS,
but sinse I stopped taking aspartame, my symptoms have reduced a lot. I say
“taking” on purpose, as I now class it as a type of drug.

But be aware all you people out there, there are other sweeteners on the
market which can be just as harmful as aspartame, so be very careful what
you switch over to. The only one that I have found so far that can seem to
be safe at the moment is STEVIA which is an old plant which the Japanese
have used for nearly 20 years, and people in Brazil and Paraguay have used
it for hundreds of years. I have a sister who is a homeopath, and she
recommended stevia to me a little while ago, as an alternative to aspartame
and other sweeteners.


From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxx.xxxx
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2006 11:33 PM
Subject: Affected by Equal

I have had many of the same symptoms as listed in the other letters including
headaches, muscle weakness, short term memory loss, depression. But what really
gave me a wake up call was the Bells Palsy. Bells Palsy is the unexplained paralysis
of one side of the face. I started using Equal when it first started getting popular.
I started with the headaches, then the short term memory loss and depression but not
wanting to link it to Equal. Then the muscle weakness started with tingling in the
back of my head and I started thinking it may be linked to the use of the equal but
still continued to use it. Then (about 5 years ago) I woke up one morning with no control
of the left side of my face. The Doctors diagnosis was Bell Palsy. They said they don’t
know what causes it. Since then I stop using Equal and the headaches stop, my short term
memory has improved, the depression has stopped, the muscle weakness has stopped, the
tingling is gone and the facial paralysis is 95% recovered. Unfortunately the facial
paralysis will not 100% recover. After some time had passed since I had stopped using
Equal I was curious if it really had something to do with the things I was experiencing
so I started using it to see if it was all in me head. Within a few days I started having
the headaches and tingling in the back of my head again. I know it’s not in my head now it
definitely is the Equal.


Sent: Sunday, August 20, 2006 2:12 PM
Subject: Severe reaction to aspartame

Hi my name is xxxxx xxxxxx, I’m a New Zealander that has recently moved to
xxxxxxxxx to persue my accounting career. I have had severe reactions to
aspartame over the past 6 years (since I was 21 years old) and have always
wanted to contact an authority to let them know of my reaction but was
unsure about who to contact. I have just been doing some research on the
internet as I have recently bumped into an old friend who also has severe
reactions to aspartame, this prompted me to do some investigating re how
many people this effects and to what severity.

I have accidently ingested aspartame twice since my initial reaction – as I
was unsure about what caused it untill I narrowed it down to Diet Coke (and
equal). The reactions I have had have been severe and life threatening and
combine seziure, tachychardia, heart arrhythmia, sudden drop in blood
pressure, chills, vomiting, nausea, dizzyness, surreal feeling, shock,
severe sleepiness/drowsiness following attack, as well as headaches,
inflammation and fatigue.

I on constant guard when eating any processed food as I feel that I may not
be lucky enough to survive the next reaction. I would like to know if it is
compulsory for food manufacturers to label any products containing
aspartame? I avoid any sweet food that I have not made myself from raw
ingredients but would like to be able to eat out more.

Prior to these reactions I had no history of bad health or any health
problems and had no food or chemical allergies. Since the reactions I have
become quite sensitive to some chemicals, things like petrol.


Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2006 10:03 PM
Subject: aspartame

Good evening. I was on the web searching for something
not even pertaining to Aspartame. I know that i was
meant to read your article,and testimonials from all of
those men and women. Oh my gosh! I am not a pop
drinker diet or other wise. But i consume a lot of yogurt.
I was eating regular yogurt,no fat free etc.. When i came
down with double pneumonia this past January,i had to
go home with someone to take care of me. I have ill
health due to some illnesses. My daughter eats Yo plait,fat
free so i started eating that instead. I continued when i
returned to my home. About a week ago, i realized that i
was having headaches which i never get. And i had gone to
my Dr. a couple of weeks before that, and they detected an
irregular heart beat. I was shocked. I have a good heart.
So i tried to figure out what i was eating that was different.
And after reading the ingredients on the yogurt,i knew it was
from the Aspartame. I immediately quit the yogurt. I haven’t
had a headache since which is a relief. When i go for my Dr.
check up,i will find out about the irregular heart beat. Thank
you for having that web site. A relieved reader.


Case from United Kingdom newspaper
December 19, 2005

Eve walks again after diet change

A Shropshire woman who spent a year without the use of her legs has said she
can now walk again after cutting the artificial sweetener aspartame from her diet.

Eve Terry, 24, of Main Road, Pontesbury, is convinced that avoiding certain food
and drink that contain the ingredient — such as low calorie yoghurts and
soft drinks — has led directly to her remarkable recovery.

In April 2004, Mrs Terry’s face swelled up and drooped and she often felt tired,
but doctors were at a loss to tell her what was wrong.

“I looked like I had had a stroke and people kept coming up to me to ask me
if I had,” she said. “Then about three months later I woke up one morning and my
legs just felt as if they wouldn’t hold me up.”

But in April of this year, Mrs Terry was referred to Dr Sarah Myhill, a GP based in
Knighton, Powys, who immediately told her to cut aspartame out of her diet. Within
six weeks, she had regained the use of her legs and her face was almost back to normal.

Dr Myhill diagnosed Mrs Terry as having Bell’s Palsy, which is a disorder of the
facial nerves. She was also found to have Gillian Barre Syndrome, which causes
nervous system problems.


Date: 02/24/2006 02:37 PM
To: <>
Subject: Thank GOD, I am alive!

Dear Mr. Jacobson,

IF I live till March 7th 2006 I will be 71 years old!  I will
not attempt to hold you for too long, but PLEASE listen to my TRUE
story. ASPARTAME, EQUAL, and NUTRASWEET is not safe for human consumption!
I started to use EQUAL in early 1990’s. 6 months into using
Equal as a sugar substitute, I started to have seizures, somtimes
twice a day. I went to 3 different doctors and had all kinds of
tests run. All the tests came back that I was in good shape!  I
asked the last doctor, Dr. Xxxxxxxxx at the xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx Clinic,
If I was in such a good shape, why was I having seizures, my hair
falling out, my eyesight gone bad, and to make matters worse, I was
losing my memory! I did not drive my car for over a year…for two
reasons, I was afraid of having a seizure and hurting myself or
someone else or killing one or the other, and because my memory was
so bad I was afraid of leaving my home and not knowing where to
return to my home!  After three different doctors told me “I was in
fine shape”.
I am a saved by the GRACE of GOD person and I began to pray to
the LORD to help me solve this problem.  My idea came from GOD by
installing in what little brain I had left from using Equal, to
start eliminating my foods one by one to see IF I could tell what
was wrong! I told my hubby I was taking something into my system
that was not agreeing with me….or I had cancer and not one test
was finding it! So, the elimination started.
I kept having the seizures, and etc..  I had been using Equal
for 4 years by this time.  In the process of elimination I only had
one other to eliminate and that was Equal.  I did not believe the
FDA would approve something like that so destructive to mankind
untill I quit using EQUAL and I quit having seizures! Never had
another seizure….my hair quit falling out…my eyesight returned,
and THANK GOD my memory returned.  I called the consumer 800 number
on the back of the Equal box and told the lady what I had lived
through!  She said ” well you can’t prove that because it (Equal)
don’t show up in the blood work”.  Well…I knew then that tests
had been made to see if all the chemicals that makes up Equal would
show up!  Monsanto Chemical Company made sure when they put that
chemical out to the public as a sugar that they would be
protected!   I know that when I quit using that “horror” called
sugar substitute I got well again!!!  You, the FDA and all that is
involved will answer to The GOD of heaven one day and give an
account for all the people that has suffered and died from the lies
that you tell.  Do you know what would be nice….IF YOU could help
take it off the market!!  Start telling the truth…what would you
give in exchange for your SOUL????  There are 3 things MONEY can’t
buy HEALTH, HAPPINESS, and HEAVEN.     My health has returned to me
and I am not on any type of medication.

THANK GOD, I am alive today to tell you my story.  Won’t you please
help others?


Sierra Sun
Readers write: aspartame
Beware of aspartame

February 23, 2006

I just read Henry Kliebenstein’s article (“Steer clear of those
artificial sweeteners” Sierra Sun page B2 Feb. 17) on artificial
sweeteners and thank you for getting the word out.

Just Google aspartame and poison and you will have a lot to write
about. A year ago I thought I was going to die. I put everything in
my wife’s name and I had been feeling sick for a few years. I was
getting allergies I never had before and highly sensitive to
formaldehyde, which is in plywood and I work around. I could smell it
across the street and had to stay away from it or have allergy symptoms.

Last November I was starting to have debilitating pains in my hands.
I thought I would have to stop working all together. I had poisoning
symptoms so I Googled formaldehyde to see how bad it was in the
products I work around and aspartame came up. I had been using
aspartame in my coffee and everything you would put sugar on for four
years and I was floored to find out it metabolizes into formaldehyde.
I also saw stories that paralleled mine. I stopped taking this drug
(aspartame) and all the symptoms went away – thank goodness.

But I still couldn’t get away from it. I was chewing gum with it and
I found out we were giving chewable vitamins to our child that also
contained the poison. Do you know there are about 500 products that
have this in them?

So do some reading online and get the word out please.


Sent: Wednesday, December 28, 2005 4:53 PM
Subject: Fwd: Are you going lite? 92 symptoms on aspartame!

I wanted to let you know that I was totally addicted to the “blue stuff.” this year! It felt like my
head was going to just EXPLODE! I have been on the stuff, for 10 years I realized. I went
COLD TURKEY, and got to exerance withdrawls.

I know I should not drink coffee, but I still do. I don’t smoke, drink or other silly things. I also consider
myself not to be to extreme “HEALTH NUT,” because I try to make it all work together, my herbs
and my modern times life style. I was raised on a farm, and could not get to the store. So we did
everything we could on the farm and went to the store when we could. We lived a healthy life except when
we got to buy stuff from the store which was a treat! Junk food to me is still a treat!

I know a lot about herbs, such as STEVIA, and Pau d’Arco and Uva Ursi. Those are my three favorite herbs!
I have since switched to Stevia.
(I bought a pound, which is really lasting me!)

I was in MAJOR PAIN, just shoot me kinda pain! Why do I blame the “blue stuff” because I took the blue stuff
right in the middle of the worse of the withdrawls to see if that was “really it,” IT WAS! I felt better!

I won’t touch that stuff anymore!

I think took me nearly 3 weeks to really get over it! Maybe because I did see if it was the
“blue stuff.”


Subject: Please Help Ban Aspartame from New Mexico’s Foods
January 23, 2006

Dear Respected Person,

I am a xx year old Middle School Counselor that works with youth ages 11-14 here
in xxxxxxxx, New Mexico.

I see an average of 30 students a week in individual counseling sessions dealing
with issues ranging from peer conflict, effects of family’s drug use
(methamphetamines in particular), all the way to suicidal ideation and
clinical depression.

The last two issues are the ones I would like to emphasize in this letter, as
they deal directly with the effects of aspartame ingestion.

Aspartame Suppresses the Levels of Serotonin in the Brain

Serotonin is a naturally produced brain chemical that is necessary for healthy
functioning and emotional well-being. We know that low levels of seratonin correlate
with depression. When interviewing students on the circumstances surrounding their
depressive symptons, I inquire about the ingestion of sugar-free gum and diet sodas,
both of which contain aspartame.

9 times out of 10 the students indicate regular aspartame ingestion… I inform
them on the effects of aspartame ingestion, and ask for them to discontinue use
of products containing aspartame. During follow-up,  all complying students report
a significant reduction in depressive symptoms.

According to one recent report,
5 suicides have been linked to aspartame ingestion.

Please do all you can to pave the path to ban aspartame
from our food, drinks, candy, and gum. We must look out for the well-being of our
unsuspecting youth (as well as others). It is our moral, ethical and legal
obligation to do so. As a person of power within our govenmental structure of
our great state, please do your part to protect our citizens.


Sent: 08:19 PM 12/26/2005
Subject: Atypical Facial Pain

Hi Everyone,

My name is xxxxx.  New member.  I’ve been consuming NutraSweet for 2 1/2
years and suffer from Atypical Facial Pain (one of the 92 side effects
of Aspartame.  After reading an article online about Aspartame and my
condition I stopped drinking diet pop 3 weeks ago.  The pain is
decreasing.  I take 1/2 of the medication that I was for pain.  I
haven’t been able to locate any information on how long it takes to
recover from the side effects of Aspartame or if the condition I have
will be permanent.  Has anyone in the group recovered from their side
effects?  Any information would be very helpful to me.  Thank you.


Sent: Saturday, December 31, 2005 3:01 AM
Subject: Aspartame Testimonial From Los Angeles, CA

In 1985, I was a sophomore at the University of California, San Diego. That’s when I began
drinking diet coke regularly. I didn’t drink coffee. By the spring of 1986, I was
starting to notice that my health and mental abilities were deteriorating. My illness
escalated rapidly one evening when I was struck with a strange high fever, unlike
anything I had experienced previously. My neck was swollen out to my jaw line, and I
was shaking all night. In the morning, I went to the student health center. The nurse who
saw me said, “It looks like you have a healthy case of mono.” However, the mono test
came back negative. Next, they tested for strep, and that was negative, too. On a
third visit, they sent me away with a diagnosis of tonsillitis. I knew it wasn’t tonsillitis,
but I did not seek further treatment at that time.

I never really got better. Over the next several months, I continued to grow increasingly
ill in some alarming ways. What I noticed first was that I had a constant sore throat.
I also had chronic severe headaches and low-grade fevers. I was profoundly tired all of
the time. One morning, I woke up with a stabbing pain in my eye. It was bright red.
Again, I sought treatment at the student health center. They gave me drops for
conjunctivitis, despite my insistence that this was not pink eye. A few days later, the
pain was unbearable, and they referred me to a specialist who diagnosed iritis, a
condition in which the body’s immune system attacks the iris. Untreated, it can lead to
blindness. My eye responded to treatment, but I began having unusual eye infections and
irritations fairly regularly after that. In the fall, I had a painful outbreak of shingles
at the base of my spine. It felt as if my body were falling apart. I slept much more than
my friends, but I rarely felt rested.

I started having one strange complaint after another. My hair would come out and my toenails
would fall off. I was sensitive to bright light. I developed mild mitral valve prolapse
(a type of heart murmur). I had one vaginal infection after another for no apparent reason,
and my urethra was frequently irritated. My bowel movements were never “normal.” I either
had diarrhea or constipation or strange ribbon-like stools.

By early 1987, I was starting to experience severe depression and memory problems. I had always
been a top student, with strong verbal skills. I was a literature major, and I knew
something was going horribly wrong when I began having difficulty retrieving words. Thinking
I might have pms for the lack of any other plausible explanation, I went back to the
health center. They referred me to the on-campus psychological counseling office, where I
was diagnosed with depression. I had sensations that my body was not quite solid, as if I
were dissolving. However, I knew that was I was experiencing was not primarily a mental
health problem. It’s as if I had suddenly gone from being a 20-year-old active co-ed to getting
stuck in a 90-year-old’s failing body.

I was an athlete in highschool and had always been quite physically active. I had been an
honor student since junior highschool, and was always involved in lots of extracurricular
activities. However, as my physical deterioration continued, even light exertion could cause
me to drop to the floor from dizziness and exhaustion. As things progressed, I developed
fibromyalgia. I remember telling my mother, “I feel so tired that my bones ache.” I had
recurring laryngitis, conjunctivitis, yeast infections, bladder infections, and fairly severe
irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). My throat was nearly always painfully raw. I started having
outbreaks of eczema and strange rashes that no one I consulted could diagnose.

I continued drinking diet coke and chewing gum with aspartame throughout college, but I never
suspected a connection with my illness.

In graduate school, I would attend classes in the evenings, but I had no energy for anything
other than struggling to keep my grades up despite the “brain fog” that was almost always present.
I was a member of Mensa, and had always been a top student. However, by this point, it was a
real struggle for me to string two thoughts together. Under stress, I’d stammer and struggle
to say what I was thinking, which was a dramatic change from how I’d been previously. My
roommate attended class, held a part-time job, and had an active social life. Whereas,
I’d sleep in 14-hour stretches and wake with barely enough energy or focus to complete my studies.
Writing was excruciating because I so uncomfortable, tired, and mentally slowed. My frequent
visits to the on-campus health services continued for persistent infections, inflammations,
and other mysterious complaints.

I graduated in 1990, and started my career. When I saw the first reports on television about
Gulf War Syndrome, I told my mom, “I know this sounds crazy, but I have what those guys have.”
Their testimonials matched what I was experiencing so closely. I felt strongly at the time
that there must be a connection. A couple of years later, as my aspartame consumption was
tapering off, I had a bout of episcleritis. It’s similar to iritis but less serious. The
ophthalmologist took a health history and recommended strongly that I consult a rheumatologist.
After an extensive round of tests, she diagnosed me with CFIDS and fibromyalgia. The only lab
results that came back abnormal on a regular basis were my sed rate tests. She assured me that
my symptoms were not “all in my head.” Upon receiving the IBS diagnosis from a
gastroenterologist, I stopped drinking sodas. From that point on, my health started to improve.

For years, I wondered what had made me so sick for most of my twenties. I thought I might
have been accidentally exposed to an experimental pathogen or toxic weapon because that sort
of research was conducted in the area where my college campus is. I even had a titer drawn for
brucellosis because they manufactured a weaponized version of it near where I lived. (They
sold some of it to Sadam Hussein, so I took this possibility seriously.) However, my test
came back negative.

I turned 40 this year and now enjoy excellent health. I feel ten times younger than when I
was in my twenties. I attribute this improvement to cutting out aspartame entirely when I
started working with a naturopathic physician three years ago. I sleep, exercise, socialize,
work, think, and feel like a “normal” person again. I feel as if about 95% of my mental
capacity is restored.

NOTE: I think it’s interesting that La Jolla, the location of my college campus was when my
illness started, has been identified as a “hot spot” for the CFIDS epidemic. We would get
our diet coke in cases from the Price Club (before it became a Costco). Is it possible that
diet coke sold in the area sat in some hot warehouse to a point where the beverages became toxic?

I’ll be glad to answer any questions or provide more information in support of raising public
awareness of the severe threat aspartame poses to those of us who have adverse reactions to it.


To: Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum. []
Subject: aspartame and other poisons
Date: 02:41 PM 4/5/2006

sorry, but i’m not very good at computer mail the spring and summer of 2004 i became
very sick.after doctor and er visits and an
overnite hospital stay, i found the cause of my
illness.thanks to you and my computer i learned
about aspartame poisoning. i dumped the
poisonous garbage and got immediately
i have a very severe sensitivity to the poisons
(i’m not going to be politically correct and
call them toxins) in all products containing
fragrance. apparently aspartame opened the door
and renuzit air freshener was the trigger.
i’m writing a book that could possibly blow the lid
off the callous, despicable disciples of satan
who put these debilitating concoctions on the
market. if it’s as good as the people who’ve
read some of it, it’ll certainly have people
talking. it will not be like anything written in
the past, not even close. hopefully my health
will allow it to be finished in a month or will be titled xxxxxxxxx. i truly believe
GOD put HIS hand on your shoulder and told you
to do everthing in your power to alert people to
the dangers of aspartame. i also believe HE put
HIS hand on my shoulder and told me to write my
book. i’m not a “writer” and never in my wildest
dreams did i think my little world would come to
this. they poisoned me the first time and i let
them slide. now, after they poisoned me again,
it’s high time they were made to pay up. i won’t
close with GOD BLESS YOU, because he already has.


Sent: Sunday, February 5, 2006 04:58 PM
To: Dr. Betty Martini
Subject: Aspartame and New Mexico

Glad to hear you are also aware of this problem. I have am allergic
to aspartame also. I have to be so incredibly careful what I eat but
unfortunatley I injested diet pop in an alcoholic beverage a few
weeks ago sending me into emerg at a local hospital. Seems each time
my reaction is more severe. My parents heard that Mexico is going to
ban it so if you have any information on this please forward it to
me. People need to know what it does !!


Home » blogs » Paula P.’s blog
Can Diet Soda and Sugarless Gum Cause Cancer?

I’ve been avoiding aspartame ever since I figured out that it was
giving me migraine headaches.  I had heard that there were thousands
of complaints of adverse effects almost a decade ago.  My daughter developed
a blister under her tongue after chewing sugarless gum.

Thank God this gentleman in Italy researched the use of aspartame more
thoroughly.  He very well may be saving thousands from suffering and death.

Aspartame is made from toxins.  Avoid it like the plague.

Read it here for yourself and you decide.


Sent: Thursday, December 29, 2005 12:16 PM
Subject: nutra sweet poisening

Dear Mark, i found the site on the internet and just need to share  my story.
About 6 weeks ago, my boyfriend came home from the grocery with a box of
100 packets of Nutra sweet for our coffee. Usually I use Splenda and have had
no adverse reaction to it. Closing in on Thanksgiving, i noticed i was developing
lower back pain, joint hip pain and an overall sense of not being able to get out of
bed in the morning. I related it to shoveling snow…maybe i strained muscles…but
it continued and began to scare me. Was i sick? Right before Christmas day it occurred
to me it was getting worse…deep, arthritic pain (i’m 46) and although i do have some
degenerative arthritis…the onset was so sudden and strong….i knew it had to be
something else. It came to me just after Christmas day….the nutra sweet. I immediately
stopped drinking it in my coffee and with in TWO DAYS the pain was completely GONE….i
am convinced it was the nutra sweet poisening me….just wanted to share this with
someone who is aware of it’s dangers. thank you,


Subject: Tumor, memory and vision  problems
Date: 10/15/2005 12:10 PM

I’m new to the group and still trying to learn how to communicate with
other members.  Please forgive me if I am posting this to the wrong
address or in the wrong place.  (My email is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) I
recently reported my memory loss and vision problems caused by asprtame
to the FDA Medwatch.  I wanted to thank you for all of the good work
you’ve done to educate the public about aspartame.  I’m still learning
how to comm  I’ve consumed high levels of aspartame for years became I
believed it wouldn’t have gotten FDA approval if it wasn’t safe.

About a year ago I started to notice that I was having word finding
difficulty and frequent lapses in short term memory.  As this became
progressively worse I became worried about my ability to remain
gainfully employed.  While researching memory problems I found various
articles written by you and others about the dangers of aspartame

As an experiment I stopped using aspartame for 2 months.  Within the
first 2 weeks my carbohydrates and sweet cravings started to diminish.
But the biggest surprise was the drastic improvement I’ve seen in my
short-term memory and visual acuity.

I’ve had various health problems since I started ingesting aspartame.
I developed a non-malignant cranial nerve brain tumor in 1990.  It was
growing inside the cranium at the root of the 7th cranial nerve.  The
excision caused the left side of my face to be permanently paralyzed.
My question is…Is there a connection between heavy aspartame use and
non malignant neurolimas, neuromas or crainal nerve tumors?

Thank you for all the work you’ve done to spread the word about this
poison.  You’ve greatly improved the quality of my daily life!


Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2005 6:21 AM
Subject: Re: Aspartame

I too experienced joint pain in my elbows and my thinking and eye sight were greatly effected by Aspartame
I used to drink six cans of diet Coke a day and could not figure out what was happening to me I could not
sleep at night I was making alot of mistakes doing order picking at work I could not remember things
very well, now I don’t even want to touch a diet soda.


Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 1:09 PM
Subject: Aspartame Use

I was a person that used aspartame regularly in everything as a sugar substitute. Coffee, soda, cakes, pies,
even gum. Over time I became very very ill. I didn’t know what was wrong with me , doctors didn’t know
what was wrong with me. I was slowly increasingly getting sicker. I had extreme joint pain I could barely walk
from the parking lot at work to my desk. I’d have to leave 30 minutes earlier than usual just to allow the time to
walk in. Elderly people at the stores would pass me.

I was slowly deteriorating. Some doctors thought it was fibromalagia in which there is no cure. I had no energy, I was
always feeling nausea I am only 37 years old and I knew there was something wrong but I didn’t know what. I began
feeling very sick instantly after drinking or eating aspartame. I decide to stop using aspartame because that was the
only change that I had made previous the onset of my condition. I began to drink detox tea and went back to using sugar.
I immediately felt better and as time passed the joint pain has stopped. Still to this day if I accidental consume an
aspartame product I feel the effects immediately after ingesting the substance, so quick that I don’t even have time to
finish the product before I discard it because of feeling ill.

I was feeding these products to my at the time small children and I’m so devastated to know that I may have hurt them.
I thought that I was doing something healthy for them. I didn’t know that this substance was unsafe. I believed that if it
was being used in a product that it was tested and approved to be safe. Our lives were definitely touched by aspartame
and it will effect our household always in the way we eat, drink and buy products. We will always use sugar from now on.
I hope that my feedback is not overlooked and that action would be taken to remove aspartame from the market. I may
have very well continiued wih the consumption of this product without second guessing my diet decisions.


Date: 01:58 PM 11/18/2005
Subject: Aspartame and MS

Understand you are compiling a list of aspartame victims – my husband
spent most of last hear flat on his back , had tons of tests with all
convinced he had ms until he had clear mris…eliminated aspartame and he
has had only one more “bout” in 8 months – which we think we can track to
accidental aspartame ingestion.  If you know of anyone doing anything to
combat the sale and use of this horrible drug in  America, please let me know.


Sent: Sunday, October 16, 2005 4:26 PM
Subject: Toasted my brain on aspartame

Hello, I’m a former National Merit Scholar and University Student. I
say “former” because aspartame has utterly butchered my brain.
That’s right. I was a 21 year old with a bright future and an even
brighter mind. Traditionally, I’ve scored anywhere between 130-150 on IQ tests with
ease. On a recent exam, I nailed just 98 — with difficulty. My
mental capacity has been severely, dramatically, and — perhaps —
permanently altered due to excess consumption of this chemical

In the midst of a severe depression, I swilled the stuff in
ridiculously extreme amounts. Three 44oz drinks a day were not
uncommon. Looking back, it’s easy to conjecture that Diet Coke actually
instigated and aggravated my psychological problems. As a statistic of
one, I offer the following observations about my experiences, written
as honestly as I can muster.

In the beginning, I was an extraordinary skeptic. Diet Coke was my
favorite drink, and I trusted the industry funded studies above all
alarmist “nonsense”. People I knew warned me about how my habits could
affect me, especially given my talents, but I shrugged them off. “MIT
dosed people with 14,000 grams of the stuff,” I’d say, “it’s safer than

How wrong I was.

I thought my addiction was merely caffeine, but caffeine never satiated
me. I always craved the sweet fizzy brew; a chemical junky, always on
the hunt for my next brain fix. Over the months, as my appetite and
consumption of aspartame increased to absurdist levels, I noticed the

1. It caused me to stop thinking. I recall having an exceptionally
clear mind — sharp, precise, and swift. After drinking aspartame, I
noticed a very clear annihilation of my memory. I could not broach
topics or relate ideas. People would ask questions like “What was your
favorite movie with actor X?” I simply could not link those words to
a face or picture in my mind. It’s as if someone were speaking
Spanish. You do not know how disconcerting this is until it occurs.

2. It gave me neurological and heart disorders. At the height of my
consumption, the ring and pinky fingers of my left hand went COMPLETELY
NUMB FOR TWO WEEKS STRAIGHT. Simultaneously, I experienced a
discomfort and thudding sensation in my chest, as though my heart were
overworked and on the verge of failure. As is usual with these
circumstances, physicians could find “nothing wrong with me”. I’ve
NEVER had conditions like these in the entirety of my life, and WHAM.

3. I became profoundly forgetful and dissociated, as though I were
walking through a dream or under heavy medication. Daily events and
situations ceased to have any personal meaning to me. It’s as though
I’d taken a novocain shot to the cranium.

4. I sunk into the darkest depression I’ve ever known. My emotions
were so out of control I’d get dry heaves, have suicidal ideation, sit
motionless for hours, lock the door and stay in bed, etc. etc. Had
this happened before? Did I have a history of mental illness? No.

All of this and I hadn’t even hit the ADI!

My doc says many of my cognitive difficulties were probably due to the
huge amounts of caffeine I was consuming. Bullshit.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve imbibed every caffeinated concoction on the
planet in copious quantity: coffee, tea, regular cola, cappucino, hot
chocolate, whatever, and NONE of them have given me symptoms like this.
On the contrary, they usually offer a temporary nootropic affect,
giving me better focus.

If you’re considering drinking the stuff, consider this: if any ONE of
the three deadly toxins in this hell-molecule lives up to its
potential, you’re causing slow, irreparable damage to yourself. Not
just your body but to YOU, your mind. Aspartame wears things away,
erodes them at a level you can’t perceive. One day, you could
conceivably wake up and feel 75%. Or 60%. Or 20%.

After four months without, I still feel as though I’m recovering from a
traumatic head injury. My physical symptoms are long gone, as is my
depression. My slowness of thought and memory have markedly improved.
Overall, I can only pray that my mind will completely recover with time… if not,
I’m purely thankful to have abstained when I did. I very much
appreciate life now.

There’s a humble old adage that applies very, very well here:
“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.”

And there’s a good damn deal of smoke around.



Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2005 10:26 PM
Subject: Re: Toasted my brain on aspartame


…. Thanks for your reply and your work. 🙂 My memory and mental clarity continue
to improve on a day-to-day basis. I simply cannot express how disturbing my inability to think was… and how utterly
pleased I am that a road to recovery has opened.


Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 8:13 AM
Subject: Aspartame symtoms

Great Website! People need to be made aware of the dangers of aspartame.
I am 25 years old and reside in England.

I used to drink bottles and bottles of aspartame sweetened cooldrink, eat aspartame sweetened yoghurt ect.
Ha, ha, I thought I was helping myself lose weight.

The worse of my problems was symptoms of diabetes. I was certain that I had diabetes and had myself tested.
According to my first test results I was diabetic, then I learned about the dangers of aspartame,
cut it out of my diet and everything returned to normal.

The symptoms I had was:

* Excessive depression
* Extreme hunger (resulting in a 12 kilogram weight gain)
* Symptoms of diabetes (drastic drop in bloodsugar levels making me shaky untill I eat something sweet)
* Extreme, unexplained, tiredness (I used to get up at 6 am, I worked part time untill 13h00, then came home,
had lunch and go to sleep untill 17h00, had dinner and went to bed around 20h00, many times even earlier)
* Uncontrolled Uretera infections
* Drastic drop in body temperature, making me shake with shivers in the afternoons even though the heating in the house was running.

At 24 I thought that my life was basicly over, because I had no normal life anymore. Untill I learned about
aspartame. Now that I have cut it out of my diet all these symptoms have disappeared. I am living a normal life now,
keeping up with a full time job and other activities. I am not controlled by hunger anymore, have lost all the
weight I gained and I don’t feel depressed anymore. No more shakes and shivers! What a difference it made!


From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxx.xxxx
Sent: Friday, September 30, 2005 10:50 AM
Subject: My experience

Recently my sister forwarded to me an email about the dangers of using artificial sweeteners. I wanted to
share with you my recent experience. I have been using artificial sweeteners for many, many years…but
in moderation. Recently however I starting drinking 4-6 glasses of Crystal Light, plus drinking diet pop in
the evening. I was attempting to lose weight. However I started to experience severe vertigo, stomach aches
and some other symptoms. Vertigo runs in my family so I didn’t think too much about it except that it
seemed different from other times. THEN, I read the article that had been sitting in my in basket. I was
so surprised about the dangers of aspartame and what I was doing to my body. Coincidently I also had
run out of my Crystal Light so I went back to drinking bottled water. All of my symptoms, the vertigo,
stomach aches and asthma went away. I will now try to completely eliminate this poison from my diet.
I am now spreading the word to my co-workers and friends.



I didn’t read the email but…..

HealthyMOM Forum
Posted at 1:12 pm on Feb 17, 2006

I do know that I get very sick when I have aspartame and that
I’m not the only one. Of my own personal friends I know *at least* 8 of them
have serious health problems if they have it. Some of them have seizures,
others vomit, some just have minor symptoms.

I avoid it as much as possible and I won’t touch diet pop.



Subject: Email  To all xxxxxxxx residents
Date: 12:54 AM 8/4/2005

Please find below a copy of the email I sent to a very wide xxxxxxxxxx
based audience earlier this evening . The response in the last
hour has been incredible. I hope many will take the opportunity to
research for themselves further the issues on aspartame.

Just four days ago I received an article in an email from a close friend.
The wife of a former Army Air Core Helicopter Pilot who served during the
1982 conflict.

The report was about the use of sweeteners that is found in many food and
drink products. Because of my ongoing search for answers as to why my wife
Mandy developed a life threatening brain tumour which required urgent
surgery to remove and why our daughter Rachel has suffered from epilepsy
since she was just 3 days old, I decided to check out the information
given to me.

I was horrified at what I discovered.

I have since become a member  of “Mission Possible International” and will
begin to inform my fellow country people of the serious potential risks
associated with Aspartame.

Now I do not wish to bore you all with personal grievances, but the
following might surprise you.
Since we learned about aspartame and its deadly toxins, we did a search of
items in our home and was amazed at just how many products contained
aspartame. We decided to stop using any products immediately, that was
four days ago and the results have been quite striking.

Rachel as mentioned has regular night time seizures and until four days
ago I personally do not remember a single night in the past 18 years that
I have not had to attend her, usually several times in a single night.
Well since we removed the aspartame products, especially the instant
chocolate and diet mineral water. Rachel has not had a single attack in
four consecutive nights. This is short of a miracle.

I learned that aspartame can seriously affect the ability of regular
prescribed drugs and it is highly probable that Rachel’s medication was
being affected. It also makes me wonder if Mandy’s tumour was in fact
directly linked to aspartame, it is certainly something we have to consider.


Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2005 04:13 PM
Subject: Re: Personal Aspartame Story – Has to use epipen

Hi Betty my name is Teresa France, I have had an known allergic reaction
to aspartame since 1991.  I stop breathing withing 6-10 minutes.  Because
of this I always carry an Epipen with me.  everyone including my 5 year
old son knows how to use the Epipen.  If you would like more information,
from my first black out in 1991 to me almost losing my life in 2002 from
acciedently getting a diet drink from a major fast food place please
contact me and I would be happy to share my story with you in an effort to
get it off the market.  I have been telling people for years that if they
knew what I knew about it they would not touch it with a 10 foot pole,
much less put it into there bodies.


The Willits News,1413,253%257E26912%257E3053840,00.html?search=filter
Richard Larson: At war with ASPARTAME
By FaeWoodward

Wednesday, September 14, 2005 –

Staff Writer

Struggling with his diabetic diet, Richard Larson, Willits resident,
discovered a diet root beer that appealed to him and there were times he
would drink a six pack in a day. That has all changed.

I began having terrible headaches, he says. Finally, after seeing his
physician and then checking out aspartame, a sweetener used in diet drinks,
he eliminated what he calls a serious poison from his diet..

To say I was scared was the very least, he says remembering going for a CT
scan to see if there was a brain tumor.

Larson came to Willits 10 years ago with his father, the late Glen Larson.
The two loved to hunt and fish. Glenn was a widower and son, Richard, had
experienced a divorce. Arriving here in 1995, the pair settled on Pine
Mountain and shared the outdoors activities they enjoyed.

Today, Richard Larson is producer of redwood planter boxes, hope chests and
bird houses, when he is not on the internet researching aspartame.

Just call up aspartame (or aspertame) and headaches at Google on the
internet, he invites.


Subject: aspartame
Date: Thursday, September 22, 2005 1:18 PM

My husband is a vet and he was told a story by a client about someone who
was diagnosed by the doctors with MS.  A friend told her about aspartame
which she stopped and all the symptoms disappeared.  I had been suffering
with mild dulling headaches for sometime, I stopped having aspartame and I
haven’t had a headache since.  Not enough people know about the dangers of
aspartame, it is all around us, it is very difficult to buy some products
eg fruit squash, without aspartame.  I will try to raise peoples’
awareness of this problem


Sent: Friday, September 30, 2005 5:53 PM
To: ‘’
Subject: Aspartame Consumer Safety Network Questionnaire3

Aspartame Consumer Safety Network Questionnaire
Q. Medical problems that you believe are caused from using aspartame:

A. Hair loss, flicker vertigo, panic attacks, SICCA syndrome and chronic eye twitch.

Q. Why do you believe aspartame caused these problems?

A. I had none of these before Aspartame was introduced to the market.

Q. Did the symptoms go away when you stopped using the products?

A. They are all improving. No more flicker vertigo, hair is filling in, eyes feel better,
decreased panic attacks.

Q.Did you see a Doctor about symptoms?

A. I was diagnosed with SICCA syndrome between 1985 and 1986. I did not
See a Doctor for the flicker vertigo or panic attacks because they came on gradually over
ten years and I was becoming accustomed to them until they got so bad I couldn’t drive on
the freeway. I started taking the canyon roads to work and back commuting 90 miles a day.
I felt like I was going to fall off the face of the earth. I feared I’d never get to see
my mom or dad before they passed away or go to the beach again and surf. I couldn’t even
handle being a passenger on the freeway at times.

Q. Did Doctor think it related to aspartame?

A. No, at the time it was new to the market and I had just used it daily but did not tell the physician.

Q. Did you report your symptoms to the FDA (Food & Drug Admin.) or any other group?


Q. What specific products(s) containing aspartame were you consuming when you experienced these

A. Mostly diet Cola and coffee. More recently Diet Coke from fountains.

Q. On the average, what quantity were you consuming (how often, how much each time, etc.)

A. In the mid 1980’s I used about three packets of equal and drank at least six cans of Diet Cola a day.
I quit around 1986 and sometime around 1990 I started drinking it again and had no eye twitch
so I kept drinking it. I drink about 12 oz. a day at lunch and on the weekend would drink a
44oz. each day and sometimes get a refill. I would drive to do errands and shop without AC
in the summer with the drink in my truck and I would drink it with the ice melted.

Q. How long had you been consuming these products before you experienced the symptoms?

A. The eye twitch and SICCA Syndrome developed within months of use after it was introduced. A
year later I still had the twitch and out of desperation I stopped consuming Nutrasweet
since I had heard it cause seizure activity in lab test on animals. The twitch went away and
I attributed it to Nutrasweet.

My concern was that I do not tolerate sugar. If I have a candy bar or a cola my face will break
out with pimples and that will last me a week. As long as I avoid sweets my skin stays clear.
In regard to weight, when I quit consuming aspartame (approx. 1 year ago) I was 5′ 11″ and
weighed between 183 and 186. Now I weigh 175 lbs.and I have not implemented an exercise
routine although I felt I was able to reduce my consumption on the weekends when I have
heavy gardening, lawn mowing, etc. without feeling like I was getting low blood sugar and
that is how I felt when I was drinking Diet cokes. I felt as if I ate a little less, I could
not perform the work without experiencing hypoglycemic symptoms.
I am an LVN so that is why I have used common terminology.
The term flicker vertigo is new to me since I have been informed of the dangers of aspartame.
If I had recognized dizziness I would have seen a physician but this is much different than dizziness.
I developed a fear of heights and the sensation of driving was not too bad but the flickering of
shadows passing by at high speed and cars passing, trees passing became like an information
overload and it felt like the road and the car were giving me so much sensation I was afraid
to turn my head because if I turned it to look behind it meant I had to turn back which added
more flicker vertigo and I would start to panic and slow down. When I slowed down more cars would
come from behind and pass and I would have to get off the freeway at the very first chance I had.
That is why I stopped using the freeway.

My wife was having a problem with hair loss and when she went to GNC to find something to help
with her hair, their salesman told her about aspartame. I was lucky to hear from my wife what
she was told because it made me curious and I looked it up online. When I read the common
effects of Aspartame toxicity I immediately realized what was wrong with me and quit all
Aspartame consumption. I no longer experience flicker vertigo and I do have some left over
anxiety pangs in certain situations on the freeway. I was shocked I could drive from one onramp
to the next offramp without an attack. I drive on the freeway now with confidence, but I’m not
quite the same as I used to be. I am seeing improvement much of the time and I hope to forever
lose the freeway phobia aspartame toxicity has burned into my memory. I have restored hope in
a future of being with loved ones and having fun going places again. I used to worry about my
career being destroyed over my transportation dilemma and losing my house and wife and nobody
knew what I was going through. Now I tell everybody I can about this.


Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2005 3:40 PM
Subject: aspatame poisoning

Dear Mr. Gold,

Several years ago I was doing a Weight Watchers diet program.  I developed terrible
abdominal pains, as intense as labor.  My doctor did all aorts of tests and found
nothing except my wallet. He kept asking me what I was doing different and of course
not realizing it was aspartame I could think of nothing.  Eventually I quit the diet,
lost weight but was always bloated.  I figured I was just getting old and losing my shape
at 40 something.  Out of the blue months later I figured out and I don’t know how–that
it was the diet stuff.

A few years later my son went to the hospital with terrible abdominal pains and vomiting.
About a year later he consumed 2 liters of pink diet grapefruit juice and had a migraine so
bad he crawled to our family car.  He was 16 at the time. They found nothing wrong with him.
Since then we realized since I had “allergy” to it, apparently he does also–some allergy–it
is just plain poison.  He  has gotten into it several times at picnics with diet jello stuff
and Crystal lite.  He gets migraines and his face and tongue go numb.  He has to cook all his
own food at college because his roommates will not quit using the garbage  and he gets
terribly ill.

When I started studying aspartame more, I discovered that when I was using it I had developed
large fibroid tumors resulting in a hysterectomy.  I also had blurred vision, a feeling of
spaciness, leg twitching, headaches, lip twitching, and  bloating.  I never realized until
later that all those things were most likely caused by “the poison”  I was consuming.
This is a crime that the FDA does not take this hideous garbage off the market–the health
of our American people would  improve greatly just by not using aspartame. Seizures and
headaches alone would probably come down greatly. ….


Sent: Monday, June 27, 2005 1:52 PM
Subject: Poison


Seven years ago I went on a diet and lost a lot of weight one of the things I did was
add all diet drinks and sweeteners to my diet. Shortly after starting this new eating
lifestyle I started having the following symptoms;

Menstrual cramps
Memory loss
Tingling hands
Heart palpitations
Stomach pains
Eye twitching
Back pain
Joint and muscle pain
Allergic to all antibiotics (started 5 years ago almost killed me)
Sensitivity to all medications

My dr. thought I was a hypochondriac I was constantly in his office with another
complaint he tested me for lupus, ms, fibromyalgia, lymes disease, arthritis and
depression. They found no positive results. It left me for years just treating the
symptoms with medication and then 5 years ago I started have allergic reactions
to every medication they put me on. Is this a common symptom? I have been
aspartame free for 2 months and feel much better. I tried to drink a new Coke zero
this weekend and I have been sick since. I know it’s the aspartame that has poisoned me.


To: Dr. Betty Martini,D.Hum.
Subject: [Apartame Lawsuit  MS symptoms disappeared off aspartame]
Date: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 1:00 AM

I am overwhelmed by all the stories on the Internet on aspartame
poisoning. I live in the Tulsa area. Is xxxxx xxxxxxx really the attorney
for this suit?

I believe aspartame made me have MS or appear to have MS. Has it been
proven that aspartame causes brain lesions? Within 6 weeks of giving up
diet soda, my MS symptoms disappeared.


Sent: Monday, October 24, 2005 12:51 PM
Subject: Aspartame

Hello,  I just thought I should share my reactions to aspartame with you. At first
I would just get headaches from it.  Then I would leave it alone and try it again at
a later date.  Well, my reaction in the past 2 years have been something altogether
different.  If I have any slight bit of aspartame, I have severe pain in my abdomen.
Followed by an hourly vomit session until all of my stomach content is expelled.  I
seem to have an excessive amount of bile in the vomitus.  Anyway, that’s been my experience.


Forum: Homesteading Today > General Homesteading Forums  > Countryside Families
Subject: Another vote against nutrasweet
From: xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 10/05/2005, 06:30 PM

For a few years, my doctor has told me I have Diabetes type II. I had
gestational diabetes with three of my children and they said I basically
“kept” it afterwards.

After reading some things people posted here about Nutrasweet, I figured
I better stop using it.

Well, ever since I STOPPED using Nutrasweet, my blood sugar has been
totally normal. PERFECTLY normal, not even a hint of diabetic tendency.
Its been over 2 years now and its been the same way, no nutrasweet –
no high blood sugar.

I dont know if that was causing it or not, but I will never use it again!


Forum: Homesteading Today > Country Living Forums  > Cooking and Crafts
Date: 10-03-2005, 06:33 PM
From: tinetine’sgoat
Subject: Sugar alternatives???

I need to find some alternatives to white sugar that are lower calorie…
I have quit using sweetners because I was feeling awful all of the time.
I started reading everything I could get my hands on and found out what these
sweetners break down to once they are in your body. It scared me bad enough
that I no longer have any desire for a diet soda. And believe it or not my
aches and pains are disapearing, my mood is improving and I’m begining to feel
really good again. My concern is that I love my coffee with sugar and tea,
lightly sweetned, but I’m not wild about switching to sugar now especially
since I struggle with hypoglycemia and my families history of diabetes.
Do you guys have any suggestions? I’ve heard that there are products available,
but I’m not wanting to waste alot of money trying things that taste nasty.

[Continued in another thread]

Forum: Homesteading Today > General Homesteading Forums  > Countryside Families
Subject: Another vote against nutrasweet
From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 10/05/2005, 08:08 PM

I have already posted some of this on cooking, so if you read it there bear
with me. I was feeling AWFUL, hypoglycemia, had no energy, headaches all the
time, muscle aches and pains, and Galactorreah (unexplained lactation) the
whole ball of wax. Anyway, I went to the dr. had to do tons of tests and
MRI junk, they thought it was a pituatary tumor, they found nothing, so my
doc tried to diagnose me with depression. She gave me prozac, muscle relaxers
and Ambien I was astounded that she had prescribed this after just 2 visits
with her. Anyway on the way home I thought, I’m not depressed just stressed .
I did not fit any of the criteria for depression that wasn’t on the list of
things for someone needing to relieve stress. So I didn’t take any of the meds
and would hate to have to start any. ANYWAY, I started reading and came across
some articles related to sweetners and how they react in your body . I was
amazed at what I was reading. So I decided to quit all sweetners. I feel like
a different person. I dont have the sweet tooth that I did before and my
“brainfog” is gone, I am sleeping better, the headaches are gone. I cannot
believe the changes that I am feeling since I eliminated them. Anyway that
is my .02.


Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 5:13 PM
Subject: aspartame

I just read your article on regarding aspartame.  9-10 years ago,
I was diagnosed with “undifferentiated connective tissue disease” –
whatever that is (a big name for something causing me a lot of pain, and
no real idea what).  Subsequently, I was diagnosed with Reynauds disease and
fibromyalgia.  I lived on the highest does of every nsaid out there.  Had to take
Darvocet or Vicodan at night for pain.  Lived on antidepressants.   My mother read
several articles about he effects of aspartame – and knowing that I have drank only
diet sodas since she can remember (I am now 41 yrs old), she urged my to stop using
anything with aspartame in it.  I told her she was crazy, but that I would give it 3 months.

I saw my rheumatologist in July of 2004.  On that day, he drew blood (as usual) and I told
him I was going to give up anything with aspartame for 3 months.  I then wanted to redraw
my blood and see if there was a difference.  He told me it was a waste of time.  He had
never heard of such nonsense.  I went home that day (July 15) and gave it up.  By the
3 month mark I had set for myself, I was able to cut my meds in half – completely
eliminating my meds at night.  I decided to continue since I did see a change.  To this day,
I am off everything.  I have an occasional Aleve for “old age” pains, but no nsaids,
no narcotics/analgesics, no antidepressants.  I have not been back to me MD to tell him,
but plan to soon.

I truly believe it was the aspartame.  Two months ago, I started dieting.  I read labels
for aspartame.  I never thought yogurt would have aspartame in it, so I didn’t look.  After
eating this type of yogurt for 2 weeks, I was developing my old pains – hips, knees, neck,
shoulders, fingers, etc.  I decided to check the label and what do you know – aspartame.
I stopped immediately and within one week, I was feeling better. ….


Subject: Another aspartame statistic  vision problems, diabetes,  etc.
Date: 09:56 PM 5/31/2005

Dr. Martini,

I was fortunate to have begun my own internet search for info about
aspartame, in early December 2003. It only took a few hours to find enough
evidence to convince me to totally abstain from this toxic substance. A
recovering alcoholic (drank very heavily from adolescence to age 27), I
had developed “reactive hypoglycemia” in 1981 (blood glucose level 34
mg/dl @ 3-1/2 hours into a 5 hr. GTT). To “treat” the hypoglycemia, I
eliminated simple carbohydrates and sugars from my diet, and substituted
sugar-sweetened sodas with diet drinks. The symptoms of the hypoglycemia
abated, but within 7 years I became a very labile diabetic. I continued to
use the aspartame-laden products for several years. My diabetes was
extremely difficult to control, and other changes took place. After a bout
with a bacterial pneumonia in the summer of 1991, with which I lost about
40 pounds, I have never been able to get my weight much above 150 lb. (I
am 5′ 10″). In 2001, I mysteriously developed high blood pressure, though
my cardiac & circulatory condition proved excellent, and cholesterol and
triglyceride levels were very good. The hypertension was treated
successfully with lisinopril, for about a year, when the blood pressure
began to increase again. The lisinopril dosage was doubled, and again the
hypertension remained in control for about another year. At that point, my
endocrinologist tried an array of antihypertensive drugs, from Clonidine
to Lotrel and diuretics. The lack of any logical explanation for the high
blood pressure caused me to take a careful look at my lifestyle. I had
quit smoking cigarettes (April 1983), and the levels of stress were not
significantly changed. The one thing that came to mind was the fact that I
consumed moderately large quantities of diet soda, and other products
containing aspartame. The aforementioned internet search soon took me to
the Dorway website. After reading much of the info on that site, I
immediately stopped using everything containing aspartame. At 3 months,
one unexpected benefit was a complete disappearance of shoulder pain,
formerly diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon as “diabetic frozen shoulder”.

I can now actually shoot baskets with my daughter, and the range of motion
has returned to almost normal. Also, my vision has actually improved,
documented by semi-annual visits to my ophthalmologist. 20/55 left eye and
20/50 right eye has improved to 20/25 and 20/20! My intraocular pressure
(22-23 in 2003) has dropped (17-18 in Feb. 2005). My complaints of “bright
spots” diminished to almost nothing, but the Dr. is monitoring “background
retinopathy” and a nevus near the optic nerve of the left eye. I shared
with him my certainty that the improvements in vision are a direct result
of stopping the use of aspartame. Other effects, unfortunately, have not
subsided. At age 50, I suffer from moderately severe ED. The new drugs for
treating this disorder have not been effective, nor was a trial of
transdermal testosterone patches. My diabetes is still difficult to
control, but better with an insulin pump (I am considered type 1, as there
is no evidence of pancreatic function). The blood pressure continues to
fluctuate at times, and I have difficulty with fatigue and inability to
focus on my work (I am a manufacturing engineer). All this said, however,

I can only consider myself fortunate to have learned of the dangers of
aspartame when I did. I am certain that I would now be in much worse
physical condition, perhaps even dead. I would guess that there are many
thousands of people who have been permanently impaired and physically
compromised by aspartame poisoning. Nonetheless, I am offering use of my
information by you, or anyone else who is able to use it, for the
furtherance of the cause of banning aspartame. It seems that the love of
money truly is the root of this evil!


Subject: Aspartame Seizures
Date: 9/9/05 7:14 PM

I am e-mailing you because I don’t know who to turn to with my problem
concerning Aspartame Seizures.  I wrote to xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx and
I never received an answer back from
him. I AM NOT A SPAMMER. I have had  Aspartame seizures off and on since
year 2001. I first experienced the seizures when I bought a box of
Slimfast bars to eat at work. I am a janitor and I work alone. I felt fine
before I ate the Slimfast bars, but than all of my left side including my
face and tongue went numb and tingling. I thought I had a stroke until I
spoke with one of the ladies who works at the building I clean, and she
gave me an article on Aspartame. I also made another discovery with my
Estrogen pill “PREMARIN” it also has Aspartame in the dye. I was getting
petite mals in the stomach until I quit taking it. I didn’t my doctor know
any of this until I spoke to a lawyer. When I didn’t receive an answer
back from xxxxxxx xxxxxxx I went to see a lawyer in [Location] where I
live, and he said, ” I have to let my doctor know about this and be
tested.” My doctor knew nothing about Aspartame. He didn’t know Aspartame
causes seizures and brain tumors. Thoughts were running through my head,
“OH G-R-E-A-T here I go educating another doctor!”

I  have an appointment set up with a
Neurosurgeon for September 22, 2005, and all the research I have done on
Aspartame I made sure I dropped copies of information off at Dr.Bakkers
office ahead of time. On August 10th 2005 I went to see a diatition, and
she knew “NOTHING” about Aspartame. I took a binder of information in with
me, and the Diatition replied,”It’s better for you to rely on the computer
for your information than to talk to me because I know nothing about
Aspartame. I sharply replied, “So it’s better for me to go All Natural
than to take my chances on the food industry? The Diatition said,”All her
clients respond with the same attitude as mine when they leave her office
also.” i buy only ORGANIC FOOD, and  I do not eat in restaurants
anymore.   Since I have gone all natural I have been seizure-free. I would
like to file a class action lawsuit against the Aspartame Company. My
Family Doctor said if I go through with this Aspartame test and have a
seizure I could lose my driver’s lisence, and than there goes my
live-li-hood because I operate my own Janitorial Company myself. I need
all the advice you can give me including on How To Deal With  The Doctors
Here In [Location] Concerning Aspartame. Having to  deal with Aspartame
Poison has limited me to the “Do’s and Don’ts.” Could you please help me
with the class action lawsuit or give me some guidance on how to go about
taking action against Aspartame.


Sent: Sunday, June 12, 2005 7:07 PM
To: Betty M; M Gold; Mary Stod
Subject: RE: Article at:

Both my wife and I have numerous symptoms and have been diagnosed
with Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. She has MS and was almost to a point
that she could not walk and her pain was almost unbearable for her. I have
PseudoTumor Cerebri (over production of spinal column fluid that builds
up in the cranial cavity).

I was a Diet Pepsi addict, that is all I drank, and often would drink over a
gallon a day. My wife only drank one to two bottles a day. Both her MS
and my PTC were out of control on this chemical.

Since we stopped drinking and eating the Aspartame, the symptoms of our
Fibromyalgia and Arthritis are very rare occurrences. Both her MS and
my PST have gotten better. We have been working for over 5 months now
trying to detoxify our bodies.


Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 7:57 PM
Subject: re: Aspartame Poison

Why isn’t there a warning label in diet soda or the packets of that poison? I had many of the symptoms
as most that I have read here and as soon as I realized that the coffee in the morning, diet soda in the
afternoon and evening was making me crazy. I had blood work for years and my DR’s said there was
nothing wrong with me and I thought feeling like crap was the new normal. Try feeling like crap everyday
for fifteen years then finding out that it was the poison in the diet soda and the sweeteners in my coffee that
was making me sick. I also don’t understand why this is not or hasn’t been a huge story on any or all the
network news. There must be thousands of people suffering and NOT knowing that its in the diet soda
or the sweeteners in the coffee that’s making them deathly I’ll. Someone needs to break this story.


Subject: Acute Onset Dizziness – Lasted 7 Months
Sent: Sunday, June 6, 2005

I was driving my truck on night and had to pull over with an acute bout
of vertigo.  I’m a physician and was not immediately alarmed, rather,
annoyed.  From that point on, every 4 or 5 minutes, I developed a sense
of disequilibrium with occasional bouts of vertigo.  This lasted every
waking hour for more than 7 months. With the typical, “Physician, heal
thyself,” mentality, I did NOT want to go through the typical route of
over investigation so prominent in our current healthcare model.

At the point leading up to my initial onset of symptoms, I was drinking
1200 – 1500 mL of diet pop daily.  I had been doing this for more than
20 years.  I had increase my consumption to almost 3 Litres of diet pop
for about a 2 month time period leading up to my symptoms.  As I had no
other neurological signs or symptoms, I started looking to things like
aspartame.  As an easy test, I discontinuued use of all diet pops and
anything sweetened with aspartame.  Over about 3 months, my symptoms
went away.  Not conculsive, but certainly welcome results.

About 2 months after my symtoms went away, I began drinking diet pops
again.  About 2 weeks after I began consumption of them, my symptoms
returned at which point I ceased consumption all together. Within three
days, my symptoms also went away.  As I realize that this is, by no
means, conclusive evidence of aspartame toxicity, I personally believe
it did.  Mine is a simple “n of 1” study of which I was an unwilling
participant, but I have NO signs or symptoms associated with the
whatever was plagueing me, SINCE I discontinuued use of aspartame.

I just thought I’d share my experience with you.


Sent: Saturday, January 29, 2005 11:19 PM
Subject: My story

Hello, I would like to provide my story so it may help someone out there. I have drank a lot of
diet cola for about 20 years. Symptoms started when I was 25 (9 years ago). I was an avid skiier,
pretty darn good I must say. Instead of getting better every season, as all people do, I was getting
worse. I would tire quickly and get a rash on my face and go home after a couple of hours, feeling
ashamed that I could not keep up with my regular crowd of friends. I also had shoulder pain and
headaches. I thought that I was just getting old. I could not keep up with my college classes, my
memory was awful, I had to drop out because my grades were not good enough to receive loans anymore.
(My GPA was 3.4 the first 2 years). I became too tired to be social, only had one or two friends.
A few years later I was numb on my left side. An MRI showed a lesion in my spinal cord, the neurologist
thought it was MS, but not enough proof to diagnose me yet. A few years later I went numb again.
2 lesions on my brain this time, unexplainable. I was so tired and depressed I couldn’t function.
The anti-depressants didn’t help at all so I quit taking them, against my doctors advice, I felt a
little better actually. I started taking “speed” like drugs because caffeine wasn’t doing it for me anymore
and if I didn’t take them, I was afraid I would need to be hospitalized (fatigue), and my kids would be taken
away from me. Luckily, before I became addicted or strung out or “tweeky” my mother in law e-mailed
me a story about aspartame because it sounded just like me. I quit drinking diet drinks about 6 months ago.
I take no drugs anymore (except caffeine). I can function now. I can take my kids to the park and clean the
house! I feel like I am about 85% back to normal now, hopefully I will keep improving. I still want to learn to
surf, a year ago I thought it would never happen. I now annoy and pester anyone who drinks or eats
artificial sweetner to stop. Most do not listen or care, but if I can even help one person it will be worth it.
Thanks for reading this!


Sent: Friday, April 15, 2005 3:16 PM
Subject: aspartame toxicity reaction

I started using Aspartame when it went into all the diet sodas on the market and I had
severe headaches and stomach pain on the day that I started drinking the soda with this sweetener
in them. I proceeded to have very severe memory problems – I could not remember even
small normal words such as cup and pen- I knew that I knew the word -but I could not pull the word
out of my brain to use it in conversation. I would be talking and in the middle of a sentence stop talking
because I forgot what I was talking about and I could not remember – the harder I would try to remember
the farther away it seemed to go. Someone could tell me what I was talking about and I could maybe
finish the sentence or 2 or three sentences. I would be driving along and a 6 to 8 foot section of the road
would just disappear I could still see the road further ahead of that section but if I moved my eyes up
toward the section of road that was still visible it would disappear also. I had to try to stay within the
lines on the sides of the road by using -what I guess would be peripheral vision. I could not sleep and even
when I thought I was asleep my husband and daughter would walk into a room and start talking to me –
when I asked why they insisted on talking to me when I was asleep – they told me I was laying there
with my eyes wide open.


Sent: Wednesday, October 05, 2005 10:06 AM
Subject: Aspartame

I just found your website and would like to share with you the problems that I had from
drinking diet pop with aspartame in it. I had joint and muscle pain, tingling hands, fatigue
and insomnia. I could hardly stand to use my hands, I felt like a cripple. I went to the doctor
he tested me for lupus, ms, fibromyalgia, lymes disease, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome
and depression. He couldn’t diagnosis anything, what I had was a mystery to him. I had to
wear braces on my arms for 6 months. Eventually all symptoms subsided and my life got
back to normal and I never figured out why the symtoms came or why they left, that is until
I hear about aspartame. I now know that the symptoms went away because I stopped drinking
diet pop every day, I just never put the two things together. I never dreamed that I was causing
the problems myself by drinking several cans of pop a day. I am very careful now about
aspartame now that I know what caused the problems and they have not returned.


Sent: Monday, February 14, 2005
Subject: Diet Coke MS and Lou Gehrigs symptoms

I just read your story about Diet Coke. I had several symptoms of MS
Lou Gerigs disease. My doctor asked me to stop drinking diet pop and in
thwo weeks my symptoms were gone!  Unreal

Keep up the good work.

J. S.

[More Details…]

Sent: Sunday, March 06, 2005 3:58 PM
Subject: Re: FW: Diet Coke MS and Lou Gehrigs symptoms

Sorry for not getting back to you with my symptoms.

First of all…I have spinal stenosis. Those symptoms are lower back pain, numbness after standing for
a while and neck pain. Occasional hand tingling…..really no big problem.

But here were my ASPARTME symptoms: ALL MS / ALS symptoms!!!!

1. Muscle twitching@!!
2. Dizziness (not related to sinus pressure)
3. Feeling like I was in a psychedelic scene of a bad horror movie
4. Problems swallowing…very scary!!!!
5. Muscle contractions that made my whole body contract!!!!
6. Hoarse throat
7. Sporadic finger twitching

When my spine doctor tested my strength he said I was “a bull”, which was a good sign against
neuro-muscular disease….he asked my about Diet Coke and I had been consuming high amounts.
I stopped and my symptoms disappeared in two weeks. I still want to sue Diet Coke for the scariest
two weeks of my life!


Worldwide Church of God Alumni Forum
Forum: Alumni Discussion
Topic: Nutrasweet
From: compassion
Posted on 7/3/05 12:20 pm

Yes…I lost 30 lbs. using Nutrasweet many years ago, and my kidneys almost
quit on me. I had very painful kidney attacks and I knew it was the Nutrasweet.
When I cut it out, the pain went away.

Splenda is manufactured under an outright lie…”Made from sugar so it tastes
like sugar”. No it doesn’t. When you use it in anything, it tastes like what
it is…a chemical. And it “foams” when mixed in liquid. And it “foams” in my
stomach, whatever it is mixed in.


Sent: Sunday, April 24, 2005 11:00 PM
Subject: aspartame

I have never been able to eat or drink artificial sweeteners of
any kind. A mint or a piece of gum causes me to be nauseated, dizzy,
confused, severe migraine, panic/anxiety. My symptoms are severe and
I have to be very careful about what I eat or drink. I was prescribed
cough syrup by my family doctor and couldnt use it because it has
nutra sweet in it. What about our children who have allergies nutra sweet
and dont know. Liquid penacillin,cough syrup,vitamins, what can we do about it?
Do we have any control?


Sent: Monday, January 24, 2005 12:18 PM
Subject: My niece went into respitory arrest

Dear Sir,
I have never liked nutrisweet but now none of my family uses it. My niece was only
two years old when she started having seizures. They took her to the xxxxxxxxxxx clinic and
determined that it was not epilepsy. At one point she went into respitory arrest and almost
died if she hadn’t been in the hospital at the time I believe she would have. They put her on
dilantin which made her a zombie and she still had seizures. One day when she had another
seizure my brother called me asking me what he could do (she had passed out again). Out of the
blue I remembered that when nutrisweet first came out that seizures in epileptics and young children
was a possible side effect. I asked him if she had been having any. They had been giving her nurtisweet
popsicles because they were concerned with how many she was eating (more than 4 a day). I told him
what I remembered and they took her off the dilantin and nutrisweet. She only had one more siezure
(we think she got some sugar free jello at a picnic). She went from having seizures that could not be controlled
to no medication at all in a matter of weeks. The doctors did not want her taken off the meds. They would
not listen to my brother about the nutrisweet connection. Now she is a fine and healthy second grader.
I know of many diabetics drinking diet sodas. This is a known hazzard and has been from the start.
When will our medical community start to listen? How many children are having seizures now due to nutrisweet?
And it seems that every eplileptic I know is using nutrisweet because their doctor says it is Okay to have it!!!
( at least 4 people)

Thankyou for being out there to inform people. I just wish more people would listen.


Date: 5/16/2005 09:54 AM

Hi Betty – How are you?  Hope everything is well – its been awhile
since we’ve talked.  I just wanted to let you know, I’m doing so much
better since we last talked.  I was in desperate need of help – I’m
sure you can imagine since I called you numerous times for support.
For some people, just getting off aspartame is enough to recover from
problems they may be suffering but in my case, it took a lot more.  My
first “episode” was a lot easier to handle – I just stopped using the
sweetener and within a couple of weeks, I was a new person.  At the
time, I wasn’t aware how harmful aspartame was – I just knew I was sick
and assumed it was something I was doing.  . . and I was right.
I was I would have followed my guts.

A few months after that, I went to the doctor for a physical and mentioned
my experience w/aspartame – I thought she would be happy to hear I figured
out the problem since no one could seem to figure out what was wrong
with me. Instead, she laughed it off and said it was impossible.  The
doctors thought I was a hypochondriac and actually diagnosed me with a
mental problem.  They prescribed me all kinds of mental drugs but
luckily I didn’t take any of it. Taking her word, I started drinking my
diet sodas again and within several months, my symptoms came back and
this time it was severe.  I had all the tests you can name, they
couldn’t find anything wrong with me except for what I was telling
them.  They finally diagnosed me with depression!  I have lost all my
faith in doctors.  I thought I was going to go crazy – none of them
would listen.  That’s when I found all the info on aspartame and talked
you.  It was a rough time – I visited Dr. Harding (she a blessing) and
she worked miracles for me – god bless her! ….


Date: 09:34 AM 4/14/2005
Subject: Victim of Aspartame Poisoning  – Cerebral Aneurysm, Seizure

In my mid thirties, I begain drinking diet sodas to lose weight.  After
2 years of initial use, I began having headaches and dizziness on a daily
basis.  Over-the-counter medications did not improve my symptoms.  Then I
began experiencing chronic fatigue, extreme weakness, body pain (flu
like), \’head in a fog\’ thinking, back pain, irregular, painful and
debilitating menstrual cycles. I also experienced hypoglycemia symptoms,
bloating, breathing difficulties, heart palpitations, excessive thirst and
hunger, severe itching, nausea, numbness and tingling of extremities,
night sweats, tremors and blurred vision.  At times I actually felt as if
I were being poisoned.  On Sept 22, 2004, I had a seizure.  After all the
doctor visits and medical tests, it was determined that I was very
healthy, with the exception of an incidental finding, cerebral aneurysm.
My PCP prescribed Zoloft for panic attacks, which did help to relieve my
symptoms temporarily. I continued to struggle through each day. I knew I
was dying, and was ready to go because I was so miserable. Several weeks
ago, I learned that 2 of my neighbors, both female, have been sick with
the same symptoms.  We had our well water tested, heavy metal screening,
looked into the possibility of toxic mold in the homes, until I discovered
the toxic effects of Aspartame poisoning.  I confirmed with my neighbors
and they in fact consumed large amounts of diet soda (Nutrasweet) as
well.  I am now 2 weeks without Aspartame in my diet…and I am beginning
to feel much improvement in my health.  Most of my symptoms have improved
tremendously, or disappeared. Even those around me have noticed a
difference in my behavior, focus, and particularly my energy level.  I am
convinced that I am a victim of Aspartame poisoning.

Thank you for taking my story.


Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2005 2:50 PM
Subject: re: aspartame

I am someone who has a story about aspartame. I think I went to the Dr. about 5 yrs ago
because I had a numbness and tingling in my face which I thought could be the start of a
tooth nerve dying. Ex-ray said no. I think that was probably the first experience I had w/numbness
and tingling which progressed to a full body flush and tingling which happened about 20 – 30 times a day.
It seemed to occur in parts of my body where I had an injury of some sort – a broken bone in my foot etc.
These symptoms lasted for about 30-60 sec. and did not knock me off my feet but sometimes, if it
included a vision problem in my left eye, I had to consciously make and effort to stay in control of my
body. In the fall of 2003 I went to my family Dr. who sent me to the neurologist. Of course they looked
for things like stroke, MS, epilepsy etc. I had an MRI of my head, a carotid artery test, ex-rays, saw the
opthomologist, orthopedic surgeon and the neurologist 3 times. He could’t find anything – I think he thought
I was making this up. All he said was if it was still happening in 30 days I should come back. Well, I was
seeing ads for food which said “no apartame” and I began to wonder. I drank diet ice tea and used other
food products since they came on the market. I consumed a large jar of diet iced tea every 2 wks in addition
to diet soda etc. I decided to eliminate aspartame from my diet and after about 2 wks the numb/flushes started
to subside. It took almost 6 mo. before they were gone entirely. It hasn’t happened for 6 -7 mo. I received your
e/mail address from my daughter who is a professor in the science dept. at xxxxxxxxxxx State because I have been
wanting to tell this story to someone because I felt it had some significance for others who have undiagnosed
neurological problems.


From: xxxxxxxxxxxxx []
Sent: Saturday, February 05, 2005 12:54 PM
Subject: Aspartame poisoning

Since I can remeber I have always drunk diet drinks had sugar free sweets and
other food products. About 6 years ago I experienced severe fatigue, loss of feeling
and tingling in my fingers and down one side of my body. I even experienced paralysis
in my legs. I was sent to see a neurologist and he put me through lots of tests suspecting
that I had MS. All tests came back negative. My Mum then met a lady who had MS and
told her about aspartame. I then cut it out of my diet completely and my symptoms disappeared.
I have been fine since.


Sent: Monday, March 21, 2005 2:38 PM
Subject: Aspartame

Dear Sir,

I only have a few moments to write you a quick note. But I first and foremost would
like to thank you for all the information I have obtained through your website about
the toxicity of aspartame.

I have been experiencing strange symptoms pertaining to my health for quite awhile, that
I couldn’t put my finger on. I will go into details at a later time, but last week it all came
to a head with one piece of sugarless gum. I have been drinking a diet iced-tea with aspartame
for quite some time, and never put two and two together until this past week with
an awful reaction to one piece of gum. The day prior to this last episode, I had a slight feeling in
my throat as if I had suddenly got an awful sore throat, which went away, and that night I drank
some iced tea. The next day, the only thing I put in my mouth when this reaction was set off was
a piece of this sugarless gum, and I felt the most awful pain like a firecracker went off in my mouth,
and I believe my throat was closing up, my throat hurt incredibly. Dr. said it sounded like and
allergic reaction, and I took benadryl which really didn’t help completely, but the symptoms subsided.
Since that day, last Tuesday, I have had no aspartame at all, and I can’t begin to tell you how
much better I feel. I have people telling me it’s to soon to tell if that was really the problem,
but as it stands right now, I truly believe I have been a victim of this monster called asartame.
If possible could you let me know if you think that small amount of time could make such a
marked improvement in my overall health. I feel 25 again, not 65, and I am 42. I can’t thank you enough..

I wish more people would look to additives as a source of problems, I know I will be spreading
the word. My vision is improved, my eyes don’t hurt, I slept better than I have in months.
Thank you , Thank you!


Re: Iraqis left baffled as ‘Don’ Rumsfeld drops in for a chat (Score: 1)
by scritch on Thursday, May 01 @ 14:55:42 EDT

A little OT, but NutraSweet has been implicated in a lot of adverse reactions.
My wife’s reaction was so severe that the doc’s thought she had multiple sclerosis
for a while. Then she gave up gum with NutraSweet (Aspartame) and voila!
no more symptoms! There’s been not a little bit of coverup for this chemical.


Sent: Saturday, October 09, 2004 10:08 PM
Subject: aspartame reactions

Hello mgold,

I grew up drinking Diet Dr. Pepper in the 80’s (I think when it was
still saccharin).  In the mid nineties I was a college student.  I
started having memory problems.  I’ve always had wonderful short-term
memory and did some of my best studying right before a test.  But
suddenly I was forgetting everything I had just studied.  I was
actually in danger of flunking a difficult class.  I was also getting
very bad headaches.  A friend of my parents told us about an actress
he knew who stopped drinking diet sodas a month or two before her
play would start.  It was late in the semester but I stopped drinking
Diet Dr. Pepper and stopped eating diet popsicles. The headaches
went away.  My memory improved a lot and I managed to make a high
enough grade on the final exam to get a C in the class.

I tried to stop drinking Diet Dr. Peppers completely, but I seemed
to be addicted.  It wasn’t until after I was married that I kicked
that habit.  And my husband could always tell if I drank a Diet Dr.
Pepper – he said I started noticeably forgetting things.

During my days of Nutrasweet, I gained weight, got headaches,
developed eye migraines, developed hypoglycemia and had memory
problems.  My memory has never recovered 100%.  At this point, I am
completely off of all artificial sweeteners.  I tried Splenda when it
came out, but I seemed to develop an addiction to that as well.


Sent: Friday, December 10, 2004 12:07 PM
Subject: Our experience with poison #%%% I mean aspartame!

About 15 years ago I worked in a warehouse that was not air conditioned
and I was drinking sodas all day long. Needless to say I started to gain
weight, so I made some sugarfree Kool-aid to take to work. Well I got a headache
that felt like the top of my skull was being crushed in all the way around
the top. The next day more kool-aid and the very same headache. So I have
never used anything with aspartame in it since. Guess what I have never had
such a monster headache like that again.

But my real story is this, my mother was using nutra-sweet in coffee and
tea and drank diet coke. In March of 2000 she was having a dry cough so I
had taken her to the hospital doctors office and while she was there she had
congestive heart failure. It was caused by a buildup of fluids around her
heart. So this ment her kidneys had gone bad. Then she had to go on dialysis
3 times a week. One morning about 2 years ago she was so sick, I took her to
the emergency room and they ran all kinds of tests on her, Xrays, blood work,
EEG, EKG and found nothing. 2 days later the same exact thing again emergency
room and all the tests again. The doctors found nothing.

Then I remembered my own experience with aspartame and did a web search and
found your site. I couldn’t believe the number of people having such a wide
range of problems after taking something with aspartame in it. Well I threw
eveything with aspartame in it away and got her to understand she could never
have diet coke again. It took about 3 to 4 months before her problems went away.
She has not had anything with aspartame in it and guess what she has not had
those same problems since. There is no way for me to prove it, but I believe it
was the aspartame that destroyed her kidneys and caused the need for dialysis.
This is a woman that did not drink or smoke or use anything to excess, so why
would her kidneys fail? There are lots of other people that are her age and do
not require dialysis. It doesn’t take a PHd or a rocket scientist to see a
connection here. So my advice to everyone if you have just half a brain you won’t
use any kind of artifical sweetner esp. aspartame.


Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 5:52 AM
Subject: Here is my story:

Here is my story:

I recently moved to a new apartment, and before my kitchen was functional
(a period of 6 weeks) I was eating out. Breakfast and lunch each day was
purchased at a local petrol station food store, and included iced teas,
cool drinks and similar. At that time I was not aware that Aspartame was
contained in these drinks. There may have been other poisons in the
“freshly made” plastic packed sandwiches which I am still not aware of.
However, I now know that there were artificial sweeteners (not otherwise
specified) in some of the drinks I was purchasing.

My symptoms included dull feeling in the head, growing confusion, dizziness,
numbness in my fingers and toes and clumsy behavior (all of which I recognized
as neurological symptoms). I started dropping things, banging myself and
injuring myself while working on the new apartment. This was dangerous since
I was using power tools, and at times was working at height. I was so disoriented
and unaware of my surroundings at one time that I drove into a post and smashed
the front end of my automobile. My fingers became so insensitive that I started
having trouble typing (I am normally a very fast touch typist) and considerable
trouble playing the piano (including pieces I know well and generally have no
trouble with).

I was puzzled to find that I was having trouble with relatively simple mathematics;
I am a product designer and must often use applied mathematics consisting of
simple differential equations and routine techniques for analyzing material
strengths and so on, and also relatively straightforward hypothesis testing
statistics. Why, I asked myself, were these things becoming so difficult?

Reading became difficult. It was partly a cognitive problem, so that when I could
see the words I found difficulty understanding what was written. More and more I
was re-reading sentences to catch the meaning. I was also having visual problems,
and had my eyes tested for new reading glasses – which it turned out were not needed.

I then blamed the Chinese restaurant for putting too much MSG in my food; without
a kitchen at home I was going there three or four times a week. The owner responded
to my complaints by reducing MSG in general and serving me with MSG free meals. The
symptoms did not improve.

I then supposed that my problems may be related to a blood condition, and had
extensive tests done, including tests for rare conditions such as G6PD activity
deficiency, and cytochrome P450 enzyme activities. (Was I a so called “poor
metabolizer”?) These tests all proved to be normal.

Finally I realized that the drinks may be poisoning me. I investigated further
and discovered that some of them probably contained Aspartame. Of course, I
immediately stopped consuming these drinks. My kitchen is now operational and
I cook my own food from fresh vegetables and organically grown produce were possible.

In the several weeks following cessation of purchasing drinks from the station,
my symptoms largely cleared up. However, not everything is back to normal and
it is clear that I have been neurologically damaged. I have recurrent tinnitus,
in the form of a constant hissing sound in the background – at times a whistling
sound. This was present before moving house, but is now significantly worse. It
spoils my music listening pleasure, and sometimes keeps me awake at night.

I also have damaged sight. I printed out an Amsler grid and tested myself. I could
see some slightly wavy lines and other patches which were blank (not black, simply
empty where the lines should have been visible). These are diagnostic for macular
degeneration. My reading is still somewhat hindered by patch vision in the foveal
centre. I shall now start on a course of AREDS supplements to slow down the visual
loss; presumably once macular degeneration has started is continues into age related
macular degeneration (AMD).

I conclude that the Aspartame in the drinks is responsible for the episodes and
for the neurological, auditory and visual damage I now suffer. My life has been
irrecoverably reduced because of this misadventure.

Alas, nothing shall be done to redress this situation as long as Bush remains
in the Whitehouse. And (many Americans do not realize how forcefully their domestic
affairs impact other peoples; I am Dutch) nothing shall be done in this country
until the US had legislated Aspartame out of legal use.


Sent: Sunday, August 15, 2004 4:47 PM
Subject: aspartame

I had always practiced a healthy lifestyle so when aspartame
came out I wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Then due to
a health problem I suddenly gained quite a bit of weight. I
went to a Dr. who put me on a diet that include several sugar-free
foods & drinks. Reluctantly but to help lose the weight I consumed
them. 2 weeks later I was overcome by dizziness, and felt like my
head and ears were going to explode, it was debilitating. I went to
vertigo specialist at a top medical facility and they couldn’t find
any explanation for my vertigo. I was placed on many medications with
no relief.

My mother found on the net that aspartame caused vertigo. I stopped using
it right then and within a few days the dizziness stopped but will come
back with a vengeance if I even accidentally get a stick of gum with
aspartame, I get so dizzy it is like I am drunk.

I feel my equilibrium is permanently damaged because of it. Before I could
watch TV and enjoy a movie. Now, I can’t because the movements make me
motion sick. My whole family has had reactions to this poison aspartame.
My Father loses his memory, My sister get hives on her tongue, My aunt
went deaf until she stopped drinking diet coke, and my mother has
memory loss & hives from it. I tell everyone that it is a toxin and to
please not drink it, but sadly most don’t listen.


Sent: Friday, October 08, 2004 4:51 PM

Aspartame’s deadly effects are most certainly true.  I am living proof, that if
I had not heard about Aspartame 8 years ago and discontinued its use, I would have
been dead by now.  I used to drink diet soda’s about 4-6 cans a day, and used all
diet products because at 120 lbs. I thought I was fat. (soda, gum, jello, pudding,
hot chocolate, Crystal Light, kool-aid, etc.) All diet products used aspartame for
a sweetener. Even though I was using all these “diet” products, I kept gaining weight.

I thank God daily that 8 years ago my son brought home an article sent by his science
teacher about the effects of nutra-sweet.  At that time, I was experiencing many of
the symptoms described in the article, heart palpitations, dizziness, brain fog,
memory loss, extreme fatigue, depression, blurred vision, muscle soreness, and worst
of all, I had a large mass in one of my breasts (my breast had become very deformed,
sore and so much larger than the other that I couldn’t even find a bra to fit).
I had a biopsy done and it was not cancerous, so I was supposed to go back for a
re-check in 6 mo. (I did not go back in till 18 mo. because of fear).  During that
time, I got rid of everything that contained Nutra-Sweet, started drinking mostly
purified water and some coffee or tea).  I worked at drinking a lot of water daily
to try to flush my system out.  What I had done in those 18 months seemed to work
because when I had the re-check done, the mass was gone!  The heart palpitations
were gone too.  The doctor and radiologist said whatever I was doing, to keep it up.
They were amazed that a mass that size could go away on its own.

Today I am 47 years old and I believe that I still suffer from depression, fibromyalgia
and I have recently been diagnosed with thyroiditis, because of my diet soda intake
and other diet product usage from years earlier.  But, I know that Doctors will
never admit my problems are caused from aspartame poisoning.  Not when Monsanto keeps
donating huge sums of money to the American Medical Association.  The doctors will keep
their mouths shut, at the expense of us!  They’re some doctors that are speaking out
against aspartame, but they are few.  I am one of an ever-growing number who have
educated themselves on diet and nutrition because I choose to live!  I will not
sacrifice my health or life for a Diet Pepsi!

I would like to see this TOXIC DRUG removed from the human food chain.   And if
possible, I would like to be a part of the law-suit against Monsanto.


Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2004 4:56 PM
Subject: My Experience with Aspartame

During the past few years I became somewhat “addicted” to Breath-Saver mints. I typically
ate 4 or 5 a day, and bought big packages of them at Costco. I also drank four or five diet pepsis a week.
Symptoms came on gradually, and I never made the connection to Aspartame. They included attacks
of gastritis, extremely painful episodes that woke me up at night. Doctor prescribed Prevacid which
helped, but I had never before had such painful stomach troubles. I am 53 years old.

I also seemed to suffer more from headaches, depression, and fatigue.

About a year ago I began having severe joint and tendon pain in my shoulder. Popping and grating
sensation whenever I moved my arm in certain ways. Went to physical therapy, didn’t help.
Had MRI which showed tendonitis but no joint deterioration. I became unable to sleep on my
right side. Chiropractor could not help. Cortisone shots did not help. I work at a desk, and some
days were so bad I could hardly function. Took lots of Advil. Certain activities such as bicycle
riding and running aggravated the pain and I had to stop doing them.

A couple months ago I somehow began to wonder about aspartame and researched it on the
internet, and quickly found your informative website. After reading many of the articles you
have posted, as well as other people’s experiences, I decided to completely stop my aspartame
consumption. It has had amazing results after fairly short time.

My shoulder pain is 90% abated, hardly noticeable now. I stopped having gastritis attacks.
Other symptoms have improved.

I am convinced I was being poisoned by aspartame. I do not pretend to understand the
physiology of how it was affecting my shoulder, but if aspartame did not cause the condition,
it apparently made it much worse.

My chiropractor was very interested in my experience, and is mentioning it to many of his
other patients. He finds my recovery fairly remarkable.

Thank you for your good work in informing the public about this harmful product.


Sent: Wednesday, May 18, 2005 11:11 AM
Subject: Aspartame

Last year, I had been drinking Diet Coke constantly in a new job that I started last May, …breakfast,
mid-day, evening…probably 4-6 cans a day. Then I decided I liked coffee and started drinking coffee with
Equal (aspartame) in it. Sometime in September I began being very dizzy when I woke up in the morning.
A few weeks later, it progressed to the point that I was dizzy most of every day and it became severe
whenever I would lie down. I went to see an Ear Nose & Throat doctor and went through many tests. Nothing
could be found to cause the dizziness. He prescribed valium and a fluid reduction pill. I never took the Valium…
dizziness continued…rolling over in the bed caused violent dizziness…and resultant nausea. Shortly after the
doctor’s visit, I had a friend tell me to just try cutting out all aspartame for a while. I had my last Diet Coke/coffee
with Equal on a Wednesday…it took until Sunday before it was out of my system, but on Sunday I woke up and
was not dizzy at all and have not been dizzy since. I think that the HOT coffee broke down the aspartame into
methanol and was the final toxic blow. No artificial %$#% is going into my system any more (as much as I can help it).


Sent: Sunday, August 15, 2004 2:09 PM
Subject: Aspartame caused problems

I am glad that I found this site and have been reading through most of the case histories.
Artificial sweetener have caused so many problems for me I don’t even know where to begin.
I started out by using Aspartame in my coffee. I used to drink 5-6 cups of coffee and drank
3 tablets in each cup. I kicked my coffee habit later on but started drinking artificialy sweetened
carbonated drinks. Approximately 6 – 8 cups a day. I also ate yoghurt with aspartame in and
other products like sugar free chewing gum. I suffered from imbalance in my hormones which
could not be explained. I just later on accepted that it will never change. I started having frequent
infections which could not be cured by antibiotics. I suffered from very bad depression. I also gained
a lot of weight which I just could not get rid of and I suffered from all kinds of cravings, specially
sweet cravings. I used to crave sweets so much that I felt like I was going insane untill I ate 2 – 3 bars
of chocolate or Ice cream. I was tired all the time and had frequent mood swings. I also got blurred
speech at times and was unable to concentrate.

My husband told me that my weight problem was caused by the artificial sweetener and I did not want to
believe him. Finally I decided just to prove a point that he is wrong I will stop using artificial sweetener.
My whole life changed after that. I have lost 4 kilograms in the past two months. I have completely
stopped having cravings. My hormones are balanced and I’m having my preriod regularly and on time.
I have no more infections. My mental health have improved so much that I feel like a completely
different person. I will never used artificial sweetener again.


Armageddon Online – ASPARTAME (the silent killer)
02-27-2005, 07:22 PM #7
Posts: 746
i didn’t know why i was getting headaches until i started digging around.

Aspartame causes “brain lesions”. I stopped eating/drinking nutrasweeted/aspartamed products and
my spontaneous headaches stopped. Don’t imbibe it. If you don’t notice a headache, its probably too late….


Sent: Saturday, September 25, 2004 3:25 PM
Subject: aspartame poisoning

In 1998 I switched to diet coke because I am overweight. Also in 1998 I started having
bouts of Vertigo. The very first one was not severe, but lasted about a month. After the
first one, I would have bouts that were so severe I could not get out of bed. If I did, I would
throw up from the motion sickness. Last year it was so bad that I was constantly “dizzy”.
If I looked up, turned my head, laid on my left side, etc. I went to a neurologist and while
she was taking my history she asked me how much caffeine I consumed. I told her that
I drink probably a 12 pack of diet coke a day, not to mention the ones I drive through
McDonalds and get. She told me to immediately quit drinking diet coke because of the
nutrasweet and to switch to regular to ween off it completely. She was concerned about
caffeine withdrawal so she wanted me to drink regular coke so not to have the withdrawal
headache. I quit drinking the diet coke in May of 2003. From June, 2003 til now I have not
had one episode of vertigo. Today I am having a bout with it and have determined it to be
because I have been chewing alot of sugarless gum. I will now throw it all in the trash.


Sent: Friday, April 22, 2005 7:17 PM
Subject: Sucralose/Splenda


I am someone who has known about the poisonousness of aspartame all
along; being I was fortunate enough to have a chemist as a friend.  I
was dumb enough to recently ingest it for a week when starting a diet
not long ago, and suffered for it. It aggravated arthritis IN MY EYE,
along with headaches…


Sent: Friday, April 29, 2005 12:53 AM
Subject: Artifical Sweeteners

Hello! We were e-mailed some information about aspartame
this evening, and the other “artifical” sweeteners by my husbands
uncle, so we went on-line to investigate the rest of the answers
that we had questions for, needless to say, what we’ve found, is
quite hair raising , and made me so mad, I could spit rocks. When
someone is told by our tv ads,or a personal friend, that there is
one sweetener that is better then the other one, you start using it,
because you really want to believe it, main reason is that there isn’t
a PH.D around that would tell you anything different, just that my
blood sugar is high, my ears ring, my joints ache, I get dizzy quite
often, I have mood swings, I get heart palpitations that just almost
take my breath away, & that I retain water, but the Dr. says I’m “normal???”
& I am given no other answer, except if they think that a pill can fix it,
they are right there to give you a prescription for it, they smile, and get rich!!

As of tonight, we went through our cupboards, and pantry, and poured
out all of our “diet drinks”, and everything in the frig. that had any type of
artifical sweetener in it, and we were really shocked to find out how much
junk stuff, that even is in yogurt, not all of the yogurt, just some of it,that
we had to throw out. I will let you know how long it takes for me to feel like
I’m back to normal, or just about, because I used to have a lot more energy,
I didn’t have blurred vision before, & I just had my eyes check not too long ago.
We thank you for your fantastic articals, and all of the other information we
found, and have learned a lot from them. If it isn’t organic,or when we read
the ingred.label & it has an artifical food color, or sweetener in it, we will
not buy it. We don’t get addicted to a soft drink; we just will make sure it
won’t kill us, or make us feel like we are almost dead. We have a family
member that is dieing from brain cancer, and I don’t know if it was the
diet drinks or not, but we aren’t taking any chances, we like life, we’ve
been educated real fast, and will always remember. Thank You

[Below is a response after 2 weeks of aspartame detox.]

Sent: Friday, May 13, 2005 8:30 AM
To: Mark D. Gold
Subject: Fwd: RE: Artifical Sweeteners

Good Morning Mark!! This is xxxxxx xxxxxx: I would like to tell you
that so far, I am feeling quite good!! my right wrist is even getting better,
no dizziness, which I think is great !!! I even seem to have more energy also,
I’m not getting as tired so easy, no hot flashes either.. When I want to
sweeten something, I use either orange blossom honey, or evaporated cane juice,
which we buy at our local health food store. I hope you have a great day !


Sent: Friday, August 13, 2004 2:12 AM
Subject: Appalled that so many are still suffering because of this poison!

Dear Mark,

My list of health problems grew longer and longer over the course of drinking diet sodas for 15 years.
Never did I imagine it was all related to the diet sodas. I have been very angry since this discovery, as
I still have severe memory loss – at times struggling for words just to finish a sentence. I had severe
insomnia for years. I experienced the spots, floaters and chronic fatique, tingling in my hands,
eating binges, and headaches with blind attacks. Toward the end I was having severe muscle spasms/contractions
in my legs constantly – I thought I was going to reach the point of not being able to walk at all. Fortunately,
my mother had received an email with a list of the negative reactions caused by the consumption of
aspartame/sucrolose. I immediately stopped all use of any fake sugars. All of the symptoms I have listed
above eventually went away, with the exception of, as I stated earlier the memory loss. It is very embarrasing
and I work hard at hiding this problem from my friends, family and colleagues – I know there are times my
husband genuinely worries and is perplexed by the memory loss. He, as well as many others think I am crazy
when I tell them the cause. I discovered this 6 years ago and am appalled that so many others are still suffering
because of this poison. I want to thank you for your efforts in educating the public – you are doing a great service!


Sent: Saturday, September 18, 2004 6:20 PM
Subject: poison



Sent: Monday, October 18, 2004 10:50 AM
Subject: my Nutrasweet story

About 5yrs ago, I was buying Nutrasweet at Costco in the box of 500s and using it
like crazy in coffee and iced tea. I also drank alot of diet pepsi. I started to have
memory problems and work and my boss threatened to fire me for being too slow.
I would get lost driving in my own city doing errands. I forgot to pay the mortgage
twice and left a gas stove going all day.

I saw my doctor and he sent me for a CT brain scan and they found nothing wrong.
Soon after the test I read in Prevention magazine that Nutrasweet can cause
short term memory loss.

That next morning I used no Nutrasweet in my coffee and noticed a huge difference!
I wasnt foggy headed and could think so much clearer! So now I use Stevia in my
coffee… xxxxx


Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2004 12:00 AM
Subject: Aspartame

Several months ago I started a diet, it was wonderful and I lost 25 lb. The book
that help me with this diet told me not to drink any soft drink with Aspartame, but
since I needed something sweet, I figured out that it was OK. After 3 months of
dinking soft drinks with Aspartame I started to feel very tired, my muscles hurt
a lot and I was very stressed. The funny thing was that I was very tired during the
summer, and, since I am a teacher, I do not work in the summer. Why was I tired
and stress out? Why was my neck very tense and my legs hurt?

I got an email from my brother in Mexico about Aspartame, I read all the symptoms that
Aspartame cause according with this letter and I realized that I was suffering from
intoxication caused by Aspartame. I decided not to take Aspartame anymore. Now I am
feeling a lot better. I believe Aspartame was intoxicating me.


Sent: Sunday, August 22, 2004 7:18 PM

I was reading your toxicity reports on Aspartame and was grateful someone out there is informing
the public about this harmful chemical. As a child I had many side effects associated to this chemical.
Headaches, Dizziness, Fatigue. I was taught never to eat it no matter what the circumstances. I have
found many new chemical names on “Sugar-Free” products over the years and try to avoid “Sugar-Free”
anything due to my reactions and knowledge of chemicals including Saccrin and Aspartame (NutraSweet).
I am curious if you have noticed Phenylalanine which from my research is just another name for aspartame
that has been used in “Sugar-Free” candies, gums, and even Fitness Supplements. Check out this link

Thought you should probably add that to your list since they are one and the same and this stuff is nasty.
Brain Damage is not something we need our country to have a high dose of.
I want to thank you again for keeping this info on the Web


Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 2:56 AM
Subject: Aspartame Poisoning

This letter is in response to your requests for information regarding my
symptoms to what I believe is Aspartame poisoning. My symptoms first began
in early 2003. In late 2002, I began to gain weight. My diet included
approximately 8 liters of Pepsi per week. As part of a strategy to combat
this weight gain, I switched from regular Pepsi to Diet Pepsi around the end of 2002.
Soon after, I began to notice my feet felt unusually cold at night.

This progressed until I was soon too uncomfortable to sleep at night without
wearing socks. By late February 2004, a second symptom arose. At this time,
I began to notice that my left eye would become numb and unresponsive whenever
I would relax or prepare to go to sleep. This partial paralysis was upsetting
to me, and I soon began to consult eye doctors. Several months and three eye
doctors later, I was referred to a general MD. This MD’s office diagnosed me
as most likely having MS. This precipitated a number of expensive tests for
MS at a local hospital. These tested included a CAT scan, an MRI, and various
blood work. All came back as negative for MS.

At this point I was frustrated with paying for expensive tests and consulting
lots of doctors who seemed to have no idea what was wrong with me. I stopped
seeing any doctor at all. My symptoms slowly, but undramaticaly, progressed.
By early Summer of 2004, however, a new symptom arose. At this time, I began
experiencing tremors. At first I simply had strange feelings at time. Soon,
however, I noticed visible shaking. This occurred mainly when I was relaxed
or waking up in the morning. This shaking quickly progressed over the span of
2 or 3 weeks to the point that considerable shaking and even facial spasms
were waking me up in the morning.

I told a friend about my situation and how I didn’t have the time and money to
be wasting on doctors who couldn’t tell what was wrong with me. I was scarred
however, and announced my intention to start seeing more medical professionals.
My friend commented that I might be a victim of Aspartame poisoning, and that
I should stop drinking Diet Pepsi. I took his advice. Within a few days,
my symptoms of a year and a half were noticeably better. Within a month,
all of my symptoms were gone. Following this, I unknowingly began using some other
products containing Aspartame. My symptoms began to return. After realizing that
Aspartame has many names, I ridded myself of these products as well. My symptoms
once again subsided. All of this has left no doubt in my mind that I have been a
victim of Aspartame poisoning.

I am looking to stop Aspartame use nationally and to recover my considerable expenses,
both emotionally and financially, in having to go through all of this. Please keep
me up to date on any pending class-action lawsuits.


Museum of Hoaxes
Aspartame Disease
From: Diva
Date Posted: Fri Mar 04, 2005 | 07:28 AM

As with many of you, I am a skeptic. It is difficult to make me believe something
like this. But…I will speak from my own experience. Not the tale told by a
friend of a friend, but me personally.

Up until 2 days ago I’ve been drinking Diet Coke and Diet Dr. Pepper. Probably 3 or more cans a day.
Progressively, i’ve felt worse and worse over the past several months. I also started
drinking more and more diet drinks.

My niece warned me about Aspartame. I didn’t listen and kept on drinking the Diet sodas.
My symptoms included declining eyesight, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, aches in my neck,
overpowering stress and a feeling of desparation. I did not want to get out of bed in the
morning, I could have slept all day.

Two days ago I stopped drinking the sodas. It is the first time in over a year and a half
that i’ve gone this long without a diet soda. The day after I stopped, I woke up
feeling better. This morning, it is twofold. I feel better than I have in months.
I’ve got a great energy level. I can breathe better, see more clearly, think clearly
and I hopped out of bed.

I ask myself…is this merely coincidence? There is nothing else i’ve changed in
my diet or routine. If I was hearing this from a friend then I may doubt some but
this happened to me…just this week.

The energy I feel is natural, not that of any stimulant. My attitude is that I could
conquer the world and I have my confidence back.

This experience is enough to make me never consume Aspartame again. When I see a
diet coke, it looks like a skull and crossbones to me…and I don’t miss it at all.

…just my own story…


Museum of Hoaxes
Aspartame Disease
From: xxxxxx xxxxxx
Date Posted: Fri Jul 08, 2005 | 06:05 AM

Funny how the sites that claim aspartame is harmless somewhow have more credence than
the ones that come out against it. I’ll go with my personal experience. I had
about 10 symptoms, stopped using NutraSweet, and voila! Doing much better.


Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2005 2:43 PM
Subject: Aspartame reaction

I just found this website and thought I would send you my story.
I grew up in the home of my granfather who was a diabetic. As a result to only sodas in our home were diet and
as this was back in the 70’s and early to mid 80’s they were sweetended with saccharine. I used to drink to least one to
two 12 oz. cans of diet 7-UP a day and I couldn’t stand the overly sweet taste of regular soda.

In approximately 1985 or 1986 (I believe the same year 7-UP switched to aspartame) I started experieincing debilatating
migraine headaches. These migraines would begin with me seeing little flashes of light (I believe it is called and aura) and
then such extreme pain that I could not work or even move. At the time I had also started taking oral contraceptives and my
gynecologist thought that was the problem. I promptly quit taking the contraceptves and the migraines continued daily,
usually lasting for several hours each day.

Becasue the ceasation of the contraceptives had no effect on the migraines, my gynecologist thought maybe I had a vascular
problem (his code name for an anyuersim) or a tumor. He decided it would be best that I go to a nuerologist for further testing.
Fortunalty my insurance provider required a return trip to my family doctor before going to yet another specialist and my
family doctor was a very practical man who understood that many migraines are actually reactions to food.

For the next month I was placed on an allergy diet. Basically I was allowed to eat nothing except boiled potaots or plain rice.
I was allowed no coffee, tea, wine, chocolate, cheese, and absolutatly NO SODA, diet or otherwise.

Within 4 days the migrianes stopped and I was told to add one food at a time to my diet and see what happened.
Lo and behold the only thing that triggered my migrianes was the diet 7-UP. At first it made no sense, because I had
been drinking diet 7-UP for years, and then I discovered that they had replaced the saccharine with this new so called
wonder sweetener Nutra-Sweet. I then conducted one personal experiment with Nutrasweet and that was to eat a
breathmint sweetened with it. At the time I had been given a wonderful drug called Ergostat that would stop the migraine
if taken when I had an aura. So I ate the breath mint and within 5 minutes I had an aura, took my medication and
blocked the migraine.

I have never purposefully eaten anything with Nutrasweet in it since and the only migraines I have had in the past 20+ have
occurred when I have accidentally consumed NutraSweet. I feel lucky that my family doctor had the good sense to suggest
I had an allergy or food reaction and not just ordered a battery of tests that would have found nothing. Becasue of this
I did not continue using the poison and I have sounded off to anyone who would listen about what a vile horrible product it is.


Sent: Friday, August 20, 2004 11:06 PM
Subject: Aspartame Toxicity Information

My mother and I always drank diet everything, so when aspartame took over,
we had no choice.  Two years later, my mom began having grand mal seizures
(and I developed migraines).  They did all the tests, and found nothing wrong.
We had heard about a connection between aspartame and seizures, so we stopped
using aspartame.  After a year of being seizure free, a friend gave my mom diet
soda in a glass.  That night she had another seizure.  That was it.  Aspartame
was banned in my house.

Fast forward to two years ago.  My husband, myself, and my two sons were on our
way to my sister’s house for Christmas.  Half way there, my 9 year old starts
seizing.  A grand mal.  Take him to the hospital, they find nothing wrong.
I found out the day before, he had consumed 10 diet sodas at his friend’s house.
It scared everyone so bad that now they listen to me when I tell them not to use


Subject: Migraines and Dizziness
Date: 07:36 PM 8/2/2005,

Hello, as one of the new members Betty is refering to, i thought I
would introduce myself.  I’m Jennifer.  I began suffering from dizzy
spells in elementary school.  Doctors did test after test to no avail.
At 12, I began to suffer from crippling migraines as well.  I totally
cut aspartame out of my diet at 16.  You should understand that prior
to this, the only aspartame I had may have been a piece of sugar free
candy or gum.  I had only consumed one diet beverage outside of
possibly a sip of someone elses.  I bring this up to point out that a
toxicity level for is ridiculous.  Any level is too much.  I am 26 now.
I still suffer from migraines, but the frequency and intensity has
decreased dramatically.  I haven’t had a bad one in more than a month.
At sixteen, I got them at least once a week and they were bad enough
that I would black out.  I’ve been trying to convince everyone I care
about for years that the stuff is dangerous.  There are campaigns
everywhere telling us how horrible tobacco is and yet it looks like
some kind of vitamin supplement when compared with aspartame.  More
people need to know.


xxxxxxxxxx : Better Body Basics Forums
All Forums: Off Topic – 09/17/2004 :  09:28:02 AM
Subject: Can Nutra Sweet cause bladder infections?

I also know people to have been personally effected by those poisons, me being one.

I got a positive for Auto Immune disorder last year on my blood test. I stopped
drinking diet coke and chewing diet gum and things got better. I also noticed a
difference in my memory and a lot of muscle pain.


Subject: aspartame,diabetes, UK
Date: 04:09 PM 8/11/2004

Hello My name is Cindy
I am from the UK. I have a 13 year old daughter, who is diabetic so
drinks lots of sugar [free] drinks. This year she has been ill and i was told she has
chronic fatigue syndrome. But i have been hearing some bad things about
Aspartame and wondering if it could be linked to my daughters illness. At
the moment i have stopped giving anything with Aspartame in. but i am
having lots of trouble finding sugar free drinks without it so she is now
only drinking water and not happy. if you have any information on this i
would be very grateful to hear from you. I would love to see Aspartame
banned in the uk.


Sent: Thursday, August 19, 2004 5:33 PM
To: Mark Gold
Subject: RE: aspartame,diabetes, UK

Dear Mark

Thank you for you email.

My daughter Amber is already feeling much better. She has more energy and
is a lot happier. The change in her has been wonder.

I cant believe something this damaging is still allowed to be used. When
we found out Amber was diabetic we thought sugarfree was wonderful. How wrong i was.


Sent: Friday, September 03, 2004 12:24 PM
Subject: Aspartame reaction.

Some years ago I discovered that I have a highly toxic reaction to Aspartame.
I would often get headaches and dizziness after drinking a diet soda, and realized
the connection. Not considering this, I tried a liquid diet drink to help me lose weight.
The reaction was almost immediate. My breathing became labored and the dizziness
was overwhelming. I don’t remember anything after that except waking up on my
kitchen floor with my 18 month old having been left on his own for the two hours
I was unconscious. I was told that it was anaphylactic shock caused by the aspartame,
and for the remainder of my life I must carry an Epi-Pen at all times as a life saving measure.
Just recently my niece made me a cup of tea the pack of Equal she was using passed
over my cup. I woke up at three in the morning barely able to breathe.

The sensitivity to aspartame is terrifying, as it is found in so many foods as a flavor enhancer.
Now I read ALL of the ingredients, even if the list begins with “sugar.”

Dumais Brothers Take Act to Athens
Texas’ Tandem, Justin and Troy, take their talents to the men’s synchronized springboard final
Aug. 13, 2004
By Stephanie Berlin Daily Texan

AUSTIN, Texas (U-WIRE) – Two years ago at the NCAA Championships in Georgia, the entire University of Texas men’s
swimming and diving team stood on the first-place podium. Among them were Justin and Troy Dumais, two brothers
whose spectacular dives helped Texas win its ninth national title.

The two stood with their team on the podium, horns held proudly in the air.

“They were enjoying that moment as a team,” Texas men’s and women’s diving coach Matt Scoggin recalled.
“Not as brothers or individuals, but as a team. That was a great day.”

On Aug. 16, the Dumais brothers will try and reach the top podium once again, this time in Athens and, this time
around, as their own two-man team. Justin and Troy are taking their talents to the 2004 Olympics together
in the men’s synchronized springboard final.
But the rise to the top hasn’t always been easy. Justin, who had been ill since early November,
just recently became healthy enough to train for the Olympics.

“He lost his energy,” Kathy said. “Blood tests showed his thyroid was a little high, and they started treating that.
It turned out he was poisoning himself with aspartame.”

Aspartame, which can be found in everything from diet drinks to protein shakes, is a popular artificial sweetener.
Doctors found that Justin was very sensitive to the sweetener, and once he stopped using it, his health vastly improved.
©2004 Daily Texan via U-WIRE.


Sent: Sunday, September 19, 2004 7:29 PM
Subject: Aspartame

I have trouble with aspartame myself it causes me to intraoccular
migraines-I get visual disturbances but no headache-and msg also does this to me.
Needless to say, I stay away from aspartame.  I had been on Weight Watchers and was
drinking 2-3 quarts of Crystal Light per day-lemonade-and started having the
intraoccular migraines.  Now all I have to do is have about 1/2 of a cola or
yogurt with aspartame and there goes my eyes again.  I have learned my lesson,
no more aspartame for me.


Sent: Tuesday, February 10, 2004 1:51 PM

Aspartame Consumer Safety Network Questionnaire

Name__xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx______________________________ Age_36_ Sex: M___F X
Address_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    _________________________
___ Zip_xxxxxx________________ Tele xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Medical problems that you believe are caused from using aspartame:

Severe hair loss, unable to concentrate, I attend management meetings
weekly (I am an Operations Officer at a bank), I am unable to find the
proper words, have a dyslexic mouth (words actually come out backwards),
slurring of speech, feeling lethargic, in a fog, dazed, severe short-term
memory loss (must write everything down), migraines, fatigue, seeing
bright flashes of light, ringing of ears,  and my average weight has
always been around 130lbs., I eat healthy, stay away from sugar and fat,
work out frequently, and for the last three years I mysteriously gained
30lbs now weighing 150lbs. So, I’d add weight gain to the list. Numbness
of hands and feet, severe muscle cramps in feet and legs, heart palpitations,
irregular heart beats, insomnia, panic attacks, severe menstrual cramps,
excessive thirst, bloating,

Why do you believe aspartame caused these problems?

I’ve been to the doctor in the past for the heart palpitations, and stressed
feeling and they couldn’t find anything physically wrong with me. I’ve been
several times for the menstral problems and they just prescribe medications
to make it easier. I’ve had a couple of phyiscals over the last few years
and with two different doctors and they both find no indication of my feeling
so bad and anxious. After reading the side effects on your website, that
was my answer to several years worth of struggling with the fact I may have
to face the fact I may be mentally unstable.

Did the symptoms go away when you stopped using the products?

It has been three weeks now since I’ve had Diet Pepsi and I can say that my period
was almost painless this month, my short term memory is coming back.  I’m not
as fatigued as I was, I don’t feel as though I’m walking in a fog as much, it
is subsiding slowly, but, my hair is still falling out (this scares me).

Did you see a Doctor about symptoms?

Yes. she said the medical community did not see asparatame as a risk. That we
should check for hormone levels. Did Doctor think it related to aspartame?
She said the medical community did not see asparatame as a risk. That we should
check for hormone levels. I asked her about the formaldehyde levels and she
said that our bodies metabolize it.  She’s one of them…..

Did you report your symptoms to the FDA (Food & Drug Admin.) or any other group?


What specific products(s) containing aspartame were you consuming when you experienced these symptoms?

Diet Pepsi

On the average, what quantity were you consuming (how often, how much each time, etc.):

I would consume 3-6 cans per day. On the weekends, I could go through a whole two liter
in one day without any problem. I was craving that stuff.  How long had you been
consuming these products before you experienced the symptoms? I started consuming
Diet Pepsi when I was about 19 or 20. The symptoms didn’t start until I was about
24 or 25. That I could tell. They came on so slowly until they all came to a head
all at once just recently and now I’m 36.

FOR THOSE CONCERNED ABOUT WEIGHT: Did you begin using products with aspartame
when you began a restricted calorie diet?

I always used lite pancake syrup. Aunt Jemima light or Hungry Jack Light. Besides
chewing gum…Extra.

Did you use aspartame products only for some of your meals to save calories?


Did aspartame seem to help you lose weight at first?

I’ve never been overweight. I’ve always been healthy with a good BMI.

What were the long term weight loss effects of using aspartame.

It seems that over the past 3 years I’ve gained 20 pounds slowly and it’s
stabled at 150. I couldn’t seem to lose it. We’ll see what happens now that
I’m off Diet Pepsi for good.


Sent: Tuesday, September 07, 2004 8:45 AM
Subject: RE: aspartame


Thank you for your e-mail. I just want you to know I feel like a different person now.
I have detoxed my system with vitamins and French green clay (I read
Dr. Janet Starr-Hull’s Detox book). I have found that I am a morning person.
It’s unbelievable. No more fog, no more depression or anxiety. I get out of
bed feeling good in the morning, not like I have a hangover and sluggish.

Out of all the symptoms I listed below, the only ones remaining are: My hair is
still thinning, but not as bad. It is improving with the vitamins. I was depleted
in selenium. I’ve lost 10 pounds, I think a lot of it was bloat. My shoes are all
too big for my feet and I can actually see my ankles for the first time in years.
I feel great.

I had Jell-O at a reception not too long ago and later that day I had
heart palpitations, my feet were cramping, and I felt awful all night.
I found the Jell-O was sugar free. I avoid the stuff like the plague and I
have to ground my 15 yr old son for chewing juicy fruit! Not smoking or doing
drugs or anything bad like that, but for chewing gum that is not sugar free
but contains aspartame. Too sad!

Short term memory has dramatically improved. I am getting better at finding words,
but would like to see more improvement in that area. I’m sure with time and
continued supplements I will improve.


By: Nutrition Counselor and Fitness Consultant
Subject: Engineered Foods:  Are meal replacement products good for you?

I can also speak on a personal level about aspartame. Once I weaned myself from it,
which took six months, my lingering depression vanished. My short-term memory
drastically improved.


The Wendy Williams Experience Forum Index  -> Wendy Williams Experience Public Forum
Posted: Fri May 27, 2005 11:17 am


Over the past week, I have been detoxing from serious toxic posining from the Aspatame
in Diet Soda. I was drinking Caffeine Free Diet Pepsi 2-3 times a day for 3 weeks and
I had the following symptoms:

Blurry vision, left side of face hurting, burning traveling mass moving from left side
of upper back to left brest and chest area, pinching and feeling like something is
crawling under the skin in my legs, ankles, feet and the back of my arms,
increased cellulite on thighs, weight gain, lower back pain and spinal acheyness.
All of these symptoms happend to me over a 3 week period and I think I had an
extreme reaction because I never drunk diet soda before in my life. The scariest thing
was when I felt something moving up my spinal cord and then blow up and burst like a
bubble in the back of my neck then all I felt was heat traveling to the bottom of my

I went to the dentist, OB/GYN and the my PCP and they all found nothing! My PCP tried
to tell me that it was “all in my head” so I took my life into my own hands and thought
about everything I had eaten in the past few weeks. The only thing new and different
was those damn Diet Pepsi’s. So I went on-line and began to do research on the
dangers of Diet Soda.

Basically I found out that when the Aspatame (artificial sweetner) hits your body and
the temparature is greater then 86.7 degrees, it changes its composition to FORMIC ACID.
Formic Acid is what FIRE ANT’S VENOM is. It further breaks it down into Fermeldahyde.
Isn’t that a chemical they use in removing paint or preserving dead bodies at funerals?
I can’t remember? But this is crazy. And all of this effects the nervous system in a
toxic way, which is why I was feeling the pinches and burning etc. There are dozens of
websites that give you the symptoms of Aspatame poisining and the ones I described
above are just a few. Some people have reported tumors in the neck, breast, and BRAIN.

I went to have a colonic on Monday and as I laid on the table on my back, there was
so much acid raising to my throat that there was a smokey fog coming out of my mouth.
I was forced to lay on my side and cough it out. Fortunately, I am into a lot of
herbal things and I now a Medicine man in harlem from Ghana. I went to see him on
Wedensday evening and began doing what he told me and talking the things he

I want everybody to know, especially women because we get brain washed by commercials
and what other women do to loose weight. Diet Sodas make you fatter and crave more
carbohydrates. I know I felt something going on with my ovary, so if you are a women,
and having issues with fertility, mensturation etc, look at your diet and see if it is
due to some product you are consuming that contains this deadly poison.

I still feel little pulses going on, but I feel much better then I did last week
My medicine man friend saved my life again. The first time was when I caught Malaria
when I came from Africa in 1999. (And you know, there is no cure for Malaria). So,
love yourself and tell everyone to stop drinking poison diet soda!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and this is what he told me to do:

cucumbers/yellow and green squash
raw spinich

You have to see him for the liquid minerals.
1 cup of 2 bottles every morning.
1 teapoon of choraphyll 3x’s a day.
1 teaspoon of apple cycle vinger 2x’s a day.
1 cup of Daily Detox Tea (apple/Cinnamon) 2x’s a day
Put ground Flax Seeds in everything I eat.
And drink 2 gallons of distilled water a day.

1 green/yellow apple
1 stalk of celery
1 beet root
1 bunch of parsley
(alternate) ginger/garlic 1 3 inch slice

Maybe this is why everyone is getting cancer. My father has Prostate and Colon Cancer
and he was a Equal addict forever!!!! My mother died 5 years ago of Cardiac issues and
she was addicted to Sugar-Free Jello (which has artifical sweetner in it) before she
passed, one day, she just stopped walking. That’s what it was. It all makes scense now.


As other people post, I will post the URL’s so you can go to the websites for more
detailed information if you still don’t believe that this stuff is poison.



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coca cola/soft drink, drinkers, chewing gum chewers, read this for better health
25th March 2005, 12:20 PM
frobisher’s Avatar
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ASPARTAME = poison. Worried about the amount of sugar I was consuming I switched
to Lite/Max sugar free type colas. Within an hour of drinking a can of Pepsi Max
I would get a headache, took me a while to work out what was causing them.
Blaming VDU screen, to much weed the night b4, etc. Feel so much better for
ditching anything with aspartame in. Water is the way forward . . .


Sent: Thursday, September 09, 2004 2:15 PM
Subject: Aspartame

It is amazing how many of the symptoms mentioned on your website I can relate to,
memory loss, floaters, chronic fatigue, dizziness, numbness, depression. Up until
July 2004, I had been consuming Aspartame products for 20 years (I’m 36 now),
pop, yogurt, gum, you name it. It was only when I started waking up at night with my
legs and arms numb feeling completely paralysis, did I realize something needed to
be done. I had been to the Dr.s complaining about some gradual numbness in my limbs,
she ran a gamut of tests with no visible results, but prescribed me a arthritis type
medication for relief anyways. Only when the medication provided no relief and the
Dr. had ran out of test, I turned to the web and started doing my own research and
was astonished at the amount people complaining about similar symptoms and relating
them all to Aspartame poisoning.

Within a few weeks of totally eliminating Aspartame from my diet the numbness in my
limbs went away, but I still have frequent severe headaches, memory loss and
occasional dizziness.

Why is it Dr.’s don’t ask or mention the possibility of Aspartame consumption? And with
all of this compounding information related to Aspartame poisoning, how can this product
still be on the market?


Sent: Friday, November 12, 2004 10:21 PM
Subject: Breastfeeding

Dear Mark,

I may have missed it, but I have not seen anything on the web so far about NutraSweet
inhibiting breastmilk production. Only my sister and I have noticed that drinking diet
drinks while breastfeeding decreases milk supply, almost immediately. Within the same day
of drinking more than one diet drink, our milk supply will go down. If you know of sources
on the web that talk about this and if you have time, please e-mail the link to me.
If not, please get something going. I am passionate about breastfeeding and I meet mother
after mother who “didn’t make enough milk” despite having done the usual things to increase
milk production. I myself had problems once I started drinking diet drinks, but found that
the elimination of NutraSweet or other artificial sweeteners almost immediately brought
milk production back up to what it was before.


Subject: Personal Aspartame Story – Seizures
Date: 12:31 PM 8/30/2004


I’ve sent this in before but I’m not sure that I sent it to this site
or to you. My daughter, Xxxxxxxx, had Petit Mal or absence seizure from
the time she was about 3. Another child born to her aunt had seizure
from birth. Xxxxxxxx’s seizures, and her cousin’s seizures, were
controlled with medication until Xxxxxxxx was about 12 or 13. By that
time she had begun to have a Grand Mal seizure per month in conjuction
with her menstrual cycle.

Gradually she started having more and more Grand Mal seizures, Petit
Mal seizure, complex partial seizures, seizures of every kind. This was
just about the time products with Nutrasweet were released into the
market. Being a teen-aged girl, naturally she watched her weight, as
did I, and we both drank only diet soft-drinks. By the time Xxxxxxxx
was 17, she was having between 150 and 200 seizures in a 24-hour day.
She had a partial right-frontal lobotomy at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
hospital to remove the focal point of the seizures and,
hopefully, control them. Her doctor, Dr. Michael S., said the
portion of her brain that they removed didn’t even have obvious grooves
any longer due to the number and strength of the seizure she’d been
having for so long.

To our dismay, the surgery did not stop the seizures. It did slow them
down initially. Then we watched as they began to escalate again. During
all this time, she continued to use products with Nutrasweet. We had no
idea of any connection. Finally, when she was about 20, she entered the
drug trials for Lamictal. For the first time, she was taking a drug
that offered some seizure control without sedating her. (She’d been
taking 185 mg of phenobarbitol per day WITH 700 mg of dilantin.) When I
asked her doctor how this medication was different than the rest in
it’s mechanism, he just told me I wouldn’t understand. By this time the
internet was now generally available, so I looked the drug up there. I
found that among other things the drug prevented the uptake of
ASPARTATE, which is the metabolized form of aspartic acid. I called Dr.
Smith to ask him in what way aspartate was related to Aspatame. Again
he dismissed by saying that just because the words were alike, didn’t
mean the drugs were. Well, I’m a mechanical engineer and had 4 years of
Latin language. I knew that if the names were similar there was a
reason. So I continued to research and began coming up with all of
these horrible stories. Worse yet, I found that the executives at
Searle, and subsequently at Monsanto, knew about the potential dangers,
especially to those who already had epilepsy or a genetic inclination
to it. They’ll have to stand before God one day and answer for this
evil they perpetrated, for money, against their fellow human beings.

I immediately took all products that might possibly contain Nutrasweet
away from Xxxxxxxx. Her seizures stopped that week. She remained on
Lamictal, but she was able to get off Dilantin and Phenobarb. We did
have to add Topamax to the Lamictal but she’s living a much better life
than previously.

The surgery affected her short term memory, her cognitive ability, and
her developmental functioning. She’s now 30 and she’s living in a
residential facility about 90 miles west of Chicago. It took me a long
time to let her go but she’s much happier there, more independent and
living her own life. However…before her seizures began to escalate so
drastically, she was a year ahead of her age-peers in math and reading.
She was an exceptionally bright and talented child, attending a special
school for children gifted in the arts. Now her IQ is 74 and
functionally she’s reached an age-level of about 17. We don’t know how
much farther she will progress. And it’s a huge credit to her courage,
strength of character, and personal determination that’s she’s come
this far.

I won’t say that Nutrasweet, Searle, and Monsanto ruined her life
because she’s made her life over with purpose and grace and courage. I
just can’t help but wonder what her life would have been like if she’d
never tasted the stuff. She’d have epilepsy, yes, but we would have
been able to control the seizures right from the beginning. She’d have
been able to finish high school, gone on to college, have a career, a
marriage, children, drive a car. None of this will ever be now. I’m
grateful to God that she’s accomplished what she has. I work hard not
to dwell too much on what might have been. Ultimately, we’re all in the
hands of God and I have to believe there’s a reason for what happened
to her.

Her doctor has subsequently become a believer and now tells all his
patients not to touch Nutrasweet. None of us ever should. It’s poison
for everyone. I hope you nail not just the companies, but the
executives as well. They bear a personal responsibility for their
decisions and it’s time they were made to accept that responsibility.
Based on the people who’ve died and been crippled for life, they’re
guilty of manslaughter at the least.


Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2004 11:57 AM
Subject: apartame

My experience with aspartame started about 3 years ago. As a cyclist and avid athlete I was
looking for a way to keep my weight down during the winter months when I was not riding. I started
drinking Diet Dr. Pepper because I saw it as a way to eliminate a lot of calories from my diet, as I liked
to drink pop all day. That is when I started to feel exausted all the time. At the end of the work day
I would go home and fall asleep immediately after I got home. I would sleep about 3 hours, wake up
and eat then go to bed. The next day I would wake up feeling absoulutely exausted. Like I hadn’t slept at all.
The whole school year went by and I was in a daze. I felt like a zombie and the whole day felt almost like
an out of body experience. My training that summer was aweful. My performance was poor, I had terrible
problems with body aches on my bike, and I continued to be tired all the time. After a year and a half of
living like this I read an article about some reported side effects of aspartame. I quit drinking diet pop and
within a week I was feeling a tremendous difference in the way I felt. I have no longer had any problems
with fatigue and I happy to say my bike riding is coming back into top form.

Homesteading Today > Homesteading > Homesteading Questions
A giant thanks for saving my life

03-22-2004, 09:40 PM


because I was SERIOUSLY ill and doctors didn’t have a clue. They
knew it seemed a lot like lupus, MS, fibromyalgia,
or a degenerative disease, accompanied by extreme fatigue,
memory loss, brain fog, and depression. I am not a person
who was ever depressed! Farm woman, for heaven’s sakes, too
busy to be depressed, but gradually got really, really bad.
Felt toxic, poisoned, hands tingled and went numb, could not
climb up or down stairs except at a pace rivaling my
103 year old grandma (she probably could have beat me on a flat
stretch). So after no idea from various docs, I remembered
a post a couple of years ago about the dangers of diet soda. I
was a diet Pepsi-aholic!!!!! Would have 4 to 6 of them a day!
And gaining weight with it, too. Anyway, after searching the net
for articles about diet pop, found I might have just as well gone
over to the funeral home and asked them to pour me a big glass of
formaldehyde, and then throw in some wood alcohol, and
then drank that!!!! (also NutraSweet, another name for aspartame)

Within a week of quitting completely, I was much better, and now it’s
a month later and life is so much better. I didn’t realize how
sick I was until I quit, just knew I felt totally awful and couldn’t
even remember what it ever felt like to be energetic or healthy.
For a visual methphor, those of you who know what a tractor pull is
like? I was like the tractor when they’ve piled another ton of
concrete blocks onto the sledge – slower, slower, stopped. I now tell
everyone I know to run far away from it – it’ll kill you.
And to those who think they can’t give it up, like I did (I lived for
the stuff, it got me going in the morning, perked up my day, etc.)
it is not hard at all once you realize what it has done to you.
Especially dangerous for diabetics. Go to these websites for info: or or

So THANK YOU to whoever posted about this, you are a life-saver!!!!!


Sent: Friday, December 05, 2003 1:51 PM
Subject: Nutrasweet Reaction

Dear Mr. Gold;

I came across your email address on asking about Nutrasweet reactions.
I believe this is what was happening with me. I have had some serious symptoms, sent to
numerous specialists and found nothing, the only factor that improvement my symptoms was
a pregnancy where I did not consume Nutrasweet. After nursing my baby I returned to drinking
diet soda and my symptoms came back just as before. They got so bad one night my MD thought
I was having a stroke. Do you have any information on how to definitely tell if you are having a
Nutrasweet reaction. I have vowed to never touch the stuff but my husband is a diabetic and many
sugar-free foods contain it so we are trying to avoid as many processed foods as possible for him.


Sent: Monday, September 06, 2004 3:05 PM
Subject: Re: Nutrasweet Reaction

Dear Mark,

Wow, thanks for replying. Yes, I eliminated Nutrasweet and I noticed a big improvement.
I’d say it was coincidence but the few times I have tried it thinking maybe it was coincidence
I ended up with migraines and muscle spasms so now I am convinced. My husband has not
really found anything to replace it since Nutrasweet or sucralose are the main sweeteners in
many commercial products for diabetics but he has changed his diet to reduce the amount
of artificially sweeted items. This has greatly helped his memory. In fact lately he’s remembered
things that I had forgotten. What a relief!


Sent: Monday, July 12, 2004 3:56 PM
Subject: artificial sweetener reply

Finally, I have found others who feel like I do! I had numerous
stomach problems about 8 years ago, and could not figure out the
source of it. I finally self-diagnosed that it was the artificial
sweeteners because nearly everything I consumed that was not fresh
fruits/vegetables/meat was sweetened artificially because I was

I went to the doctor, and consulted my family and friends – and no one
believed me! To this day, I’m not sure they entirely believe me. But
indeed, on my own, I figured out that when the ingredients contain
things like phenylalanene, phenylketonourics, aspartame, Nutrasweeet,
even Splenda, it makes me so sick. I get so bloated that I feel and
almost look like I’m pregnant. I feel lethargic and gross. I think
it’s akin to what lactose intolerant people experience…but worse.

Artificial sweeteners are bad news! I’m confident that sometime in the
future, this will come out. Unfortunately for now, the companies that
produce it are hand in hand with the FDA and it continues to be in so
many products you would never even suspect – like sushi rolls at
Trader Joe’s! I always have to read all the ingredients, and only shop
at stores like Whole Foods Market.

Thanks for making this information available. It is reassuring to know
there are others just like me!

Date:  Sun Aug 29, 2004  6:56 pm
Subject:  My first confirmed save!

About 3 weeks ago, I related to a co-worker (actually we work
different shifts, but cross paths often) my story of how seizures
from aspartame ruined my professional life.(I was a driver) He
confessed to me that he drank rather prodigious amounts of Diet
Croak, and, yes, he had frequent headaches and soreness in his arms
and shoulders. Thankfully, I was convincing enough to talk him into
stopping his intake, at least for 2 weeks, and let me know what
happens. I finally had my first chance to talk to him today. He
admitted the the headaches on the first two days were hellish (the
dreaded chemical withdrawals) but, thank God, he stuck it out. Now he
has no headaches or joint pain, and he thanked me profusely for
telling him about this poison. In return,I made him promise to pass
the word wherever he could.
I have to admit, as I type this, I’m on such an incredible natural
high for improving somebody’s quality of life. It definitely makes
the dozens of people I tell my horror story to well worth it!
As that old commercial says,”you tell two friends, and they’ll tell
two friends, and so on, and so on …”

P.S. Don’t forget to warn them about Neotame!


Sent: Friday, September 17, 2004 2:43 PM
Subject: Aspartame

First, I wanted to thank you for your web site and all the interesting entries.

I have had a symptom I call “floatiness”  – it’s not quite vertigo but as I walk
along all of a sudden I will feel as if I’m going up on a wave, like riding a wave
at the beach. A kind of lifting up feeling. It is specific to this product which
I no longer use.

I found your site when I wanted to look up Sucralose… now I’m afraid of it also.

I have a friend who has ended up in the hospital twice with an electrolyte imbalance
— perhaps due to diet soda pop. He has
collapsed and then recovers in about a day or two in the hospital. No one ever asked
if aspartame was the culprit.

I have also heard of someone who was terribly unfocused in thinking and talking who
was able to recover in about three months… like a different personality!


Subject: Aspartame itching
Date: 11:17 AM 8/24/2004

Over the last 4 years I have had a severe body itch with no rash, while
dieting and drinking 4-6 cans of diet soda daily, which contains
aspartame. I have spent thousands of dollars on blood tests and doctors
trying to find the cause of the itch.  I have stopped drinking all of
those beverages and other products with aspartame in them and my itch
quickly vanished.
Please do what you can to make the medical community and public aware of
the awful problems aspartame causes.


Sent: Tuesday, August 24, 2004 3:06 PM

I would just like to add to the million of other people who have suffered from the use of aspartame
that I, too had symptoms.

My sister told me to begin a carb-diet, therefore, encouraging me to drink diet sodas. I started off drinking
Diet Dr. Pepper on a Thursday. Then I bought some Diet Caffeine-Free Sierra Mist soda on Friday and
enjoyed 3 cans of the soda. Saturday, I again had 3 cans of the Sierra Mist. By Sunday, I had 2 cans and
around 7pm, I began to get a migrane headache (I get migranes and even have medication for my headaches).
I decided to go to bed instead of taking any medication – – just to sleep off the headache. By 1am, I was
thirsty and went downstairs to get a Diet Caffeine-Free Sierra Mist. I had a few swallows downstairs before
going back upstairs. As I was heading up the stairs, I became disoriented and my head hurt terribly.
My headache was back just that quick. I told my husband about my headache and laid back down to sleep
it off. By 4am, I had to run to the bathroom as I had diarrhea. Then I began to gag as if to throw-up, but
nothing would come up (I thought it was my acid-reflux flaring up). I gagged for about 5 minutes and my
stomach was burning. After that, my heart was palpitating rapidly. My husband didn’t know what to do.
I felt terribly and all I could do was call work and tell them I wouldn’t be in and tried to nurse myself
back to health. It was after 12-noon on Monday that I realize that it was the soda that had made me feel so horrible.

Likewise, they need to take this aspartame as well as acesulfame potassium off the market as soon as possible.
Just take all products made with this stuff off the market. It’s not something I’d give to a child or an elder for
fearful of death. With the headaches, diarrhea, heart palpitations and gagging, this is nothing to fool around with.
I’m just glad I didn’t drink anymore and glad my husband still has a wife … otherwise he’d be suing the pants
off the makers of this product. TAKE IT OFF THE MARKET!!!


Sent: Monday, August 30, 2004 4:34 PM
Subject: aspartame

I sufferred sudden heart arrythmia. The cause was 2 packs of nutrasweet
in my coffee 2x per day for a month.

My doctor said my heart was healthy, however 6-8 x per day my heart would
skip beats. When I stopped the nutrasweet my skipped beats went away.
I get a skipped beat once every 2 months now instead of 6-8 daily


OverTheRhine.COM — Orchard > OverTheRhine.COM > General Chatter
Subject: Starbucks Anonymous, Coffee Culture (is it culture?)
Aug 29 2004, 09:40 AM
QUOTE (DustyVolume @ Aug 29 2004, 09:08 AM)
Turns out Nutra sweet or more correctly, Aspertame, or Phenylalinine, is the culprit.
Aspertame KILLS neuron connections in your brain. Thus causing short term memory loss,
headaches, on down the line.

I don’t ever drink or eat anything that has Aspertame in it, it causes me to have migraines
and dizziness. Plus, I think it tastes terrible, anyway, I have heard that it stimulates
appetite so if you are dieting that is the last thing you want to happen.


BrainTalk Communities – Sweetener may contribute to obesity
04-08-2004, 09:28 AM
Location: England, UK

I find that a certain sweetener ( Asp******) – I do not want to be taken to court-
causes me to have cystitis, so I avoid all sweeteners when possible.


Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004 10:35:13 -0500
Subject: Re: A testimony to be shared from one of our own EPA co-workers.

I’ve been reading all these articles and I’ve started to limit my
use of Aspartame… more in my coffee and only one diet drink
a day.  The fluttering of my heart which use to occur frequently
through the day when I used Aspartame daily,sent me to a cardiologist
for numerous tests earlier this month.  Luckily, my heart is o.k.
but I was told……since I have panic attacks…..I was experiencing
one when I had chest pain and fluttering of my heart. That is not true.
I was sitting on my couch w/ my puppy watching a movie.  However,
I had drank alot of coffee w/aspartame that a.m. and was drinking
tea sweetened w/aspartame when I had chest pain and my heart began to
flutter and hurt.  Since I have limited my use of Aspartame in the last
three weeks……my heart does not flutter and I have not had
chest pain either.   Testimony – xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

xxxxx,  yes, you may  certainly share this with anyone you
wish.  I am so grateful for all the information you have
shared with me.  I hope my short declaration was clear as
I wrote it in such a hurry.  Something else I thought you
might be interested in……..I saw my Internal Medicine
physician yesterday and shared this information with him
(e.g. my limiting or stopping the use of Aspartame in my diet)
and he was amazed that my heart symptoms had disappeared.
Then he told me he had a patient that if she drank even
one diet drink or anything with Aspartame in it, she
immediately passed out within minutes of consuming the
product.   I’m a believer.  Thank you xxxxxx.  I am now spreading
the word about the dangers of Aspartame.  Have a great day.


Sent: Thursday, July 22, 2004 12:58 PM

I wrote too soon, after reading the last entry….
“Last year, my health felt like it was going down hill in general. I had abdominal pains, acid
reflux, and worse, my neck started making a “Grinding” sound when I turned it!!!

I have had the same exact symptoms for the last 4 years, I attributed my acid reflux from caffiene,
but I would comsume diet products with caffiene. When I stay away from these types of drinks I am fine.
My abdominal pains I have been experiencing lately. A burning at times accompanied with diarea.
And my neck grindes all the time. I actually can grack my neck without force, by just turning it. I feel that
if I crack it it will ease my head strain. I went to a chiropractor for it, thinking that had something to
do with my headaches.

I will stop comsuming aspartame completely. Yikes!


Sent: Tuesday, August 17, 2004 10:14 AM
Subject: Re: Aspartame

It has been three weeks since I stopped consuming aspartame products. My
memory is clearer, I do not crave food as much as I did, and I am having regular bowel


Subject: Aspartame
Date: 03:31 PM 8/9/2004

I have four children. I drank diet Coke mildly during the first
pregnancy, very heavily during the second pregnancy–no consumption of
aspartame during the last two pregnancies. I read the warning on the
side of the cans and asked my ob/gyn if aspartame was safe to consume
during pregnancy. He said yes.

My oldest has a heart condition (MVP) as well as asthma. My second
daughter has epilepsy.

I stopped using aspartame when I read a report about seizures in lab
monkeys when given aspartame.

Since I stopped using aspartame, my hair stopped falling out and I feel
better than I have for years.

My older sister also stopped drinking diet drinks. Her hair stopped
falling out and she says she also feels better healthwise.

I have contacted you in the past (some years ago) but I was just
learning about the danger of aspartame. It makes me angry to finally
realize that my family has been poisoned with the approval of the FDA.
I hope aspartame is taken off the market but when money talks, a lot of
time integrity is pushed aside.


Re: aspartame causes many problems!
Posted by xxxxxxx on July 8, 2004, at 11:38:56

In reply to Bipolar II and avoiding aspartame, posted by sac on July 8, 2004, at 9:27:50

It’s hard to say how Aspartame will affect you. After drinking the
“NEW Diet Coke” many years ago I began to feel strange. I had tremors
at times and began to feel weak when I hadn’t eaten recently. I was
diagnosed with Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) and placed on a special
diet. A year later I still had similar problems but they had worsened
(if I didn’t eat something every 2 hours I was a mess). I went to an
endocrinologist to confirm my diagnosis, he concurred. 8 years later
I went on a real diet finally giving up Diet Coke and Aspartame. Within
a week and a half ..ALL.. my symptoms disappeared. I haven’t had anything
containing Aspartame since, nor have I had those symptoms return. I drink
Coke Classic now. My advice… avoid Aspartame aka Nutra Sweet.

PS A symptom of low blood sugar can be mood swings which I also had
occasionally back then.


Bipolar II and avoiding aspartame
Posted by xxxx on July 8, 2004, at 9:27:50

After a five year struggle with what was diagnosed as Bipolar II
and various failed trials with mood stabilizers and anti-psychotics
I was finally fed up. I had read many times about aspartame causing
mood problems but I suppose I was in denial since I was a 5-6 can a
day diet coke addict. I couldn’t imagine something so seemingly benign
as aspartame could be causing my downward spiral with regard to mood
instability over the past several years. It has only been one week
since I quit ingesting aspartame and my moods are completely stable!
I am taking it one day at a time to make sure I am not jumping to
any conclusions but I really believe that this is significant.
Has anybody else experienced this?

Posted – 13/05/2004 :  22:00:03
United Kingdom
I used aspartame in large quantities for 6 years mainly in the form of
diet soft drinks, usually at least a 2 litre bottle a day of diet coke.
I recently had to stop because of dizziness and balance loss which lasted
for two weeks, when i stopped drinking diet drinks and switched to drinking
water on the suggestion of someone i met in a chatroom my balance loss and
dizziness cleared up within three days. I thought this was probably a
coincidence so about two weeks later i started drinking diet drinks again,
the next day all my previous symptoms returned. I have never touched
aspartame since.

Location: Greensboro, NC
11-27-2003, 12:59 PM

I had been using products with aspartame to help me cut down on calories and
lose weight. I had been using those products for a couple years and didn’t seem
to be having any problems. Then I started having a lot of trouble with
joint stiffness. Someone pointed me to information about aspratame and it’s
bad effects. It talked about having some effects that caused arthritis like
symptoms. I stoped using it, and after some time the stiffness went away. Not
being able to use that was disappointing ~ it was such a great help in lowering
the calories.

Subject:  Excema and dry skin patches
Posted by:  xxxxxxx
Date: Jun 24, 2004 10:08 AM
Message #6735704

Hi. I just want to post this as I think I have found a solution to the dry itchy
skin that I was having on my arms, and want to put the info out there so it might
help others. I had never had excema before, so it was really bothering me, as I know
it’s effected a lot of you out there too.

I have recently looked into aspartame, the artificial sweetener, and have found
that there are many levels of reations to it, one of which is excema and/or increased
dryness of the skin. On this note, I have cut out EVERYthing with aspartame in it:
diet sodas, lo-cal everything, and including my childrens’ Flinstone’s vitamins
(why they put it in kids vitamins I’ll never know)! Well, my dry patches are going
away, the itchiness is leaving, and the skin on my arms is getting SOFT and clear again.

The thing is, in layman’s terms, it seems that aspartame is tackled by your liver,
which works hard to handle this kind of odd molecule created by man, and then your
overworked liver doesnt handle other things as well. Your liver is directly related,
of course, to your other organs and glands, and so your thyroid can be effected
(hypo-thyroidism), which can cause you to have weight gain (even tho you’re eating
all diet foods!–Catch22)! There are tons of websites about the harms that aspartame
can do, and then one big website by the aspartame producers who say that “nothing is
proven and so leave us alone”. This topic is huge, and I dont think that I have done
it justice, but I wanted to let you all know to maybe do a little research and see if
this is for you. I’m usually not very political, but I think that this is HUGE, from
everything I’ve read, and you might want to try to cut out all products for 2-4 weeks
and see if this is for you too!

So, lol and have a great day!


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Re: 13: My Personal Experience, Healing Multiple Sclerosis

Subject:   Re: 13: My Personal Experience, Healing Multiple Sclerosis
From:   xxxxxxxx
Date:   7/16/2002 11:41:00 AM

Karlen, in 1995, I too was diagnosed with MS. My Neurologist ordered
an MRI, which came back CLEAR, which surprised everyone.

Continuing to try and convince my I had MS, my Dr. said I was one of the
5% of people whose MS does not show up on MRIs.

After my “diagnosis”, I was poking around in a junk store one day and found
an article in a 1960 issue of “Life” magazine. It was written by a Doctor,
and was about Aspartame.

I was in school that year, and the furnace was not working right so
we’d all sit in class and freeze. When school would let out, I’d go back to
the apt. and study and drink HOT COCOA, lacing it with ASPARTAME!!

I’d consume several cups over the course of the afternoon of study. SEVERAL.

When I read that article, I was just stunned. I IMMEDIATELY stopped all
ASPARTAME consumption, and my symptoms ceased. At once.

My neurologist never even asked me what I was eating/drinking. He could see
the crippling effects of MS, and that was all he looked at.

Using ASPARTAME will cause symptoms that will mimic MS, and that was what
was happening to me.

Later on, I found that the inventor of ASPARTAME was horrified to find out
that his product was being used for human consumption. He intended it for
use in anti-freeze.

I’ve since realized too, that healthy people don’t need Doctors or
Drug companies. Why should they want us healthy?



July 18th, 2004, 10:56 AM

the stuff is poisen.

it causes me RLS. I drank that stuff from the age of 16 to 40
or maybe a little older.

and too, when I did drink it, I could only drink pepsi or coke (diet)
not all the off brands. I’d get a headache in my eyes that was
horrid. nothing would help the pain till it left.

I wont touch it now.



July 18th, 2004, 03:06 PM

I also got bad headaches when I used to drink diet pepsi and my heart would beat
really hard. I heard a guy on the radio say that brain tumors have increased
6x times nutra sweet came on the market, but scientists were trying to blame it
on cell phones. He said that a lot of these tumors were in children who didn’t
use cell phones.

This guy also said if you feed your kids more than 2 hotdogs a week it puts them
at a larger risk for leukemia… FYI…


From: Bob []
Sent: Friday, April 23, 2004 10:16 PM
Subject: I need to submit this to you..

I’m a 36 year old male, that has been in very very good health my entire life. About 2
years ago I started using Aspartame quite regularly, and ever increasing my usage of it.
Drinking in upwards of 5+ cans of diet soda per day.

Last year, my health felt like it was going down hill in general. I had abdominal pains, acid
reflux, and worse, my neck started making a “Grinding” sound when I turned it!!! Doctor after
doctor examined me, did batteries of tests, and found nothing wrong. I had a CAT Scan of my
abdominal region, and nothing was found. Blood work was all normal. I went to 3 different
chiropractors about my neck for a period of time, and nothing helped!
Then my mom, convinced me to stop using Aspartame, that it might be causing my health issues,
so I quit using it cold turkey about 2+ months ago, and i’m writing you today, to tell you that
*ALL* of my chronic problems are gone.. The neck grind is gone, acid reflux is gone, and i’ve not
had the chronic abdominal pains for several weeks – thats the first time i’ve not had the pain for more than a DAY…

I feel I was poisoned by it, and my body is finally recovered from it, at least symptom wise.
I’m unsure of the long term effects this will have on my body, but its clear I was POISONED by it,
and i’m *NOT* a happy camper right now. How would YOU feel if something thats supposed to
be safe, is poisoning your body? I feel as if someone tried to murder me, thats how angry this makes me.

GET OFF ASPARTAME NOW if you have *ANY* health problems and use it. I’m convinced, it worked
for me, now i’m mostly recovered I think, and lets hope nothing long term comes of this.
PS: I ran across this website because I wanted to see if there was anyone else that found out they
were being poisoned, and i’m shocked at the amount of people that are posting here!


To: <>
Subject: [Aspartame Support] (unknown)
Date: Tuesday, July 13, 2004 11:41 AM

I am a newcommer.  My name is Mike G and I am an aspartameaholic.
I am amazed that I am still alive.  I have been all over the web latley
and am greatful for the help that I have received. My eyes are now open.

I have been on ASP since the beginning.  I started
drinking diet coke and pepesi in the late 70’s and continued up until
July 4th 2004.  I was a teenager when I started to drink diet soda because
the regular soda made my face break out in pimples. I never drank it for
the diet effects. I have always been slim but acquired a taste for it
over the years.  I am currently 41 years of age.  I figure I have been
poisened for over 21 years.

My unexplained medical problems began in the mid 80’s.  I was
hospitalized for urinary retention, neurological problems,
Heart Pains and as things progressed into the mid 90’s I was seen
for psychological problems. Neurologists,Urologists and general
practicioners could never explain the problems I was uncountering.
They said it was stress related. I thought it was brain damage.  I had
multiple MRIs, EEGs, EkGs, CT Scans, kidney probes, spinal taps and
many other various tests with no explaination other than “it is
stress related.”   Psychistrists told me I sufferd from Chronic
Generalized Anxiety/Panic Disorder and depression.  I sure as hell did,
because I was now drinking diet code and pepsi by the case.

What is worse is by the late 90’s I aquired a taste for warm diet cola
and started drinking my coffee with flavored creamer and equal. I kept
diet soda in my car, garage and under my desk at work year round and
took it everywhere I went.  I estimate my average intake of caffine
free diet soda was 128 ounces a day (I drank 32 ounce plastic
bottles) plus 4 to 10 cups of decaf coffee a day. I gave up caffine
in the mid 90 because I thought it was part of the problem and it did
exagerate my anxiety, panic and phobias. I drank more coffee in the
cooler months and more diet soda in the warmer months.

I have lived in Virginia Beach since 2000 and lived in San Diego for
the most part of my adult life. I do not feel like I have had much of
an adult life because I have been in a deep depression riddled with panic
and anxiety for a large part of it. I cannot even drive my auto on the
highway because of phobias.  I just wanted to feel normal, ever since
I can remember.  I have also had many medical problems that could not
be explained.  I lost almost all faith in doctors.

I did however manage to strengthen my relationship with
God.  I prayed last Monday morning (July 5th) for God to lead me to the
cause of my unexplained problems. I assume He decided to
answer “Yes.”   I was on the internet looking at Panic Disorder sites
and saw a link for Aspartame.

I had no idea what it was, but I clicked on it and was amazed by the FDA
list of symptoms.  Never before had I come across a complete list of my
symptoms.  Any diagnose made by a doctor only covered part of my symptoms.
I was amazed to say the least.

I started the 60 day free program straight away.
It has only been 8 days now and I am convinced that aspartame
was pickling my brain.  Every single symptom I have has disapeared
or is greatly reduced.  I can see light at the end of the tunnel and
hope I can drive again on the highway soon, its just a mental thing
now, not a chemical thing.

No muscle cramps, no restless legs, no
insomnia, no heart pains, no panic attacks, no urinary tract problems,
no confusion, increaded memory, reduced anxiety, reduced tingling and
numbness in my head, reduced depression and that is just to name a few.
It is like never before, I feel great!

I have many mixed emotion about the state of the government and the health
of the nation. Why is everyone so blind….I know it comes down to power
and money, but how could you live with yourself…..this is like dropping a
NUKE on your own people.

I am still learning and have my eyes and ears open.  I do not like to take
injustices laying down, but It all seems so hopeless.  Guess I will stick
around and see what happens.


Sent: Jul 24, 2004 10:11 AM
Subject: comment on aspartame

Dear editor,

The report on aspartame confirm the whole story of chronic
problems  occurring with a great amount of users of this food additive.

In our clinic we registered over one hundred cases of serious
problems, including convulsive fits, migraine, insomnia, loss of
weight ,  weight gain, loss of vision.

The findings confirm  entirely the  clinical observations of
H.J.Roberts, MD, author of the book Aspartame, is it safe?

Best regards,


Subject: Re: [Aspartame Support] Aspartame and blood clot question?   Pseudotumor cerebri
Date: 03:58 PM 7/25/2004

Because I believe that the DVT (blood clot) I have was caused by the
Aspartame use!

I developed a clot in October of 2003 and was taking Aspartame till
April 23, 2004 and as of
now I still have some edema on my left leg. I also believe that the
Aspartame kept me from healing properly. Normally should heal from a blood
clot in six months for me it’s been 9 months now, but its getting better.

Also as of last week I virtually off Dimox medication to control my
head pressure for Pseudotumor Cerebri or Fake Tumor, and I feel great finally!

I use to take up to 1000 mg’s (about 4 tablets) a day of Dimox! I have
been tapering off it! I at about 60 mg’s (about a 1/4 of a tablet) a day!

I’m going to stop taking it some time this week. God willing I be OK!!
The only thing that is bothering me is the edema I have on my leg. And soon
that will be gone, god willing.

All my Pseudotumor Cerebri symptoms are virtually gone just minor soreness
here and there that does not compare to the worst pain I ever felt with
headaches, vision problems, dizziness, heartburn, IBS, depression, ringing
in the ears, heart palpitations, anxiety attacks, and so on, all gone!!!

Thank you for your help.

I keep you posted on my PTC (Pseudotumor Cerebri) I think I never had
it was only Aspartame disease!!!! PTC has a lot of the symptoms of Aspartame
disease, and a lot of doctors are not informed of what Aspartame can do to
people, they just missed it with me.


Sent: Monday, February 16, 2004 5:17 PM
Subject: ex- aspartame user

Hi, just want to let you know that I drank diet soda(pepsi) for years, and
had headaches for years, assuming they were allergies and migraines with
no real cause for concern, I would just pop some motrins and be fine…until
I started having tingling in my arms and severe pain grew from that in my left
arm to the point that I could not steer my car with it, I could only hold it in my
lap and every position hurt.I also had severe memory problems and lightheadedness.
I just wanted to cry. I had tests also, I had an MRI, with negative results for MS,
which they thought was a possibility with my memory problems and the Vertigo(dizziness)
which came and went. I decided to quit drinking Diet Pepsi because I had heard that it
can cause such problems and I started feeling much better in less than a month…My arms
took several months before they felt normal again and now I can’t stand the taste of diet
sodas and if I drink even a small amount, I get a headache. So, to all my former docors
who would look at me as though there was nothing really wrong and it was in my head,
THANKS for nothing! And there was one who thought I might be RIGHT in my assumption
that it was the aspartame making me ill, THANK YOU for really listening and not brushing
off the idea that something not researched enough or long enough can and does cause illness
in people, as it should not have been put on the market until they studied it for a much longer
period of time!!! I dont really understand the FDA, and I wish they would be more careful.


Sent: Friday, June 04, 2004 3:23 PM
Subject: Aspartame Poisoning

I was a pilot in the USAF and was drinking a liter of diet pepsi per day for
several months and developed daily headaches. I went to my flight surgeon
and he told me to get off aspartame as it is toxic to large numbers of the general
population. I have been off it since 1990 but if I have even a small amount of nutrasweet,
I develop a terrible headache. So does my wife who was on it too. Monsanto must be
made to pay for poisoning millions of people.


Date: 11:52 AM 7/7/2004
Subject: Re: Hi Eye problems, black spots and floaters and jo…

Hello everyone.
I just wanted to say it is a year since I came off Aspartame and my
black spots and floaters have gone completely, I also had blind attacks
and am back to normal now, no headaches & my arthritis is hardly
noticeable now but not done any decorating yet. thanks to all the members
who contacted me and gave me support from last July 2003.


Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 2:23 PM
Subject: Side effects of Aspartame

I was trying to lose weight and started drinking the flavored
water from Wal-mart.  I started getting dizzy spells and felt
my strength being zapped from me.  I am a very active person and
could not figure out what was wrong. I went to the doctor 5 times
in one summer trying to figure out what was wrong with me.  It was
to the point it was affecting my coordination.  My left leg would
not work right.  I lost a whole summer because I just felt horrible.
I gained 10lbs. Someone told me about the aspartame side effects so
I checked them out on the net.  I immediate stop drinking the
flavored water within a month or so all of the side effects were gone.
The only thing I notice is I have problems with my equilibrium that
I never had before this.  My ears just don’t feel quite right.
I believe there was some damage done by the Aspartame.  It bad stuff
I will never knowing use it again.


Sent: Thursday, April 22, 2004 9:39 PM
Subject: Aspartame

About a month ago my mother sent me an email warning about the dangers of
Aspartame. I believed it to be a usual internet hoax and called my mother to
discuss it. After we talked for a while, she asked me what I had to lose by giving
up products with aspartame for a while. I did it thinking I would prove that it was
a hoax. Then I started researching it on the internet and was overwhelmed by
all the sites extolling the poisonous nature of aspartame. I have given up the product.
I am no longer tired, I no longer get headaches or chest pains and I have stopped
snacking constantly. My fiance has also noted that I am less irritable. This is a truly
harmful product and it is frightening that it is so widespread. We, as Americans, need
to exercise our right to free speech and work to get this product banned.


Sent: Friday, March 26, 2004 3:35 AM
Subject: FW: Aspartame Victim

Below is a letter I wrote my doctor regarding aspartame. I thought that I would share this with
you. I am a very healthy adult and couldn’t believe the symptoms that I was experiencing. I am
41 years old and very fit. My parents never experienced this chronic pain. Please read below.
Thank God that I got a call from my brother. I only drink water and indulge in coffee or tea every
once in a while. I will never use any artificial sweetener ever again.

Sent: Friday, March 26, 2004 3:23 AM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: I am a patient – here is some info
Dear Dr. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx,
xxxxxxxxxxx and I will be coming in for our annual check up in July. I wanted to get the
word out on my condition so everyone knows to get people off “Nutrasweet or Aspartame.”
Since I have last seen you, I developed fibromyalgia and was in chronic pain. It was horrible.
I thought I might be over training at the gym but I was only working out 4 days a week. I started
to scale back my workouts until my brother called me one day and told me about the side
effects of Aspartame. I got really scared. I thought my aches and pains were due to me getting
older, because I was literally shuffling to the bathroom in the morning, like an 80 year old man.
Since I have purged all aspartame from my diet, all my pain miraculously disappeared!!!! All the
stiffness in my neck, upper and lower back and joints have totally subsided.
I am sending you this link, because I think every health professional should be warning their
patients about this horrible substance. I will be filing a complaint with the FDA on the effects.
I have purged all of this out of my kitchen and refuse to take any artificial sweetener. Since I have
stopped this, I have lost 10 pounds and my cravings for carbs (every hour, like a mad woman) are
gone. I finally am at the point where I can make wise food choices (where before I was like a
ravished wolf) without having this chemical drive me to the cupboard every hour.
Here are a couple of links. Please urge all your patients to get educated. (When aspartame is
heated to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, it turns to formaldehyde in the body).
Just type in sweet poison into any search engine and read. I bet you will find that there are certain
patients who can benefit from this. Any headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome, grand maul seizures,
fibromyalgia, even vision problems and hearing problems. Go check out the list.
Anyway, I feel I have a new lease on life!!! I feel back to normal and 20 years old again. I am drinking a
ton of water and eating balanced meals with simple carbs. I am happy. Thanks for being such a
great doctor!!!!

Subject: Re: caffeine-free diet coke: hydrating or dehydrating?
From: trueparent-ga on 21 Jul 2003 00:37 PDT

Please be advised, Aspartame is pure poison.
For some reason(s), it appears that governmental corruption has
continued to allow this toxic substance on the market.
For info untainted by extreme governmental bias, start with the URL:
The symptoms of this poisoning are so varied, and so profound, and
yet, it’s so difficult to know they are from the Aspartame.  My
personal experience, was that I read an obscure article about
Aspartame, stopped drinking the more than a quart a day I sometimes
was consuming, and immediately got rid of some really debilitating
numbness in my legs.  I’m very sure it was doing a lot of other bad
things to me, that were not as easy to identify.

Subject: Re: caffeine-free diet coke: hydrating or dehydrating?
From: trueparent-ga on 25 Jul 2003 22:43 PDT

It’s my pleasure, juggler-GA.  If you are over a certain age, you tend
to believe that government agencies, (i.e. the FDA in this case), are
trying to protect you, to the best of their ability.  In the case of
Apartame, I can hardly believe my eyes, when I see what murder the FDA
seems to be getting away with.
The FDA has always been bureaucratically heavy-handed, I think, but
this appears to be a case of outright, blatant corruption.
I did not intend to give any impression that I was improving on your
answer, since you already covered the fact of health concerns about
Aspartame. But because of my personal experience with Aspartame, and
because I feel so incredibly betrayed by the FDA, I had to emphasize
what you already covered.


Subject: Aspartame in  prescriptions
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004

My little 9yo son takes 4 asthma meds daily.  I was noticing horrible
behavior issues with him.  He is sweet and docile and kind….fights
with his siblings….but relatively fabulous. Well. we were trying to
figure out why the kid would fly off the handle sometimes.  Just get
horribly angry.  kick things in his way.  Very unusual.  I told my
husband perhaps what we thought was “jsut the way he is” was
drug-induced.  He’s been on lots of meds for years.  Perhaps what we
thought was normal for him was really the drugs talking.  WELL–I
looked at his Singulair prescription that he hadn’t been taking for
long.  it was a fairly new prescription for him.  That got us
wondering how long his outbursts had been going on.  Were we just
used to them?  had they always been this bad?  This frequent?  Has he
always had them or did they jsut start?  When you live with
something, you don’t always see when things start.  or remember! The
Singulair had ASPARTAME.  ooh, I was soo mad!  so I switched his Rx
to adult pills and I cut them in half.  NEW BOY> no more outbursts.
Thanks be to God.  I was starting to think we had done something
wrong.  that he’d end of some wife-beating out-of-control nut.  I
have my baby boy back. Julieb


Sent: Wednesday, March 03, 2004 1:14 AM
Subject: aspartame

dear mr. gold
a friend told me that aspartame was very bad. i didn’t quite understand since i thought that diet sodas
were calorie free and loaded with caffeine as a stimulant for energy. so i searched the web and came
across your site. needless to say, after quitting my daily 3-4 litres of diet coke for 2 days, i have more
energy, no longer need 2-3 hour naps, no leg numbness, wake up feeling refreshed and have a clearer mind.
i just want to thank you for taking the time to educate people about the harmful side effects of aspartame.
you have my support in your cause.


Sent: Friday, June 25, 2004 2:21 PM
Subject: Aspartame

I had many side effects from using Equal (aspartame).  I suffered
with migraine headaches daily (previous diet pepsi drinker).
I also began to experience lower abdominal pain and I was eventually
diagnosed with interstitial cystitis.  I did research on aspartame
and learned that IC is often complicated by use of aspartame.
Sure enough, as soon as I stopped using Equal, all my IC symptoms
completely disappeared.

Unfortunately, in the last couple of years I have been using
Splenda sweetner.  I suffered with abdominal bloating, tenderness,
weight gain, lethargy, and many other ailments.  I had a hysterectomy
performed in Nov. 2003 due to the abdominal bloating.  I had
endomentriosis and adenomyosis along with ovarian cysts.  I was
assured by my doctor that the hysteretomy would be the end of my
ailments.  It was not.  I continued to gain weight with no explanation.
I have spent thousands of dollars on doctors, MRIs, CT scans, x-rays,
brain scans, ultrasounds, etc.  Ironically, three days ago I stopped
using Splenda and today is the first day in years I am pain free.
My huge pregnant looking stomach has went down tremendously, I feel
alive and energetic.  I feel like I am living in someone else’s
body today!  I am convinced these sugar substitutes have been the
cause of all my problems.  I will never touch anything but real
sugar again.  I hope this helps you in your studies.


Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2004 10:24 AM
Subject: Aspartme

I have been reading your website and it is comforting to know I am only
one of many, many people who “diagnosed” themselves with an aspartame
sensitivity and was correct in this assumption! Many people really seem sceptical
when I tell them about the negative effects aspartame has had on my body and
mental condition. I have suffered with almost dailey low-grade headaches for years.

These headaches would at times become so excruciating I would vomit and be
unable to function at all. I also had felt fatigued and at times I would have memory problems,
mostly in trying to grasp a word I wanted to use. I decided to stop drinking or eating
anything containing artificial sweetners and any alcoholic beverages. I have not had
one headache in the last three months except for the two times I ate ice cream
containing an artificail sweetner. (That Phenalkaline ? stuff, something like that!) Both
times I had low grade headaches the entire day following the ingesting of the ice cream.

I have witnessed a drastic improvement in how I feel, even my hair is not dry anymore
which is really weird but I wanted to put that in because it was a very noticable change
as soon as I kicked my diet soda habit! I wish the general public could be more informed
on the toxic effect of this stuff. I have tried Splenda and have not had any side effects from
it as it is in a more natural form, as I’m sure you know! I really think we are damaging our
children with these supposedly healthy sugar replacements, and are really being misled
by the comercials, generally showing a thin woman enjoying herself as she eats a low
calorie yogurt laced with toxic aspartame! Then the announcer tells us she’s doing
something to make herslf more healthy! It is such a scam. I only hope the media will
someday start putting this info out there. We really know enough about which politcians
smoked what illegal substance when they were in ninth grade! Let’s bombard the public
with some useful facts for a change! This would hugely improve the condition of a vast
number of people suffering from aspartame related symptoms and mis-diagnosis.

Message 16517
From:  “ublala”
Date:  Tue Feb 17, 2004  3:59 pm
Subject:  I believe I am a Aspartame Poison Victim

Hi I am a new member. I am a 40 year old woman with 3 children ages
17, 4 1/2 and 2 1/2. Here is my story.

I have been a heavy diet soda drinker ever since it came out on the
market. I was drinking 6-8 cans a day not including stops here and
there for a super-sized diet drink at the local fast food restaurant
when I was out and about. I also have been consuming foods
containing aspartame to try and lose weight forever. About 2 years
ago after the birth of my 3rd child I began having heart
palpitations, dizziness, chest pains and numbness and tingling going
down the left side of my body. I have been to the ER multiple
times, I have had EKGs, heart stress tests, MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds,
blood tests, etc.. I have seen a Neurologist, ENT, Gastrol
(spelling?) doctor, Chiropractor, Physical Therapists, Massage
Therapists, dentist. No one could every find anything wrong with
me. Oh, wait I did find out I have Reflux, Anxiety Attacks (ya,
over worrying about what is wrong with me!) and I am overweight!!!
A month ago I decided to start over with a new Family Practice
doctor, he told me that I had already been through the “million
dollar work up” and that I should feel good to know that there was
nothing seriously wrong with me. He said I was having Anxiety
Attacks and prescribed Zoloft. I was elated! I finally could blame
my symptoms on something! I was willing to accept that this was my
problem, because my mother had suffered from depression and anxiety
her entire life and it is hereditary. After time, I began to deal
with daily life much better, however the tingling and numbness
continued in fact it started to get worse, I still would get dizzy
out of no where. I would get this pins and needle tingling that
started at the top of my head and would cover my entire face and
down both sides of my body all the way to my feet. I had been told
by friends that it sounded like I had MS. I looked up MS symptoms
on the internet and was convinced that I had it. I called my doctor
and told him that I wasn’t convinced that Anxiety was my problem, he
told me to give it time. That same day I went back on the internet
and searched for Anxiety Attacks to see if anyone else diagnosed
with Anxiety Attacks experienced the same symptoms as I had. I came
across the Aspartame articles and read down the 92 symptoms and
could not believe how many of them I had and then I found that
Aspartame Poisoning mimics many diseases including MS!!!!! I was
appalled as I read on and the word “self-emballing” was used. I
immediately stopped all asparatame products. It has been almost 3
weeks and my symptoms have not completely gone away, however they
are less severe. I am also now finding out that the pains in my neck
and shoulder have started to be almost nonexistent…I always
thought I was getting arthritis. I have been taking minerals and
antioxidants to help my body rid of this awful poison I have been
shoving down my throat for more years than I care to say. I am also
horrified to find out that I have been doing the same thing to my
children. Antiobiotics, Tylenol, Benedryl, Vitamins…. they all
contain aspartame!! What are we suppose to give our children!!!!
My teenage son has always chewed gum, ate mints, etc… Now I think
about everytime he complained about stomach aches and headaches and
I would just tell him to “wear a hat”, “get more sleep”, “eat
better”. He was probably suffering from the same thing!! I drank
tons of caffiene free diet soda while I was pregnant with my last 2
children, they were both born severely anemic and the doctors could
not come up with an answer why…. I wonder if it was the

I am angry that I have spent all this time worrying and not being
the best mom and wife because I have had such terrible mood swings,
I’ve been so tired that it was hard for me to get up and play, I was
yelling all of the time and frustrated with life in general when
there was no reason to be frustrated. I am most angry about all the
money I have spent on doctors trying to find out what was wrong with

I will tell the world how awful this poison is!!!

How can they keep this on the market? I don’t understand why it
continues when it is obvious so many people are having these

I have one question that I hope someone will answer. Has anyone had
the same or similar symptoms as I have, if so how long did it take
you to get rid of it, if at all??


Message 16574
From:  “ublala” <lmarcquenski@w…>
Date:  Wed Mar 3, 2004  7:48 pm
Subject:  25 Days Aspartame Free

Just wanted to give an update. I have been off Aspartame for 25
days now and my symptoms have greatly subsided. I still have a day
here and there, had a little relapse a week ago, but am back on
track. I still have some tingling on the left side of my face, arm
and leg, but nothing compared to how I was before. I actually had
no tingling in my cheek for a short time 2 days ago!! The top of my
head still feels tingly/heavy like a tight cap is on my head, but
not as bad as it was. The only thing that hasn’t gone is the
ringing in my ears!


Message 16807
From:  “Laurie Marcquenski” <lmarcquenski@w…>
Date:  Fri Apr 23, 2004  3:25 pm
Subject:  If you couldn’t get to the link

After stopping diet soda and other diet products, my MS like symptoms
are almost non existent. Not too mention the mood swings and depression and
anxiety, heart palpitations and chronic headaches I had for years have all
subsided. I had every medical test imaginable (MRI’s, CTs, EKGs, EGD, ABSCDEF)
by neurologists, ENT, etc… no one could find anything wrong with me. However,
90% of my symptoms were MS-like. Now that I have stopped the aspartame, it’s
almost gone. ….


Subject: Re: My I share widely my post and your response, and your initial posts?
Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2004 7:13 AM

Health History.
No major illnesses or need for medical treatment in the first 26 years of my
life (except for usual childhood illnesses, such as chicken-pox).

I was a regular consumer of diet-sodas, such as Diet Coke, for about
15 years, averaging around 2 litres/day during this period. On some
days this might easily have been 3-4 litres.

Health problems began in Sept 2002, with occasional symptoms at
first, but had become more chronic and debilitating by Xmas of that
year. Early symptoms included persistant vague lightheadedness/dizziness,
which sometimes feels like motion sickness ( I had suffered a brief episode
of this back in 1999, but it resolved itself within a few days),
and also some night-time heart palpitations (hence why I’ve been
stuck on cardiology’s patient list ever since!). Further additional
symptoms have been tachycardia, excessive fatigue, occasional hot
flashes and night-sweats, intermittant “mental fog” and loss of
cognitive abilities, classic migraines and also strange visual disturbances.
These disturbances include weird “after-images” of everything I see,
the shimmering of lined patterns and also the small dark spots and
bright flashes reported by others. I also appear to have far more
eye-floaters than usual and my eyes themselves often look tired
and swollen. There have been periods during the last 18 months when
I have felt bad and periods when I have felt very bad! My recent
abstention (2+1/2 weeks now) from aspartame has brought the only
signs of remission during this whole time. The tired eyes, fatigue
and mental fog have particularly improved, as have the dizziness
and visual effects to some extent.


Sent: Saturday, June 26, 2004 9:25 PM
Subject: gum headache

I read recently in a Yoga Journal that migraine sufferers should
not have aspartame, that it could be a migraine trigger. I knew
the stuff was bad for you, but never thought a piece of gum now
and again could hurt me. And I never linked any of my migraines
to asparatame until the very next day, when I had a piece of
sugarless gum and within hours had a huge migraine.

I’ll never touch it again. And the very fact that it is legal,
well that just floors me.


Sent: Tuesday, April 27, 2004 2:28 PM
Subject: Aspartame in chewable vitamins

I am finding that the knowledge out there that aspartame is in
chewable vitamins and children’s vitamins is rare. Although I
did not know that it was actually poison, I was made aware of
Aspartame health hazards back in 1991 or 1992 after I had been
consuming Nutrasweet on a regular basis, and was having
increasing excruciating monthly periods. They escalated, and
finally I was finding myself bedridden 3 days at a time at
least once a month. I took myself off Nutrasweet, and slowly
but surely, my monthly periods got much better, and I was
feeling better overall. I avoided the stuff like it was poison,
as I have since found that it actually is. Years later in 2001,
I became pregnant with my second child and began bingeing on
chewable vitamin C because of the health benefits I was aware
of as I was preparing to have a scheduled C-Section delivery.
3 months after delivery, I began experiencing very similar
symptoms like that of the ones I had had years ago with my
period, and during my ovulations. Passing time one day in the
kitchen, I for no reason happened to glance through the
ingredients to my chewable vitamin C. You can imagine my anger
when I saw the word ASPARTAME in my VITAMINS! I began to scour
the ingredients to ALL vitamins! I was absolutely infuriated
to find that nearly ALL childrens vitamins found in supermarkets,
and grocery stores have ASPARTAME in them! Namely ALL
varieties of the FLINSTONE’s chewables ALL contain ASPARTAME!
As I have explored information on ASPARTAME, I have not yet
come across info discussing the fact that this is an ingredient
widely used in chewable vitamins! Please get the word out!


To: Mark Gold
Sent: Tuesday, October 22, 2002 4:25 PM
Subject: Re: aspartame information….

I am 25 years old, eat very well and exercise at least 4 times a week
but still can’t seem to figure out why I have so many health issues.
As of today I plan to avoid this product like the plague and document
any health changes. Could you please direct me to either a site, book
or article that may begin to inform me of products containing aspartame.

[Updated Information]

Sent: Friday, May 21, 2004 9:08 AM
To: ‘Mark Gold’
Subject: RE: aspartame information….


As I’m cleaning out my account here, I came across
this email I had saved. I don’t think I ever replied
but I wanted to let you know how big of a change it
made for me to stop using the sweetener so much!!!
The night sweats completely stopped and my headaches
were reduced by about 75%!  I’ve convinced my entire
family to stop using it 🙂


Sent: Thursday, July 29, 2004 10:36 AM
Subject: Re: aspartame makes me sick

Hi Mark,
Thanks for all the info, that will keep me busy reading for a while.
Here’s my story
I quit using Aspartame & all other fake sweeteners in ’97 when I learned from a wise lady at a
health food store how horrible it is. Sometimes I get lazy about reading labels and accidently ingest
some and immediately get reactions …. extremely blurred & squiggley vision, headache that lasts
2-3 days, irritability.

I went to the dentist last week and got the aspartame headache, blurry vision, etc. I asked to read
the label on the flavored topical they use for pre-numbing before they inject novocaine, and
SURE ENOUGH it had aspartame in it. They only put a tiny bit in my mouth, but it caused this
reaction. Now I am wondering if the sweeteners they use in toothpaste, even though it isn’t ingested,
could cause an effect from being absorbed through the tissues. The tiniest bit seems to affect me.
I don’t use mouthwash, but it is in that too, which again could be absorbed through the tissues.
I wonder what else it is in that I don’t know about?

I keep trying to tell my friends and family not to use these chemicals. Now I have an arsenol of material
to show them. Thank you


Sent: Thursday, February 26, 2004 3:46 PM
Subject: Re: Aspartame

Hi Mark,

I have been through menopause for about 5 years and am now 60
years old. In 2002 I started bleeding and bled for months.  This
was diagnosed as polyps in the uterus. I had an operation to remove
a large and smaller polyp.  Within 6 months the same thing happened
again but the bleeding was heavier.   I had asked the doctor what caused
them and she didn’t know.

After the last operation she suggested that should I get the bleeding
back we should seriously consider removing the uterus.

This January 2004, I started heavy bleeding and after bleeding almost
every day for 4 weeks I was very disgusted and scared.  In early February,
I went on-line to see what could be causing the bleeding.  Within 3 minutes
I found the website about Aspartame.  Aspartame caused multiple polyps in
lab animals.  That day I stopped drinking diet tonic and threw out everything
in my kitchen that contained Aspartame.  The next day the bleeding stopped
and hasn’t returned.  It is now February 26th and no bleeding.  I also had
tingling in my fingertips and that seems to have gone away also.


Sent: Sunday, January 04, 2004 9:12 PM
Subject: Save Yourself

I am a forty one year old male. I am a police officer and an avid runner.
I was addicted to a very popular and well known diet soft drink which
during my last year of usage included a twist of lemon. I consumed
three to four 20 oz bottles of this a day. I began having head pains
on the left side of my skull. I could actually place my finger on the area
of pain, right above my left ear. I also began having blurred vision, a
loss for words and at times the feeling that I was about to pass out.
And tingling in my hands and sometimes feet. I was very worried, and
believed that I had developed a brain tumor. I underwent an
MRI (Brain Scan) and blood testing. All came back with negative results.
I stopped drinking diet drinks and anything containing the “A” word
i.e. sugarless gum. It is now three month later and all of my symptoms
have vanished. I am a believer and I feel GREAT!


Sent: Sunday, February 08, 2004 2:38 AM
Subject: Personal Experience

I think you are doing a wonderful service to the public, with your information –
Ten years ago, I was suffering from such horrible pain, my whole body was in pain,
and I would tremble, and couldn’t sleep, would cry in my sleep, and I frightened the
living hell out of my husband – I used to consume about a 2-litre bottle of Diet Coke
per day – and day and night, I progessively was in such pain, and then I heard about
Aspartame, by accident, finding a site, and read things by Betty Martini
– I even emailed her, we wrote some back and forth – I printed every page of info I
could find – stopped drinking diet coke, and in a while, the pain stopped, and I got
better, my color came back, I’m healthier, and I know now, that I was suffering from
Aspartame poisoning – I was too afraid to go to the Doctor – and I was to weak to drive
there if I’d wanted to –

I went into Depression, and got so angry at everything, I was miserable, and messed up
a lot of friendships, but got some back, made a lot of people upset at me – I was so
miserable – it took longer to get out of that depression and anger, than it did to get
over the pain – it took me 10 years  – I can’t believe the FDA would approve us drinking
poison – they just don’t damn care – as long as they make money –

I’d rather sit and drink a warm beer than any soda products of any kind
– at least there is barley in beer!!!   But I mostly drink Green tea
with Ginseng and Honey – I had a health check up a couple years ago, and at 55, all vitals
are normal, I am healthy – and I no longer have pain like I had then – it was pure hell –
and more people need to see this information – don’t give up on getting it out there – go
to the Media if you have to – I think if I’d kept on drinking that vile poison, I would
have died –

I  have been sending your site to many of my friends and family, and others I love – I don’t
want them to keep drinking that junk, and get sick, or worse – I was in real bad shape
10 years ago, and I was hooked on that stuff – it’s an addiction, and it should be banned
as a drug – like any other drug –

Carry on, and get the word out – I still read labels –    and I find
that if ‘man made it, then it’s not fit for human consumption’ – We can’t trust the FDA – we
have to trust ourselves –

Thank you for your very informative site – I’ve been sending to anyone I care about – I have a
3-ring binder, full of information on aspartame, and I’ve shared it with so many people – keep
up that good fight – I am glad there are people like you out there, that CARE – God Bless All of You!!


Sent: Friday, March 26, 2004 5:31 PM
To: Aspartame (
Subject: Aspartame

Physical therapy for 3 months for “frozen shoulder” very
painful to move arms due to pain in both shoulder joints.

Someone sent me an article on ASPARTAME.  I removed it from
my diet.  My shoulder problem cleared up in less than a week.
Each time I accidentally eat something with ASPARTAME my shoulder
joints act up.  Later I trace what I ate the day before and find
some product with Aspartame as the culprit.  A few days of careful
attention to avoiding anything with Aspartame and the joint pain
is gone.  I think there is a link and the articles on Aspartame
poisoning are true.


Sent: Monday, January 05, 2004 2:51 PM
Subject: toxicity

Dear Mark: I don’t have time to write a long note now, but after consuming diet
drinks for many years I suddenly began experienced vision problems (blurring, double
vision) which disappeared after I stopped consuming aspartame. This occurred about
four years ago. I have since then recommended to several friends and acquaintances that
they also stop using apartame. Everyone has had good results. ….


Sent: Monday, February 09, 2004 8:58 PM
Subject: Aspartame Poison

Last July I started having problems standing up
and lying down to bed, because of vertigo
problems.  I actually started missing work due to
these problems.  After going to my doctor and ENT
they diagnosed the problem as vertigo and decided
that it could have developed due to some polyps
in my nasal passages and deviated septum.  I had
the surgery and missed even more work and spent
thousands of dollars to have this done.  After 3
months my situation never got better.

One day at the health food store I work at,this
customer was complaining of the same problems I
had.  He had mentioned he had aspartame
poisoning.  That night I came home and found your
website and decided I was going to cut out all
Aspartame products and just see what happened.
It has been 2 months since I have had a Diet
drink or a problem with my vertigo.  I can’t
thank you enough for all of your information you
have given me.  Thanks, Matt


Date: Tue 12/23/2003 12:16 PM

About 8 years ago my husband and I started the Atkins
diet. We started drinking diet sodas, specifically
diet Pepsi.  We stopped the dieting but continued with
the Diet sodas. About 5 years ago my husband started
having really bad winters; his body ached, he felt
like he had the flu most of the winter; and about 2
years ago it all became unbearable for him, the
fatigue was debilitating and the pain in his legs was unbelievable,
not to mention a whole new set of symptoms.  He could hardly get out
of bed, and going to work used all his energy (when he could work.
Last year he became disable temporarily. The doctors could not find
anything physical wrong with him. He was tested for MS, Mercury Poisoning
and all the neurological diseases they could think of.  He seemed to be
100 yrs old and aging even more faster.

A co-worker forwarded an email about aspartame, we
immediately stopped all comsumption and now 3 months
later he is ready to back to work.  Although, he still
has some left over symptoms, he is 80% better and we
think the aspartame must have done some damage to his

Thank you infinitely for circulating this information,
without it I don’t think my husband would have lasted
much longer.
GOD BLESS YOU for all your work regarding this


Sent: Monday, March 08, 2004 2:40 PM
Subject: Aspartame Poisoning
I posted this on the Aspartame Support Group on Yahoo. I didn’t know if
you kept up with it or not.
I am a 40 year old woman with 3 children ages
17, 4 1/2 and 2 1/2. Here is my story.

I have been a heavy diet soda drinker ever since it came out on the
market. I was drinking 6-8 cans a day not including stops here and
there for a super-sized diet drink at the local fast food restaurant
when I was out and about. I also have been consuming foods
containing aspartame to try and lose weight forever. About 2 years
ago after the birth of my 3rd child I began having heart
palpitations, dizziness, chest pains and numbness and tingling going
down the left side of my body. I have been to the ER multiple
times, I have had EKGs, heart stress tests, MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds,
blood tests, etc.. I have seen a Neurologist, ENT, Gastrol
(spelling?) doctor, Chiropractor, Physical Therapists, Massage
Therapists, dentist. No one could every find anything wrong with

Oh, wait I did find out I have Reflux, Anxiety Attacks (ya,
over worrying about what is wrong with me!) and I am overweight!!!
A month ago I decided to start over with a new Family Practice
doctor, he told me that I had already been through the “million
dollar work up” and that I should feel good to know that there was
nothing seriously wrong with me. He said I was having Anxiety
Attacks and prescribed Zoloft. I was elated! I finally could blame
my symptoms on something! I was willing to accept that this was my
problem, because my mother had suffered from depression and anxiety
her entire life and it is hereditary. After time, I began to deal
with daily life much better, however the tingling and numbness
continued in fact it started to get worse, I still would get dizzy
out of no where. I would get this pins and needle tingling that
started at the top of my head and would cover my entire face and
down both sides of my body all the way to my feet. I had been told
by friends that it sounded like I had MS. I looked up MS symptoms
on the internet and was convinced that I had it. I called my doctor
and told him that I wasn’t convinced that Anxiety was my problem, he
told me to give it time. That same day I went back on the internet
and searched for Anxiety Attacks to see if anyone else diagnosed
with Anxiety Attacks experienced the same symptoms as I had. I came
across the Aspartame articles and read down the 92 symptoms and
could not believe how many of them I had and then I found that
Aspartame Poisoning mimics many diseases including MS!!!!! I was
appalled as I read on and the word “self-emballing” was used.

I immediately stopped all asparatame products. It has been almost 3
weeks and my symptoms have not completely gone away, however they
are less severe. I am also now finding out that the pains in my neck
and shoulder have started to be almost nonexistent…I always
thought I was getting arthritis. I have been taking minerals and
antioxidants to help my body rid of this awful poison I have been
shoving down my throat for more years than I care to say. I am also
horrified to find out that I have been doing the same thing to my
children. Antiobiotics, Tylenol, Benedryl, Vitamins…. they all
contain aspartame!! What are we suppose to give our children!!!!

My teenage son has always chewed gum, ate mints, etc… Now I think
about everytime he complained about stomach aches and headaches and
I would just tell him to “wear a hat”, “get more sleep”, “eat
better”. He was probably suffering from the same thing!! I drank
tons of caffiene free diet soda while I was pregnant with my last 2
children, they were both born severely anemic and the doctors could
not come up with an answer why…. I wonder if it was the

I am angry that I have spent all this time worrying and not being
the best mom and wife because I have had such terrible mood swings,
I’ve been so tired that it was hard for me to get up and play, I was
yelling all of the time and frustrated with life in general when
there was no reason to be frustrated. I am most angry about all the
money I have spent on doctors trying to find out what was wrong with

I will tell the world how awful this poison is!!!

How can they keep this on the market? I don’t understand why it
continues when it is obvious so many people are having these

[updated information]

Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2004 8:27 PM
Subject: Fw: Aspartame Poisoning

Thank you for the information, it is greatly appreciated. I have been aspartame free for almost
6 weeks and my symptoms have subsided greatly. I do have some bad days still. I am on day
2 of being off of Zoloft and am finding that my symptoms are subsiding even more. I was told by
someone from the Support Group that methylcellulose is in Zoloft. I don’t know what that is,
but it maybe why since I am not taking it anymore I am feeling even better! Do you have any
information on methylcellulose??


Sent: Sunday, April 18, 2004 9:33 PM
Subject: aspartame experience

I am a healthy 35 year old, healthy, fit, male. I was on the adkins,
low carb, low sugar diet for a couple months where I drank 4-5 diet
pops, ate numerous sugar-free (aspartame laced) foods and chewed sugar
free gum constantly. I started noticing a brain fog where I actually
thought I was experiencing the first signs of alzheimer’s. I’m in sales
where I need to be at the top of my mental game all day long and I was
finding myself losing my train of thought, stuttering and sometimes
slurring my words. Then one day, I was sitting down watching TV drinking
diet pop and eating low carb french toast with sugar free syrup, I noticed
the tips of my fingers starting to go numb with a headache that I could
put my finger on. A few minutes later, I jumped out of my seat and started
running for my life. I felt out of my body with a huge fear of dying.
I ran around my house 5 times in my shorts, in 32 degree weather, until
I felt this fear subside. I felt this surreal and scary fear a couple
times over the next hour when I decided to play it safe and go to the
emergency room. By the way, I am not the kind of person to cry wolf to
get attention and to me, I never would have gone if I thought for one
second this was no big deal. Anyway, I was driving to the hospital
(15 minutes away) when IT hit me. I thought I was dying in the car.
My legs and arms went completely numb, my heart felt like it was
fluttering out of control. I was starting to lose consciousness or
dying, one of the two. I called 911 in my car, saying in hysterical,
unintelligible speech that I was having a heart attack or a stroke.
They told me to pull over to wait for help, but I said I was too scared
too wait. I drove 120 miles an hour to get to the hospital. I got there
and to make a long story short, my heart rate was at 130 and I had trouble
remembering my birth date. They didnt find anything wrong and said I
probably had a panic attack. I had never had one before and wasnt really
stressed or depressed about anything. I knew there was more to it. I
researched panic attacks and found the aspartame link which made perfect
sense, especially after reading other people’s similar situations. I can
attest that you dont get better overnight from stopping aspartame. I hear
it can take 60-90 days to get it out of your system. It has been a slow
progression to wellness. It’s been almost two months since this episode
and the last time I’ve touched aspartame and even though alot of the
symptoms have subsided, I still get numbness in my hands and feet on
occassion(including right now) with an occassional heart palpitation.
The memory loss and the fog, however, has been lifted. I am confident
in the next month or so, I will be symptom and aspartame free.

What’s amazing is if you go on the aspartame website, they talk about all
the great benefits of their product. They say it was approved to be safe
and not to believe all the internet myths saying that people are having
bad reactions to it. Well, I was a skeptic too, until it happened to me
and now I tell everyone I know that the victims are “the truth” and them
saying it’s safe is “the myth”.


Sent: Monday, June 07, 2004 3:51 PM
Subject: heavy aspartame symptoms here – how can I help?

I get these symptoms off an on and recently noted it’s when I’ve
been consuming aspartame. I avoid it but get the symtoms again and
find I’ve been consuming it without my knowledge. It use to be on the
label but now I have to check the ingredients and learn the various names
for it. This killer is destroying my life. My symptoms are:

a very specific migraine I recognize as ‘the aspartame migraine’. depression,
nervousness, blurry vision, weakness in my legs and arms, lots of stupid
mistakes and bad short term memory. I’m usually very with it and my IQ
was 140 last checked. It feels like it would be 80 if I took a test now.
I can’t think. I’ve read up on the political beneficiaries of this additive
and I’m fed up with the special interests plopping their wallet padded asses
into the official seats that were put in place to protect us.

Is there a class action suit I can join?


Sent: Monday, April 19, 2004 3:33 PM
Subject: Re: Multiple Sclerosis or Aspartame Disease

Just an update from an e-mail we exchanged in February and also to MS
Focus.  I had been diagnosed as pre-MS by my doctor.  That day I went off
my diet pepsi habit of 5-8 cans a day.

It is now April 19th and I am symptom free.  Also my migraine headaches
are gone.  The only one I had since that day was the day after I went off
– boy was I sick from caffeine withdrawal!  But since that day I’ve
progressively gotten better.  I read to give it 60 days – by mid-March my
numbness and tingling were gone, my shooting “electricity” sensations in
my legs were gone, my tiredness and achiness in my legs was gone, my
hearing (plugged ear) was gone, and I quit dropping things as I had begun
to experience.  I’ve replace diet pepsi with water.

Regardless of what anyone says about the evidence of aspartame
I believe you.  I’ve done my best to try to get other people to quit
having it also, but I guess they have to go through it like I did to
really realize what it does to you.  I’m praying my symptoms don’t come
back, and I don’t think they will.  Only time will tell.


Sent: Monday, March 08, 2004 4:38 PM
Subject: aspartame

HEllo I just read your webpage and I thought I was the only person with the allergy
to this NASTY stuff..Cause everytime people hear about my allergy they are soo
shocked and amazed ..I’m now 23 years old but when I was 10 and living with my
mom she would use everything sugar free and I was at teh dr. office 2-3 per week
because I was alwasy sick my face was always broken out in nasty blister looking
things that would breakopen and would last 3-4 weeks if not longer..My mom thought
I was always faking sick but when I moved in with my dad and step mom They NEVER
used stuff sugar free.. and I never was sick with them so the Dr. told me to eat the
BRAT (bread rice applesauce and toast) and start introducing back foods and when I
start getting sick note what the new food or drink I had consumed I was fine with everything
until I ate a desert my mom made wiht equal and I got soo sick! My dad was diganosed with
diabetis in 1999 and he is also allergic to aspartame. We found a product that he can consume
but I still Can not have it…SPLENDA sucralose my dad has no problem with it but I still get
sick and break out…I can have NOTHING with ANY sweetners other than SUGAR in it!
thought I would leave my input TY!

Subject: dermatitis
Date: Wed 12/24/2003 1:05 PM

I had been drinking diet sprite for years and years with no
real problem other then panic attacks that I thought were from
a neurological standpoint but then this past May 2003 I started
getting a burning rash around my eyes, it would always be there
for 5 or 6 months I always had it in one spot or another flaring
up around my eye lids or under my eyes, that delicate area, ooh
the shower everyday was a nightmare with the moist heat on it, anyway I
have never had any skin problems in my life, thought it was a
new allergy, since Georgia is allergy central, I thought I was
developing weird sensitivities since moving here,

well I switched moisturizers, base makeups, eyeshadow, eye makeup
remover, mascara, all of it and nothing changed, still burning rash,
dermititis, I was very concerned. The doctor had given me ellidel
for it but it only somewhat eased the burning but it never went away.

Recently ( 3 months ago) in my cosmotology class we had a massage
speaker one night and we talked about everything, she really
an “of the earth” seeming woman and she mentioned how poisonous
aspartame is to the body blah blah, I didn’t think anything of it at
first, thought she was just hippie type organic food eater, so I went
home looked it up on the internet and I was tremendously appalled that
this, if this was true, how come it was not common knowledge.

Well, I was researching what products had aspartame in it and found that
gum did, which is odd becuase I think it was about late spring early
summer when I found that pop out card gum, eclipse or trident stuff,
It was so easy to pop a piece out about 10 times a day, I was going
through it like crazy, so I decided to do a trial run of no aspartame
in my diet, thinking that maybe the gum pushed over my limit of aspartame
intake- well I am happy to announce that 2 months after stopping
ingestion of aspartame I no longer have the dermatitis around my eyes,

it has been a month since no symptoms and there are still no signs of it,
which is amazing to me, it was definately the reason for my ailment,
there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever, I am a believer, I am so happy
I tell people I know not to use aspartame, stop drinknig diet coke blah
blah, I realize you have to be very careful when mentioning this to
friends etc, you come off seeming preachy and they automatically stop
listening. I have to figure out a way to get it across to them whith
out seeming like a fruitcake. They almost don’t want to believe it, which
I understand, it’s in everything that especiallly a woman would consume,
diet stuff, gum, diet drinks, they figure if they don’t acknowledge it
they won’t have to stop. It’s hard to find alternatives, really hard.

Well there is my story- it wasn’t as serious as a mimiced nervous system
disorder or anything major, just an annoying eye rash but I had to live
with it everyday and because I have educated myself on aspartame I feel
like I am one up one the rest of the world and I am only better because
of it ! Thank you for your time.


Subject: Life –  Aspartame and Vision
Date: 01:42 AM 6/28/2004

I also thank the Lord for the existence of that generous man, Dave
Rietz, with Dorway. He helped give me information that would not have
reached me in time to save my vision, if it hadn´t been for him and two
other friends.

I live in Mexico. I had been a daily user of Diet-Coke and Canderel for
about five-six years, when one January, 2000, a friend from a big
Medical Center in Mexico City called me and said, “Katina, stop
drinking Diet-Coke. It´s poison.” A fellow worker of hers also called
me about the same time.

On February 14, 2000, I got on internet and started navegating. I
couldn´t find anything wrong with Aspartame, until I started looking
for “Fenilalanina” (the name taken directly off the last Diet-Coke
container in the house). It was like opening a Pandora´s Box of worms.

The Lord has been generous to me by leading me to various changes in my
life so that my health continues to improve. My list of ailments due to
Aspartame could fill a book. I am lucky to be alive, sighted and with
much to live for.


I should mention that, since Valentine´s Day, 2000 [February 2000], I have not taken
any aspartame. I had been going to a General Hospital here to be
checked out for different situations of health that I couldn´t put my
finger on why I was feeling sooooooooooooooooo bad.

Among the Doctors, I dealt with a marvelous Ophthalmologist, with 40
years of clinical experience, who checked me out thoroughly. He sent me
to Tests of Visual Fields many different times. Each time he checked me
out on his apparatus to see inside my eyes. Each time he would shake
his head and send me off to another test.

This went on from August, 1999, to November, 1999. In November, my
friend, the Hospital Social Worker and I cornered Dr. Durán to ask him
what was up. His answer was interesting.

He said, “I simply don´t understand. With 40 years of experience I´ve
never seen anything like this. Her (mentioning a part of the optic
nerve) is so deteriorated that she shouldn´t be able to see, but the
Vision Fields Test says she sees. I don´t understand. She should be

In April, 2000, I went back to get a prescription for new glasses. He
checked me again. I asked him how my eyes were. He said, “You don´t
have anything wrong. You´re O.K.”

That is one of my adventures with this junk.

Please send me a copy of Dr. Blaylock´s article so that I can continue
to improve. I have a lot of work I want to get done and definitely want
to be completely well to do it.

I´m sooooooooooooo excited about the suits in California. I pray for
all the people involved every day so that the TRUTH will out.

God bless you,


Subject: introdution  Aspartame Disease Mimics MS
Date: 08:38 PM 3/14/2004

Hi, My name is xxxxxxxxxx I’m a 28 year old mom of four children suffering
from the aspartame.  About one and half years ago I woke up with tingling
in my feet within a week it was up both my legs and I could not feel my
private areas.  I had problems walking I couldn’t drive and didn’t know
when I had to go to the bathroom.  The doctors did lots of tests but had
no answers then they said that I could possibly have M.S. But they weren’t
sure.  After at least six MRI’s and another one this April 1 still no
answer.  But I have finally figured it out on my own. Aspartame was my
problem, I’m a diabetic who has been drinking diet soda for eleven
It’s been about two weeks and I feel alittle tired
but my skin is brighter and I’m not always thirsty any more.  I just want
to thank everyone for getting this information out and !


Date: 02:10 PM 3/9/2004
Subject: Deputy Sheriff Tells it Like It Is:  Aspartame and Diabetes

Hello, My name is xxxxxxx xxxxxx.  I am a 62 year old caucasion male who
retired as a deputy sheriff in 1997 and who became a xxxxxx artist.  Every
thing in my life was going very well health wise until about three years
ago when my personal physician diagnosed me with Diabetes.  From day one
he advised me to use diet foods and drinks such as “diet cokes and others”
as I would have to stay away from the consumption of regular sugar.  I
didnt much like the taste of diet drinks or diet foods but he scared me
enough about my diebetes condition that I switched to only diet foods.  I
began my diabetes life with oral medications of Glucaphage and Avandia.  A
couple of years later I had continued to gain weight and I was falling
apart.  I had occassional headaches that I couldnt explain as I never had
them before.  All of my joints ached constantly especially my knees and
hands.  I thought I had arthuritis and the diabetes was taking hold of my
health in a very negative way.
Early on I started with a condition under both arms and in the
groin that I considered to be “Jock itch”.  I started using Cortasone 10
cremes and if I used that at least every other day the condition could be
controlled and if not the sores were very raw and bloody and boy did it
burn.  I continued to use the cortosone up until recently.  Also about
that time I developed a thick scaling in the scalp and around the ears
that I thought might just be exzema or worse and I used head and
shoulders shampoo but it didnt control it.  My lower legs and feet were
swelling and I could no longer wear my favorite cow boy boots and most of
the time I had to wear soft slippers.
Traveling became almost impossible.  Besides all of these
problems I had frequent urination problems and rarely got more than two
hours of sleep at a time.  I was becoming more and more irratable around
my wife.  My Doctor during this period of time was totally exasperated
with me as I couldnt control my blood sugar levels and I continued to
gain weight and by this time I was up to 320 pounds.
About a year ago my Doctor put my on insulin in an effort to
control the blood sugar levels.  He started me out on low doses at first
but with 3 months I was up to using 65 units of 70/30 humilin in the AM
and 60 units in the PM.  Sometimes I would test in the morning and I
would be 105 and sometimes I would be 205.  I was not eating very much at
all but I could never convince him of that.  By this time I was
developing so many physical problems that I couldnt keep track of them
all.  In the morning for the first few minutes my vision was blurry as if
I had a film coating over my eyes but then it would gradually
disappear.  I started having ringing or hissing in my ears that woulnt go
away.  Every morning I would run hot water over my hands so that I could
close them.  My knuckes were swollen and again I blamed it on
arthuritis.  I blamed every thing on my age and diabetes.  If I got down
on my hands and knees to do something I was unable to get back up without
crawling over to the wall or some furniture.
One day as I was driving my 84 year old mother to her dialysis
appointment I began questioning her about any illnesses I might of had
while growing up.  “I never took you boys to the Doctor while you were
growing up other than for broken bones.”  My brothers and I were very
active living in the country.  Our diet in those days was meat, potato’s,
fresh vegetables, fruit and home made bread and fresh milk.
My Mother then said, “you worse off than me” to which I replied
“He doesnt know what all is wrong with me as all my blood tests are O.K.
and everything, Im at my wits end.  I was getting real depressed and even
contimplated ending it all.  My whole life I had been very healthy and
real strong and now I was as weak as could be.  I then started reading
books and surfing the internet.  After a few weeks I found
“Dorway”.  Long story short, I cleaned out my pantry and kitchen of all
the sugar free Jello, pudding, No sugar added IceCream, sugar free
cookies and Diet Drinks that contained aspertame.  Within 3 days I
noticed some improvement.  Within 2 weeks I felt like a thirty year old
again.  I could drop down and do about 5 push ups and wanted to go
walking around the farm.  My knees completely cleared up and the head
aches went away.  With the help of using Aloe Vera Gel in my scalp and in
my shower soap my skin condition cleared up 90 percent.  I have not had
one bit of under arm and groin rash since I quit using
aspertame products.  Did I mention that I also had been writting a book on
my computer but I was unable to concentrate on spelling even the most
simple of words until I got off that darn poison.  I’m back to writting
again.  I’m now starting up in my metal shop which I stopped doing nine
months ago.
Now here’s the good part.  I went in to see my Doctor about
six weeks ago about a cyst on my inner thigh that may or may not be
related to Aspertame use.  Anyway he had already given up on me regarding
my Diabetes condition and scheduled me to see a Diabetic Specialist for
the 17th of this month.  I had gain 18 pounds on the last visit with him
and my blood sugar levels were still out of control.
He asked me in general conversation, “well how you been
doing”.  I said “Great, never been better”
By the way Doctor do you still use sugar free food and
drinks?  Sure, I drink diet pepsi, to which I replied, Well Doc you might
consider giving them up.  You see Doc, Ive had Aspertame toxins in me
since you first advised me to use them three years ago.  Besides feeling
great now, my blood sugar levels have come down to about 95 in the
morning and about 110 in the PM and besides did you notice what my weight
is today compared to three weeks ago.  He checked his Nurses notes and
said your down considerably. about 20 pounds.  I replied, Yeh Doctor and
I dont even crave any thing sweet any more.  Hmm, very interesting, let
me know how your improving.  He didnt have a clue about aspertame.  I
then took the new prescription and went to my trusted Pharmacist who
didnt have a clue about the effects of Aspertame either.
Then it hit me, the medical profession doesnt have a clue
about food additives not even Aspertame.  By the way I also told my
Doctor that probably a third of his patients probably has Aspertame
poisoning and he never knew it.  To that he didnt have a response.
I’m now reading every thing I can get my hands on regarding
Aspertame.  I’ve gotten three Diabetic friends off any thing sugar free
or diet.
If you dont remember the sixties very well there was a saying
back then.  “Power to the People”.
If I had my way there wouldnt be a congressman or Senator
serving one more term unless he got on the band wagon and helped all of
us victims of this terrrible injustice.  We need to get literature out
just before election time so any one would know how to vote
responsibly.  This is the only way we can get enough people
educated.  “I’M WONDERING, WHAT MORE CAN I DO”.  Should I mail all my
sugar free drinks back to where they came from?  No body and I mean
nobody is so big and powerful that they cant be crippled legally.  Forget
your scientists and their truth ful results as that hasnt worked and
never will.  Hit em where it hurts.  You have to ask your self one more
question.  If the movement to educated people like me is having any
success then how come this ol’ cowboy had to go through three years of
living hell before I accidently “stumbled” across all the good word that
you are putting out.
I’m not going to apologize for the length of this e-mail
because it all had to be said.  I’m just an average guy who fought for
his country and did everything asked of me only to be poisoned by my own
country the good ol’ U.S. of A.


Sent: Monday, April 05, 2004 1:39 PM
Subject: Aspartame


I suffer from depression and PTSD. I started drinking diet soda to help me lose some
weight. After about 3 months, I started to be plagued with constant anxiety, insomnia
and irrational thoughts. I had read somewhere that artificial sweeteners can sometime
negatively affect folks with mood disorders so I stopped drinking diet soda and guess
what—I am feeling better, sleeping through the night and the irrational thoughts have subsided.

Seems to me the artificial sweeteners were having a negative affect on my mental
health. I know I am going to avoid them in the future and drink water instead.


Pocket PC Thoughts
kkyzar – Tue Jul 30, 2002 7:55 pm
Post subject: OFF-TOPIC – Aspartame is deadly poison – drop that Diet Coke right now!

Jason, Thanks for the post regarding Nutra-Poison.
I am a physician and treat a lot of people with Fibromyalgia,
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Myofascial Pain Syndrome (Yes, they
are real diseases in spite of what a lot of previous MDs have
told some of my patients in their past search for some answers
to their ‘often weird’ symptoms. This is a toxin that should
have never been allowed on the consumer market. I see people
daily with long term problems, both physical and emotional,
that have a history of excess use of the aspartamine in their
past. Hopefully the consumer public will become more aware of
the many dietary sources of this Poison and stop using these
products. The problem with using products like these is that the
toxic effect is such a slow onset and with continued use, the
toxic by products accumulate in the tissues (brain, blood vessels,
ect) and the effect may not be seen for many months or years
and then slowly, the symptoms increase, irreversably, until the
patient is misdiagnosed with some disease state, whereas, they
are actually developing permanant drug toxicity reactions! Please
continue to spread some enlightenment on this subject. Thanks,


Subject: IBS survivor
Date: Tue 12/30/2003 12:06 AM

For years I suffered with IBS. I was a diet pepsi junkie. I stopped
drinking it and any other forms of aspartame. Within DAYS my IBS
was gone! By mistake, I drank a diet pepsi about a week after I had it
out of my system. The very next morning, the IBS was back. NEVER EVER AGAIN
will I consume aspartame. There is NO doubt in my mind that it was
the cause of IBS! Has there been any research on this?


Sent: Thursday, March 11, 2004 1:08 PM
Subject: Nutrasweet Questionnaire

I found the website today, and thought I’d share
my story, as old as it is.

I’m not a pilot – but when I had my first attack, I was driving on the New York State Thruway.
Fortnately I wasn’t alone. The trip from upstate New York to Newton MA took close to 10 hours,
and included two stops at hospitals along the way. The ER doctors assumed it was from July 4th
weekend drinking with friends; but the attacks continued.

I’ve always felt that the stuff was dangerous. People look at me like I’m cuckoo when I tell my
story – all I can say was that my problem stopped after I stopped ingesting the stuff.
And I refuse to give it to my kids.
Good luck in your endeavors.

Name: xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Address: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Medical problem caused by aspartame: Extreme vertigo/nausea/dizziness

Why I believe they were caused by aspartame: Because they stopped when I stopped drinking diet

Did the symptoms go away? Yes, after about a month or two. For a period of some months in 1992, I
had regular attacks, occurring about every 14 days, of vertigo where I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t walk –
all I could do was hold onto the floor, vomit, and hold on for dear life for the 10-15 hours the attacks would
last. When I stopped drinking diet drinks, the attacks continued for a month or two, with decreasing severity
and intensity, and the time between the attacks got longer, until they stopped altogether. I haven’t had an
experience like this since late 1992.

Did I see a doctor? Yes. I saw an ENT who performed extensive tests, including an MRI, to rule out brain
tumor or a tumor in the ear exerting pressure on the vestibular system. He also ruled out drug use, wax
buildup in the ear, and other ear-related problems.

Did the doctor think it was linked to Aspartame? No.

Did I report the symptoms? No. This is the first time I’m reporting it anywhere.

What specific products: Diet Coca-Cola, Crystal Light powdered drink mix

How much/how often: At least 6 12oz cans of Diet Coke a day; several 8-12 oz glasses of Crystal Light. It wasn’t
bad for me, and calorie free, so what was the harm of drinking so much?

How long before I experienced symptoms? I don’t recall – it was 10 plus years ago, now – but probably some
months. My first attack occurred over the July 4 weekend and continued into the fall. I probably started drinking
the stuff as a means to lose weight – I had gained a lot over the holidays.


Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2004 10:01 PM
Subject: Re: Aspartame

I has used the above for years and then developed Migraine
head-aches. I simply stopped using it and the head aches
disappeared. Sometimes I will accidentally consume aspartame
and will suffer an extreme Migraine, and sure enough when I check
the ingredients there it is. I do not understand with so many health problems
this has caused why the heck the government has not done something.
It is outrageous!!


Sent: Saturday, January 03, 2004 10:03 PM
Subject: My Aspartame Consumer Safety Network Questionaire.

Hi from New Zealand Mary.
You will read my story in the questionnaire I’ve submitted to you.
I’m feeling well enough to concentrate and get it all down but it
took awhile. Just hope this all gets better and goes away.
Q. Medical problems that you believe are caused from using aspartame:

Hypoglycemia, restlessness bordering on hyperactivity, weight loss,
memory and concentration problems, back and joint pain, insomnia,
chronic fatigue, change in bowel habits, frequent urination,
thinning hair, extremely itchy skin (without rash), nausea, lack of appetite etc

Q. Why do you believe aspartame caused these problems?

I believe aspartame caused these problems because they began when I
started consuming aspartame and as soon as I discontinued my aspartame
intake my symptoms began to diminish and I continue to get better.

Q. Did the symptoms go away when you stopped using the products?

Yes. Back pain is gone after a month.  Insomnia is gone and my
energy and stamina is back. Bowel habits are getting back to normal.
Hair is not coming out as much.  The itchy skin is gone and so is
the nausea.  My appetite is almost back to normal.  Memory and
concentration is still an issue at times and I haven’t gained much
weight yet (I’m 5kg underweight) but I figure that will improve with
my appetite and eating healthy whole foods. I seem to have the
hypoglycemia under control.


Subject: Pain/Aspartame
Date: Tue 1/13/2004 4:51 PM


I lost my job Sept 15; staying at home, I started drinking more coffee-
my sweetener contained Aspartame. My intake went from 4 pkgs. to 8
pkgs. per day.

Two weeks later I could not walk without holding on to something or if
I could walk – sharp pains hit my legs causing me to scream.
October/November to chiropractor and then to family help.
The word “fibromyalgia” came into the mix because I had the tell-tell
symptoms with pressure points.  A year before the tingling/burning was
dx as Carpal Tunnel (HA!)

Just on a hunch, I quit my sweetener the first of December – On Dec.
26th, I  walked without pain but have a ways to go to improve because
balance is questionable..tingling in arms is subsiding (was dx

I strongly suggest others try to eliminate sweeteners with this
ingredient and see if some of their ailments disappear. It won’t happen
overnight but when you realize the pain is gone – wouldn’t the trial be
worth it?


Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2004 10:10 PM
Subject: (no subject)

I have been doing a lot of research on the use of artificial
sweetners especially aspartame. I find your information astounding.
I had been a frequent user of diet soft drinks, sugar free gum, etc.
I was watching a news report on aspartame 12/31/03. What i saw and
heard was very disturbing.

I am now 34 and have been consuming these products since I was 16.
I decided to give up all aspartame containing products as my
New Year Resolution. I must say that I am thinking more clearly.
I would sometimes get headaches and feel like there was a “dullness”,
if you will, over me at times. I do not feel this amymore and have
not had any headaches or a feeling of “dullness” since removing
these products from my diet. I have not read all of your research but
will continue to investigate. Please e mail me if you have any questions
and keep up the good work. Thanks.

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Posted: Dec 27 2003, 09:59 AM
My husband used to be a big diet soda drinker. A couple of years ago
he started complaining about forgetfulness and fuzzy thinking…
was scary. I remembered an article I had read about artificial sweeteners
and their effect on brain function. I had him stop drinking that stuff and
switch to water and unsweetened tea. The problem went away after a week or so.

I’m a believer….


Sent: Sunday, January 18, 2004 2:04 AM
Subject: Case Histories

I am writing for my husband. We have been married 15 years. When we
met he started drinking diet sodas. And exclusively so. I don’t
drink sodas. Since then he has gained 70 lbs, even though we eat the
same bascially. I do alot of cooking. He also complains of muscle and
tendon aches, and always passes it as “old age”. Ridiculous, I have
always felt 25.

He has alot of other subtle problems. Also he always wakes up in the
middle of the night to drink water. He’s been off sodas now for almost
2 weeks, and has stopped getting up at night to drink water. Also
he’s not achy any more. We will see this year how many more symptoms
go away (By the way he saw 2 Neurologists who thought he was trying
to get disability or just faking it!!).

I am so thankful to find this site as well as the responses from
people who voice the same problems as my husband. ALso, the only other
product that is bothersome is when we eat out at oriental restaurants,
and the MSG manifested itself in immediate scary symptoms: chest tightness,
head tightness, headache, and trouble sleeping. I thought he would have
to go to the emergency ward! Chemicals and pesticides and unnatural
substances can pose a real silent danger to many people. Being a dental
hygienist, I have seen such a rise in health issues, and yound people
getting cancer. Just like cigarettes, people should be informed and
let them make their own choices.


Sent: Wednesday, January 21, 2004 2:34 AM
Subject: Another aspartame victim checking in

I was just doing some internet surfing on the
wondersweetener that I hate so much, and I found your
website so I thought I’d send a message and you can
add me to your list of victims when you get a chance.

Many years ago, I went on the NutriSystem diet. Much
of the food there had aspartame for a sweetener
instead of sugar, no real surprise. After I finished
that diet, I was still consuming some aspartame from
diet drinks on occasion (even though I hated the
taste). Then one day, I started breaking out in hives.
I went to the doctor, they ran some tests, and could
find nothing wrong with me. I went a few times, no

I went to a few different doctors, and finally
one mentioned NutraSweet and handed me a list with
more side effects than I can find anywhere on the
internet that were linked to aspartame. I had quite a
few of the side effects listed, if I had a list I
could probably check them off one by one. Hives,
dizziness, headache, insomnia, fatigue, those are the
ones I remember well but I know I had many more. I
felt like I was walking around in a daze all the time.

The doctor suggested I avoid anything with aspartame
in it, so I did. It took a while, but the hives went
away. I started sleeping better. I didnt feel tired in
the middle of the day anymore. Headaches were gone.

This was in 1990. I havent touched the stuff since,
except unknowingly or by mistake. I still know when
I’ve had some too, I break out in hives whenever I
take in any aspartame. I have to laugh at the reports
I read too, that its ok and its natural amino acids
with phenylalanine. Sure it is. Seems like Dr. Roberts
has it right, maybe thats what it starts as, and then
you put it in the body and you have methanol and who
knows what else.

Evil evil evil. Thats what aspartame is. Maybe someday
the FDA will agree.

I’m glad others are spreading the word. I’ve been
telling my friends since 1990.


Sent: Thursday, January 29, 2004 12:42 PM
Subject: Aspartame / NutraSweet / Equal

I experience extreme migraines anytime I have consumed NutraSweet.
Elimination of NutraSweet in my diet has tremendously decreased the number
of migraines I have.


Sent: Friday, July 16, 2004 11:49 PM
Subject: aspartame reactions

I am a mother of an eight year old daughter. When she was 4 years old she became very belligerent, crying fits,
uncontrollable, completely out of control. The behavior was completely the opposite of the sweet little girl she
usually was. At the time she had an ear infection and was on a liquid antibiotic. I called her doctor, thinning it
was a reaction to the antibiotic. Her antibiotic was changed and she was fine again. Three months later at a
family picnic she was given a piece of sugar free gum and we had to leave the picnic as her behavior was
almost instantly changed to bad, just like Jeckle and Hyde! I called the doctor the next morning and found
out the 1st ingredient in the antibiotic 3 months before was aspartame. Cali now describes the feelings as though
she can’t control herself, that she can’t think straight.

How many children in this country take children’s chewable vitamins from a discount store loaded with aspartame
every day? It is also in chewable Tylenol, most liquid antibiotics, chewable Motrin, chewable Benydryl, chewable
Advil and even Pedilyte.

My daughter is a label reader now.

I own a health food store and help hundreds of people every year in our community of 100,000 that are sick and find
out it is from aspartame.

I recently helped a woman who was on so many drugs for depression and anxiety that she couldn’t work.
Was disabled. After one week. ONE WEEK off of NutraSweet she was able to go back to work.
I also worked with a woman who was crippled by migraines. Spent thousands and thousands of dollars on MRI’s,
tests, drugs t no avail. She went off of diet cola and her migraines were gone. She was furious that not one
doctor she went to ever asked her if she drank any diet sodas or used artificial sweetener packets.
Another man thought he was developing Alzheimer’s at age 34. His doctor fortunately asked him if he did
drink diet soda. Yes he did. 5-6 cans a day. Two weeks off of Aspartame completely his memory came back 100%
Why is it still being sold when it is so dangerous!? People need to know. They have a right to know the
truth! I believe what it is doing to our children is a crime. Some MD’s still are not warning pregnant mothers not to
consume it. How frightening is that?


Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 03:49:07 EDT
Subject: (no subject)

I have just discovered the horrible effects of aspartame. I have been a
coca-cola drinker for years ( not knowing it contained aspartame).
I also chewed Trident White sugarless gum for many years not realizing
any harm was being done.

In the last few years I have had severe headaches, usually on the right side
of my head.  Sometimes I would be driving and I would have spells of dizziness
that would just appear anytime.  Sometimes I felt like my mind got blanked
out for a while.  I couldn’t explain the feeling but it felt like seizures or
maybe aneurysms. It was so frightening, I went to a neurologist to get a C-Scan
several years back.  They saw something on my brain but couldn’t explain it. I
probably could attain the xrays that have these spots on my brain. Recently
came severe joint pain, confusion, memory loss, numbness in the finger tips,
panic attacks, chest pains, irradic heartbeats, severe stomach pains, burning
urine, UTIs for no reason.  You name it I was a walking health problem.  I have
been in the doctors office numerous times for numerous symtoms.  The doctors
probably thought I was a hypochondriac?!  I thought maybe it was due to age.

I got on the internet looking for answers, mainly to seek the
dangers of aspartame and low and behold.  There it was like an answer from abov3
your site and all the people who were complaining about the same things.  I knew
it!  It was aspartame all along that was giving me these problems.  So I went
into detox and came the severe stomach pains, diarhea, menstrual cramps, and
severe headaches. The joint pain has disappeared along with many other
ailments I mentioned, which were aspartame attributed.  I await to see how many more
symtoms will disappear.  I still have bouts with stomach problems and
headaches that just don’t go away.  I’ll have to check them out soon with the doctors.

I’ve always had asthma, but there were times when it was really severe and I
wonder if hidden aspartames in the past had anything to do with triggering
these episodes.

Needless to say, I am very angry that there is such a poison on the
market, and its legally approved by the FDA!  Scary!  Something has to be
done!  I emailed some of the info on your site to friends to make them aware also!

I’m glad I’ve found answers to so many questions.  I would like to
join the fight against Monsanto and there EVIL WAYS!


From: “Theresa xxxxxx” <>
Subject: It is all true
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2003 18:31:16 +0000

I stumpled upon your web site after reading about milk and it’s
additives at I had been using Equal for everything.
I was overweight about 7 years ago and decided to follow the Atkin
put me on Glucophage to help me to try to lose weight. Anyway,
once I came across, they recommended your
site. Sure enough, I cut out all aspartame, which I must say is very
difficult, and all my symptoms are gone. I am not dizzy
anymore. The feeling of “walking in a dream” is gone. My body
aches and pains are gone. My chronic hip pain is there no
longer. That spot on my head is even getting better. It’s been
3 months since I stopped. By the way, FYI – There is ONE diet soda
that does not use phenylalanine and that is diet rite. Aspartame is
in everything! Every single gum I have looked at has it in there,
the only one I found that doesn’t is bubble yum, which is loaded with
sugar. Also, I have now lost 20 of the 60 pounds I had gained over
the past 2 years!!! People, please listen!!! Stevia, Stevia,
Stevia is the answer! Stay away from the poison that is Equal!



From: “Theresa xxxxxx” <>
Subject: Re: It is all true
Date: Thu, 06 Nov 2003 21:38:08 +0000

Thank you so much for responding, and thank you for the information
you provided. I have told my doctor to keep it on record that most of my
symptoms have disappeared after about 2 months of not using Aspartame
I am going to do the best that I can to inform everyone about this
poison. I also plan on reporting this to the FDA.& This stuff really
needs to be taken off the market.


From: “Jennifer xxxxx” <>
To: <>
Subject: Former Aspartame User
Date: Fri, 7 Nov 2003 11:33:48 -0800

For the last three years, I have had severe pains in my legs and feet.
I started walking daily and it seemed to just get worse.   I thought it
was bad shoes      I have been ingesting sugar free products for 20
years, and in the last three years, everything I put in my mouth was
sugar fee ( I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes) I started menopause
and was becoming very depressed.  I was placed on several depression
medications as well as hormone replacement medications.   Some days were
so bad, I could barely walk from my car to the grocery store because of
the pains in my legs and feet.  I was constantly taking pain medication.
I.e. Tylenol, and Aleve.    I was beginning to think I had fibromyalgia

A friend of my was experiencing pains in her legs.  She ate everything
sugar free as well.  She was only 28 years old.  I am 57.   She went to
every doctor where we live then finally went over to Seattle to the
University Hospital because no one could find anything wrong with her.
It was over there that they suggested she get off the sugar free stuff.
She did and was well again.  SO I thought, I would try not eating
anything sugar free for a few days.  It was like a miracle.  Within four
days, the pains were gone and was starting to feel good again.  I am now
off all medications, and my energy has returned.  Not realizing what
aspartame was in, one weekend I was doing lots of housework, it was warm
and I drank crystal light all day Saturday.  By Sunday I was on the
couch with my feet up and in pain again.  JUST ONE DAY, AND IT HIT ME
AGAIN.  When I read the label what a shock.  NOW I READ ALL LABELS

I try to let everyone know about aspartame and what it did to me.  I
would probably be a cripple today if I had not heard about the affects
of Aspartame.  My friend told mw about your WEB site so I started
reading.  What a shock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for the help



Date: Fri, 07 Nov 2003 14:22:10 -0700

My husband and I consumed diet sodas for two years, trying to cut sugar from
our diets. In the past few months, we experienced unexplainable symptoms.  I
remember seeing an e-mail on aspartame. I did some research on this and
others affected or having been affected with the numerous symptoms aspartame
causes. I couldn’t believe it! We experienced joint pain, stiffness,
fatigue, inability to concentrate and forgetfulness. We cut the diet soda
and anything that contained aspartame from our diets and we feel great. We
immediately saw improvement in our health. I now believe we were victims. 1
1/2 months later, we feel absolutely great. Thank you for circulating these


From: “xxxxxxxxxxxx, Kim” <xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: “‘'” <>
Subject: What can I do
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 10:24:55 -0400

Dear Mark Gold,

I’m 31 and I suffered for a few years because of Aspartame.  I could have
died and left my children without a mother if you wouldn’t have put the
information out there.  Within a month of cutting Aspartame out of my diet I
was free of my many symptoms including:

Basilar Artery Migraine attacks




Staggering Gait

Vision problems

Droopy Eyelid

Irregular/uneven pupil dilation

Problems speaking (jumbled words during attacks)

Loss of bladder control




Stiffness/joint pain

Muscle spasms


Inability to concentrate

“Not real” feeling

It maddens me that there are people out there claiming it’s safe.  I haven’t
filed a complaint with the FDA yet and I can’t afford (financially and time)
to file a lawsuit, but what can I do to help spread the word?  I put some
information about Aspartame on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’s
web page.  There are hundreds of people with similar symptoms, including
seizures that are being diagnosed, or diagnosing themselves, with B.A.M.  If
they only knew that cutting Aspartame out of their diet might cure them.

I have to find some way of helping America!

Thank you,

Kim xxxxxxxxxxxx


Subject: FW:
Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 15:34:53 -0600
From: “Amy xxxxxxxx” <>
To: <>

Thought I’d send this to you. I’ve been to the doctor on and off for the
last four years, and recently went to see an endocrinologist regarding
my symptoms. I wanted to get to the bottom of it as I’ve noticed
debilitating conditions increase over the last four years.

Did a 24 hour (urine) exam that I’m waiting to hear back on, but last
night came across this astounding revelation that touched on all my

(I have reports from my primary doctors for the last four years with
symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, hypersensitive adrenal
response, fatigue, hives, and failed cures with prescription medication.
I have copies of my records too.)

Today I threw out all traces of Equal. Funny how they talk about the
addiction, I had a box of packets at work in my desk, and at home.


Wow, just got off the phone with mom about this.
There may be too much coincidence with the fact that
I’ve been having 3-4 packets of Equal in my coffee every morning
for the past 4 years. …The same time that my symptoms of
anxiety, join pain, insomnia, lightheadness began.

I’ll have to wait and see, as they say it takes a month or two
to get your system back to normal after longterm intake. But already
noticed, yesterday I had 4 Equal packets in my coffee and got real
lightheaded in the afternoon (which I thought was from low iron and
protein), so today I didn’t have any Equal and what do you know-NO

Granted I still may have some underlying challenges, but this could have
been a major contributor to my problems. If so, I’d like to sue their

When I think of the lost productivity, car accidents that followed
insomnia, relationship impact, health bills…

In fact even one of the owner’s of Equal, his son developed a
debilitating disease that he thinks was from excessive use of
aspartame. It’s hushed because there’s so much money gained from
the product.

[Updated Information]

Subject: RE: Aspartame
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 09:12:28 -0500
From: “Amy xxxxxxxxxxx” <>
To: “Mark Gold” <>

Well, May 13 it will have been 60 days free of aspartame!!!

And I’ll tell ya, I have noticed an improvement so far!

Severe insomnia IMPROVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the most part, I’m sleeping pretty regularly now. The only thing
I’ve found is that I still seem to have blood sugar sensitivities,
not so extreme as before but still seems to be underlying. Like if
I change my diet it throws off my sleep, or if I stop taking chromium
same thing, or exercise too much. But even so, the effects of that
aren’t nearly as severe as they used to be that is for sure.

Joint pain GONE. Racing heart GONE. Adrenaline rushes improved (which
doctors had tested me a number of times for excessive cortisol). Food
allergies resulting in hives GONE. I still experience a milder reaction
maybe once in a while but NOTHING like what it was!!!!! And as each day
goes by, I just feel like a healthier, happier person. And I’ve stopped
taking all anxiety medication and natural supplements that I was using
to help me sleep. It’s wonderful! My body just doesn’t want them now.

I’m still waiting to see though, hoping that after 60 days, that
hyperarousal response will be cleared up completely.

My mood has improved too. No more depression and anxiety highs and lows
like I was having before, and panic attacks and irritability. It’s
remarkable. To think of all the time, the last 4 years that I just felt
like hell (like I was 80), and went to see numerous doctors, and to
realize I’ve figured out a connection at least brings tears of joy. And
believe me, it’s also made a difference in my relationships and work

I went on the Internet and read a lot of the warnings and case
histories. What was astounding to me was how many people had such
similar problems and how the doctors couldn’t diagnose it but just put
them on all these crazy drugs for the symptoms. That is scary, and makes
me want to tell the world about that stuff. And, I have told all my
family and friends to stay far away from it. Who would of thought that a
scoop of regular sugar or a regular soda would be BETTER for you.

My goal was to feel better before my upcoming wedding this summer, and
as far as I can tell, that wish is coming true. I said to myself, when I
get married I want to start fresh and be able to live a happy life like
a normal person without all these symptoms. Particularly the insomnia,
my family was very concerned about that. And…another bonus, symptoms
like being bloated and PMS have improved (in fact I hardly notice PMS
now!!!). So I feel like I’m not only getting stronger but even feel more
fit and trim for my big day too.

Crazy, I even thought I was on the verge of Diabetes (since I had all
the related symptoms) but ironically blood sugar tested fine. I’ve read
how aspartame disease mimics so many others and I think that’s also why
it is so hard to pinpoint.

I will read your additional resources. I hope you’ll share my story.
I’ve spent hours, days, months, years trying to get to the bottom of all
my symptoms. And, now I finally feel like I’m headed in the right

Thank you. Keep me posted!



Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 21:46:53 -0400
From: “xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx” <>
Subject: New Member

Hello to xxxxxx and everyone.  I wish I could say I am glad to be a member
of this list but who can be glad about having their life ruined by
deliberate cruelty in the name of the Almighty Dollar.  But I am
tremendously thankful that you all are here and that this list is here
and that there is an army of faithful people devoting so much of themselves
to helping others and attempting to stop this madness.  I simply feel that
I have to have someplace to unload something of what I feel and connect to
people who understand.  My history is long and complex but I will not dwell
on it suffice to say that I grew up in a very violent home with two severly
disturbed alcoholic parents.  From that I have received  the diagnosis of
chronic post traumatic stress disorder…ahh how the aspartame helped me with
my depression.  How it took me lower and lower into the depths of a mindless
black fog.  And then while doing my stint in college back in the early ’70’s
I was exposed to a massive dose of chlordane in the house where I was living.
After that my health has been weird.  I wasn’t the only person living there
that experienced lasting effects.  One person developed a brain tumor.  The
rest of us lucky ones just got chronic fatigue and chemical senstivities.
Then I was gassed with 2-4D, you know, Agent Orange, while living in newly
wedded bliss at an apartment complex.  Finally life in the big city was so
intolerable for me, even with herbs and vitamins and organic foods, that we
moved to the country.  But that meant giving up a lot.  Organinc foods are
hard to come by and finances are diifficult at best.  As we grew to mid-life
and watched my husband’s sisters and brothers become diabetic we switched to
using Nutra-Sweet and other various forms of aspartame.  This was about 1 to
1and 1/2 years ago.  I started using the stuff for various reasons, not good
ones to be sure and viola…memory loss-oh I can remember the horrors of childhood
vividly but I can’t seem to figure out which key is for the car or the house.
Severe muscle and joint pain till I could barely walk.  Burning pains, ringing
ears to the point of hardly being able to hear, then the weird pounding noises
and burning skin and then at the last migraines- this from a person who ordinarily
had maybe 2 headaches a year.  Also I was having some sort of siezure activity.
I didn’t know what it was till I described it to my husband and he as a lifelong
epileptic recognized it at once.  Miraculously I stumbled across the dorway website
and my life has changed for the better.  I am now, as far as I know, aspartame free
for one month.  I can walk without pain and am no longer hopelessly depressed, my
old coping skills I learned through years of therapy are working again.  No headaches
at all unless I get in contact with outgassing such as at Wal-Mart.  But I still don’t
feel consistently well. Today was a bad day.  I have had a HORRIBLE painful rash for
about a week. It is improving with creams and B vitamins.  I should be feeling better.
I checked your archives and found the post about aspartame being hidden in yogurt and
started shaking and almost crying I was so upset.  I just started using Dannon’s “All
Natural” plain yogurt.  I was careful to read the label. Supposedly, there is nothing
in it but milk, and of course bovine growth hormone, but it is the best I could find.
What upset me the most is that I gave some to my beloved dogs. I want to stay on this
list to keep abreast of what I can do for my family, my pets, my friends and neighbors.
I have been telling everyone I know about the dangers in aspartame.  Most of the time
I get this blank look and then the subject is changed.  Well, at least I told them.
Thank you all for indulging me in this long outpouring.  I pray night and day that
this horrible thing that has been perpetrated on the world by Monsanto and the FDA
will come to an end. M.B. in Ohio


From: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” <>
To: <>
Subject: Aspartame
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 20:55:13 -0400

Very poor comprehension, forgetfulness, dizziness, joint and muscle
pain, headaches, fatigue, and numbness in my fingers were symptoms I
experienced while consuming aspartame.  For at least seven years, I
tried to avoid sugar whenever I could, buying products using aspartame
instead…gum, ice cream, sweet thing II, and diet coke/pepsi.

While I had many headaches, the joint and muscle pain was much worse.  I
could hardly get out of the bed in the morning, having to slowly roll
out and walk slowly.  I felt old enough to retire.

Trying to learn a new job was unusually challenging.  My reading
comprehension was severely impaired in a job where that was critical.  I
had trouble concentrating and was very forgetful.

Reluctantly, I came to suspect aspartame.  Beginning January 2003, I
eliminated aspartame from my diet.  Within a week, my muscle pains were
easing.  Nearing four months later, I wake without pain.  My ability to
comprehend and remember what I read has returned.

I hate having to give up my diet drinks, but I feel like I’ve risen from
the dead.  I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it

Diane D.


Date: Fri, 04 Apr 2003 21:39:48 -0500
From: xxxxxx xxxxxxxx <>
Subject: aspartame reaction

I happened upon your site looking for safety info on sucralose.
Approximately 3 years ago while trying to cut back on sugar I began
drinking a lot of Crystal Light Lemonade. At the time I was an RN on a
cardiovascular unit. I have had very rare occassional PVC’s throughout the
years, but after approx 3 weeks of drinking the lemonade I began having
runs of bigeminy and trigeminy (pvc’s every 2nd or 3rd heartbeat). This
left me exhausted and short of breath. I placed myself on a cardiac
monitor at work to print out tracings of what was happening and made an
appointment with my doctor who immediately sent me to a cardiologist.
While awaiting my cardiologist tests results back I noticed one night that
after I put a piece of sugar-free gum (with aspartame) in my mouth, the
runs began. I cut out the aspartame, but it took several weeks for the
toxicity level to decrease and my heart rythm to return to almost normal (
I still tend to throw pvc’s more frequently than before, but no! runs). M
came back normal. I mentioned the aspartame to the MD and he had no idea
if this might be the cause. By the way, I had given up all caffeine 3
years before and had an otherwise very healthy lifestyle. I am very
careful to avoid all aspartame and research any new sweetners that arise.


From: “xxxxxxxxxxxx” <>
Subject: Aspartame reaction
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 14:33:18 -0400

I was very pleased to find that your site had information about sucralose,
as I have been wary of trying any sugar free products after my experience
with aspartame.

Last summer, I was trying to lose weight, and consumed a lot of “diet”
products, including soda, yogurt, and various desserts in addition to other
low-fat products.  Several weeks later, I started to pass out every so often
during the day, and I had an almost constant migraine headache.  I
eliminated aspartame from my regimen and within a couple of days, my
headaches became less severe.  When I consulted my nutritionist, she told me
that I should avoid aspartame in the future because I was probably allergic
to it.  I have since avoided it like the plague.

Thank you for your valuable information, and I hope my experience can help


Date: Tue, 15 Jul 2003 12:19:30 +0200
From: xxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.xx
Subject: Aspartame & Co

Dear Mark Gold,

I have been off aspartame now since 21st February 2003, being close to 5 months
now. I think I’m coming back to the normal world which has been the worst
nightmare for the past 8 – 9 years at least.

You wanted information on developments – well – I think I tell you my complete
story, as now I realise so many things that have been going on and I couldn’t
connect. I hope this information can also help others to get back to a normal
functioning brain and life.

The symptoms that have for sure weakened and almost disappeared are

– heavy confusion
– memory loss and disorder
– chronic fatigue syndrome
– bloated stomach
– diarrhoea with cramps in intestines
– strong feelings of panic and fear
– temporary insomnia
– depression
– hip and joint pain
– hair loss

(and all this just by taking 4-8 pieces of chewy V6 a day) – no coke light, no
other diet products, nothing alike)

It took though over 3 months before I noticed the real change in my head, not
being so heavy anymore and being able to think again and also remember things.
I was so far gone that I sometimes could not remember my own address and phone

I don’t think it is necessary that I express what I feel towards Monsanto & Co.
and all people involved in this, as many others have said it on your website
quite clearly.

I am very grateful for having found all information on your site and once again
to say – You saved my life and that of many of us. Thank you so much.

My life changed when I was diagnosed for hyper-prolactinemia in early 80ties
and as this whole area was quite unexplored (and I had no medical knowledge as
to how the human brain functions with its pituitary gland and hypothalamus), I
was put on PRAVIDEL (Bromocryptine) and the dose was increased up to 10mg per
day. This stuff put me so much off reality – I was just happy to survive a
normal working day, and needed 9-10 hours sleep to be able to survive at all.

The doctors never found a reason for this hyperprolactinemia and they could
also not explain why, despite high medication intake, the PRL levels would not
stay low.

Thinking back now, at that time already I used “aspartame” chewing gum, maybe
not so much – and I did for a period of time use artificial sweetener in my
coffee (for maybe 1 year) which could well have been the cause for this
disturbance in hormones.

But during the treatment with Bromocryptine, I could not distinguish between
the symptoms of the medication and the ones from aspartame. I was not aware of
anything around me.

When I was completely desperate with this medication – and the doctors said I
had to take it to the end of my life – there was no alternative (I refused
removal of an at the time 6-7 mm large micro adenoma), I decided in 1998 to
stop all medication from one day to another, without consulting any med.
advice. I could not life any longer with this strong stuff (also used for
Parkinson’s disease) being always dizzy and tired, etc. etc.

After over 6 months of heavy withdrawal symptoms you can possible think of, and
when that was over, I still remained with a very dizzy head, headaches, bloated
stomach, heavy confusion, memory loss, panic attacks, etc, etc, etc. – which I
thought would disappear now. The only problem that added to it – I was not
drugged up anymore and calmed down. So all these symptoms were extremely strong
and I could hardy bear it.

After 1 year, the mico-adenoma had reduced to 1-2 mm (which it still is) but
blood tests still indicated high PRL levels messing up of course the oestrogen
production and all related to it.

And up to Feb this year, I have been working my way through this nightmare with
all above problems.

The past 2 months have for me been the best ones during the last 10 years
minimum. I still have high PRL, but hope that maybe the body can partly recover
during the next months – I do not know to what extent the damage is
irreversible – headaches GONE, the pain I had since over 10-13 years in my hip
is GONE, pain in the points of the fingers GONE, pain in my neck GONE and
physical body pain when waking up in the night – ALL GONE.

My eyebrows have not been growing anymore for the past 15 years, and – since 3
months, they start growing back – it is simply amazing. So does my hair – I
don’t loose so much anymore, and lots of it grows again

I feel energy coming back. And that is great.

During the entire period of PRL problems, I read so many medical books on the
functioning of the brain and have acquired quite a knowledge on that.

But I had no reason to mistrust our food industry and all my research in
finding out why the hypothalamus is completely in disorder failed due to that.
It could have saved me so many years of nightmare.

I have also since Feb this year read the “Exitotoxins – the taste that kills”
and others on the subject and have also abandoned any sort of MSG from my food
consumption which I find does me a lot of good. I noticed that when having any
kind of MSG in the food, I feel very bad for the next few days, very dizzy and
tired (not as bad as with aspartame through)

In order to stay healthy, I have never ever smoked one single cigarette nor
drunk one glass of alcohol – and then this discovery. It takes some time to
deal with the fact that I poisoned my body over all these years.

I will keep you informed on developments also on the prolactine levels as I
know many people (not only women) have this problem – and I get the very
frightening feeling that this is also partly done because of the aspartame. But
I can neither prove nor completely judge it right now.
I know only that I have never been so stressed that this could have caused it.

Another victim was my sister – dealing with diarrhoea and arthritis in her
eyes, causing serious infections that can lead up to blindness and we were so
strongly trying to find out what causes it. Same for joint pains and bloated

Since she stopped her 1 glass of sugar free lemonade in March this year, her
intestines are back to normal and the eye infection has not reappeared so far.

It is more than admirable what you do for all of us – and there will be many
more that will need this info.

Disclaimer:  Monsanto did not invent Aspartame…
but acquired G.D. Searle in 1985 thereby owning and fortifying the cash and research to insure Aspartame reached the world population through strategic inclusion in popular consumer products… and this has been Monsanto’s pattern of business operations since day one.

My opinion:  I am ashamed that Monsanto is an American entity… and perhaps illegal tactics are allowed when it comes to consumer health and safety.  In 1985 much of the independent and government research into the long-term effects of Aspartame were not understood, quickly deemed “inconclusive” and worse, suppressed from the public to protect Monsanto shareholders.   Even today in 2015,  Monsanto continues it’s strategic takeover of the world’s food supply.  Study their model… their behavior, corporate citizenship and “Strategic Takeover” will be in one’s own conclusion.   These facts that I have been able to find for myself over the years are the reason I label Monsanto the “worst corporate citizen in the world”.

All this while hiding behind their self-proclaimed premise of  “there’s not enough food, and certainly won’t be enough to feed a growing world population”  which again…  if you do your own research, you will conclude that this is a bunch of “malarchy”.   (BS)

I am not a doctor.  I have zero medical training (other than from Scouting) I am not a scientist and I am not certified as a nutritionist… I post my opinions and factual findings using common sense – derived from looking objectively at both sides, understanding that there is a middle ground.  Then I draw reasonable conclusions.  This is a hell of a lot more than most people do and I take my health, my family’s health and the health of others very seriously.


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