Glyphosate is Toxic to Humans


Glyphosate is Toxic to Humans

Why this is so alarming!

There are 170+ million acres of Genetically Modified crops growing in the U.S.   Glyphosate is sprayed on almost all of them for Pest Control (bugs and weeds) and ends up in our food.   This is a scientifically proven  fact.   WTF?

Glyphosate herbicides are endocrine disruptors (substances that interfere with the way hormones function in human cells.)   These effects are found at levels up to 800 times lower than residue levels allowed in some GM crops used for animal feed in the United States.  Glyphosate herbicides damage DNA in human cells at these levels.

Glyphosate and RoundUp *adjuvants damage human placental cells in concentrations lower than those found with agricultural use.  Glyphosate and Roundup damage human embryonic cells and placental cells, in concentrations well below those recommended for agricultural use.
Roundup is toxic and lethal to amphibians.  Applied at the rate recommended by the manufacturer for agricultural use, Roundup caused a 70 per cent decline in the species richness of tadpoles.  An experiment using lower concentrations still caused 40 per cent mortality.
Glyphosate herbicides and glyphosate’s main metabolite (environmental breakdown product), AMPA, alter cell cycle checkpoints in sea urchin embryos by interfering with the physiological DNA repair machinery.
Such disruption leads to genomic instability and the possible development of human cancersGlyphosate is toxic to female rats and causes skeletal malformations in their fetuses.  AMPA, the major environmental breakdown product of glyphosate, causes DNA damage in cells.
You don’t have to be a Biological Engineer to understand the above statements.  I have purposely made this article short to keep the list of important terms and statements short.   It’s an easy read and you can look these terms up easily.
So – the question is – WHY ARE WE EATING THIS CRAP?  This isn’t Good science, it’s insane foolishness.
* Adjuvants = “helpers that assist impact”
* RoundUp and RoundUp Ready are registered Trademarks of the Monsanto Chemical company.
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