GMO’s… refresh your knowledge


Hi everyone.  I’m getting lots of e-mail from you all and many of you are asking the same question…  and that is “Why are these foods available for us to eat if they are so dangerous?”

Here is my answer:

GE (GMO) foods are approved for human consumption based on WTFindustry-produced science that is not peer-reviewed and can not be accessed by the public or independent scientists.

This is a FACT!  If you’re skeptical, investigate this yourself, especially if you have a family.  Science and “test results” without peer review can’t be used to approve products based on an “assumption”  that’s not good science, or indeed “science” at all!  You are a peer, I am a peer, scientist’s with deep insight and possibly first hand knowledge that would undermine and refute the “sponsored science”, they are peers too.

No peer review…?  WTF?  Why?  We can certainly guess why.

Any politician or scientist who tells you these products are safe is either very stupid or lying.

The hazards of these foods are uncertain. In view of our enormous ignorance, the premature application of biotechnology is downright dangerous.

David Suzuki, quoted in The Globe and Mail, October 20, 1999

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