Glyphosate – Killing People and Harming the Ecosystem


Glyphosate (RoundUp herbicide, etc.)  has been sprayed on Corn and Soy crops in the United States since 1990.  Below is a chart that shows how the upward trend of deaths parallel the increase  in Glyphosate use .  Remember, Corn and Soy is used in millions of products that people consume everyday so there is no question about the path that Glyphosate takes to get into our food supply.  I almost couldn’t believe it myself – it’s a staggering similarity in trend.  Upon further investigation, I found that there are multiple similar parallels with disease and conditions that have been on the rise – strictly following the increased use of Monsanto’s Glyphosate herbicide.


Now, the interesting thing is I have been posting this possibility as a personal belief for many years.  Now there is an actual TOXICOLOGY report to back up what I have always been saying about Glyphosate and how it inhibits human CYP receptors which are key in helping to fight disease and inflammation.

Anyone who sees this data ought to be thinking…. How do those Monsanto people sleep at night?  How can they live with themselves knowing that they are contributing to early death of MANY people in America and across the world?

This graph comes from a paper produced in 2013 from Interdisciplinary Toxicology and written by,

Anthony SAMSEL 1 and Stephanie SENEFF 2
1 Independent Scientist and Consultant, Deerfield, NH 03037, USA
2 Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT, Cambridge, MA, USA

If you would like to read it you can download it by clicking here

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