Demand GMO Labeling

GMO Free Products Anyone?

If you’re like me then you read the labels that are on food products.  I never used to bother until about 6 years ago when I realized that sometimes the things I might be eating are not good for my family or me.

We should now be able to put any skepticism to rest.  California had an excellent working document (proposition 37)  that clearly outlined labeling requirements for GMO products so that consumers would be able to decide for themselves if they want to buy and consume them.  After all… we are what we eat – Right?

Proposition 37 was defeated mercilessly.  It can be said that the group with the largest pile of money had the greatest influence.  Two organizations in particular (The Monsanto Corporation and The Hershey Company) funneled 45 million dollars into their effort to stop proposition 37 dead in it’s tracks.

What does this tell us?  How can they do this?  Why did they do this?  Proposition 37 set guidelines for food labeling… shouldn’t that be something that is held to a higher standard and less prone to political influence and special interest?

GMO products have not been around long enough to provide a full and accurate picture of long term use.  We do not actually know if they will have an effect on our health.  That’s enough for me to do everything possible to avoid them.

Try it.  The next time you are at the grocery store, select only products without GMO’s.  It’s really hard and it’s going to stay that way if the controllers of the food supply continue to spur and lobby through special interest.

Tell the USDA to require GMO labeling… do it NOW!

Once you understand the process of GMO food production, you will want to read every label on everything you buy for food consumption.

You can take back your health, your food and your environment by joining the global rising tide against Monsanto, a company hiding behind the guise of “sustainable agriculture” while hijacking the safety of the food we eat.

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