Challenging the Postings at Who Is Monsanto.

The Whole Truth

The Whole Truth

  TRUTH seems to pass through three stages.



  1. Ridicule
  1. Violent Opposition
  1. Acceptance as being self-evident.

I find it curious that after almost 6 and a half years of my own research and nearly 18 months since the “WHO IS MONSANTO?”  project was turned into a web site that not ONE organization has come forward to challenge anything published here.  It’s curious, yes – but no surprise  really.  I do not make this stuff up.  I only relay and reprocess what I have found to be factual information.

  Why do you think this is?     I offer a “Whole Truth” explanation:  The GMO (Genetically Engineered) food industry is built on myths – and myths alone.

Why would anyone do such a crazy thing?… go to all that trouble?


The motivation behind the deception is MoneyGM crops and foods are easy to patent and are an important tool in the global consolidation of the seed and food industry into the hands of a few big companies.  We all have to eat, so selling patented GM seed and the chemicals they are grown with is a lucrative business model. “GMO Myths and Truths offers a one-stop resource for the public, campaigners, policy-makers, and scientists opposing the GMO industry’s attempts to control our food supply and shut down scientific and public debate.”

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