Glyphosate – US E.P.A. Statement


Hi everyone.  If you have been a reader of mine for any length of time, you know how I feel about Glyphosate, Monsanto and the sliced and diced versions of “subsidized truth” (LIES) that keep the Glyphosate ball rolling.

Here is a LINK to one of the strongest series of statements about Glyphosate on a Government Server that is in existence – and living behind the Agri-Shield.

Yes, that’s right… this information is published and posted by the people who are given the job of protecting the population from harmful chemicals, etc.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency.

This is a link to some stunning facts about Glyphosate published by the US EPA.

And – this may be a coincidence but look at the link structure:

The word GLYPHOSATE is incomplete in the link  – it’s spelled “GLYPHOSA”

How convenient.   : > (

There are a bunch of harmless reasons why the link is written like that – however, it’s just too weird.


UPDATE – TODAY IS DECEMBER 1st – 2015.  I checked that link above and since my earlier posting, the link has been REMOVED from THE EPA’s site.  This does NOT happen by accident.  A person has to physically edit the link source on the web server or provide a referral…  neither of which is the case.

ALSO – since these links to government web sites sometimes “disappear without a trace” I have also archived the Glyphosate Factsheet on our server
and made it accessible HERE  It’s the same document and how fitting it was that we did this.

Again, the link is now GONE!  So use this one:

Is it time to be pissed off yet?

I’d like to thank for the inspiration and LINKS to the FACTS in this post.

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