6 Facts about GMO’s

6  Facts about GMO’s

  1. The GM science community has zero accountability.
  2. Critical information is being withheld from the public domain.
  3. Biotech companies continue to claim the benefits of their GMO products despite the overwhelming and extensive evidence to the contrary.
  4. There is continued denial and cover up of scientific evidence about the hazards of GMO’s to the health and the environment by the GMO proponents.
  5. There is pervasive commercial and political conflicts of interest in the research, development, and regulation of GMO’s – so what we really have is NO regulation at all.
  6. The public at large does not know that GMO has failed in the field and in the laboratory.  The biotech multi-nationals and their many shareholders continue to pretend that everyone else is wrong.

Source: Seeds of Deception  Jeffrey M.Smith


  1. This is overwhelming evidence that these people that hold shares in these companies and those that produce these GMO’s are above the law. These kind of filthy rich people laugh at the law. They hire two faced lying attorneys like Hillary Clinton who could care less about guilty or innocent, they only care who will pay them the most money or give them the biggest “favor” down the road. America has been sold out to the highest bidder by low life crooked politicians. So why should anyone obey any laws? The law in America any more is a joke! If any one of us “average” peons were to do one percent of the damage that these scum bag crooks and liars have did to the public health, we would be in prison for life. **** An average Certified Distribution worker (potable water) & Collections (sewer) Grade 1,2,3 or 4 (sewer worker) in any system in America is under a federal mandate to “TRUTHFULLY” report SSO’s “Sanitary Sewer Overflows” anywhere in the USA. In addition, if he falsifies a SSO report, he violates the Clean Air and Clean Water Act which is a Federal Crime and he can and will be prosecuted. If found guilty will more than likely go to prison. Falsifying a sewer report can get a person prison time. **** This actually happened. Mt Holly, NC had two men go to prison for falsifying Sewer reports about the plant. They lost their State Certifications, and went to prison. And the City was fined a couple hundred thousand $$. Those two men did not do one 1/2 a 1 % of what these low life scum bag crooked liars are doing on a daily basis. **** Yet they are allowed by our almighty FDA to continue. Your average American can get more prison time for just about any innocent breaking of the law than any of these scum bags. Our entire judicial system is bought and in the pockets of the big money people and Monsanto is the worst of all. I am sick of creeps like this and there is only one way to deal with this kind of liar/crook. These people are doing all they can to kill people by forcing the ignorant public to eat this garbage. It’s just another way to decrease the population down to 10% world wide. That is the One World Government goal, and these low life’s are as much a part of that as Obama and the Clinton’s. Americans are more into eating this garbage than any other nation.

    • Thank you James! for your input. You make some riveting points using factual data.

      We report factual data here because the truth IS PLENTY! There’s no need to make stuff up
      or embellish it in any way.

      Thanks again!


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