Genetically Engineered Trees

A groundbreaking report published November 4th, 2013 from The Center for Food Safety looks at the recent push for the commercialization of GE trees by biotech, energy, and paper companies and exposes the truth behind industry claims that these GE trees promote “environmental sustainability.”

The report finds that GE (Genetically Engineered) trees will quickly speed up the rise of gigantic tree farms that grow GE trees; a lucrative prospect for companies promoting this technology, but not for the environment. This report sounds the alarm about the potential harms that GE trees pose and calls for the exploration of other, truly sustainable alternatives to GE trees before taking this path in the woods.

Examine this report with an open mind because even when we give this concept the benefit of the doubt, I mean… when we actually think about the implications… there is no future for this type of biotech unless it’s on another planet.

You can download it here…

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  1. so if we know all this about Monsanto, how can we as the general public fix it? How do we stop eating fruit, veg, and meat infected with these g.e. seeds etc? I dont know where to begin…. does anyone have an idea how to fix this?

    • The best and only real way to slow down the propagation of GE (Genetically Engineered) GMO crops is by contacting your state legislators… that is your representatives in government. Contact them and demand that they review policy about products BEFORE they get into the food supply. Tell them that you are opposed to release/promotion of any GE/GMO products that get into the food supply WITHOUT long term, pier reviewed research that backs up their being safe for consumers.

      The GMO effort is a calculated and strategic assault on the worlds food supply with no hard evidence that it improves anything but a corporate bottom line. This is a fact.

      Equally as important is to gather your own FACTS (you will find many that I have posted here on my site) and share those facts with your family and friends. You do not need to embellish these facts… the real effects are scary enough.

      Other site owners that post FACTS – Barbara H. Peterson Her most recent applicable posting to your comment is from November 5th 2017 and the legal action that Monsanto can not escape… it’s got TEETH this time.

      You can always write me back here at my site and if you do not want your question to be public… that’s OK, just let me know.


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