How’s your vision these days?


Typically, I’m not taken in by Web-Vertisements.  You know, goofy ads that sell stupid stuff?   I’ve never really promoted them before because I was always like “Ummmm, yeah, and where’s the value in this?”   Most offers fail my simple “VALUE” test and don’t offer any… so I don’t promote them.

I always thought, (and still do) that 90% of the products out there in the free and wild Internet were complete crap… JUNK.  Making silly (STUPID and RIDICULOUS) promises to remove this or “fix” that, only to end up feeling like an ass after the purchase.

However, I still get lots of mail from people who want to promote things here at  My reply is the same in just about every case “If it’s not related to my crusade of Monsanto content, my regular site users are not going to be interested in it.   This site receives a significant amount of traffic… but this was never the intent.  The intent was to inform and report truthfully FACTS I discovered in my research over the last 8 years.

Other operators/bloggers and the like who want to promote their products are not welcome unless I truly believe that my visitors would get some value and benefit.  It rarely happens.  I can count on one hand how many times it has happened in three years.   Which brings me to my point, I’m not 20 any more and my vision is not as snappy as it used to be.  People close to me suggest I find a pair of glasses and I was just about to do that until I read about this doctor and her interesting discovery.

Of course… I was skeptical.  Aren’t we all these days?   but what I learned convinced me that this required more investigation.  It turns out that now almost 50 thousand people have either discarded their glasses (yes I said discarded) or have ended up not getting them at all.  I still do not have a pair myself and I doubt that I will ever get one now.  Wife keeps asking me (out of habit) and I just say umm… nope.

Bottom line, our eyes are nothing to fool around with.  Anything we can find to help us see better that has a shred of truth from real people to back it up interest’s me.   It might interest you too.  Check out this link and tell me what you think…  notice the social proof this lady has with it.  Facebook likes are upward of 9,000 and that doesn’t just happen.  You have to be helping people.  Give this a look and let me know.   You can comment really fast on this post below and I would really appreciate it.

Thanks people!


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