Monsanto and Pre Packaged Food


Here’s an 70 / 30 rule that can kill you if left alone.  It’s a true statement that 70% of the food items we buy at the grocery store for our own consumption contain chemicals and preservatives that are BANNED in more then 100 other countries!

Here in the U.S., we have laws and agencies to police the corporate profiteers that allow the BAD (or banned) stuff to be in our food.   Guess what?   This approach is NOT working anymore.

In simple terms, Monsanto today produces seeds that are genetically engineered to be immune to the effects of herbicide. (weed killers)  These herbicides would kill any other plant that was not genetically engineered to resist the herbicide.  Now, to close to loop, Monsanto also produces the herbicide that one would use to kill all the weeds around the genetically engineered seed.  Hold that thought

The issue with Monsanto is not just their destructive lobbying practices, but the fact that the products that are produced under the Monsanto umbrella,  genetically engineered seeds and chemical weed killers, are in more than 70% of the processed foods that we eat and feed our families everyday.

We have to tell our leaders that we will not tolerate this crap anymore.  How can a person who is trying to eat healthy actually do so without exposing themselves to harmful herbicide residue, chemical additives or detect GMO’s (GE’s) in product ingredients?

To make the matter worse, chemical additives in processed food cause the damage over the long-term… for example: one cigarette won’t kill you right?  but smoking everyday for 50 years probably will kill you… this is how all of this processing of food (in my opinion) is ultimately justified.  The processed food lobby is ultimately taking the position that you will be dead from old age before any of our products kill you.

The problem I have with this is the right to feel good, to wake up feeling rested, energized and healthy is severely hindered by the chemicals in processed food.   Unknowingly this is experienced every single day by a person who does not know what processed food is doing to their body.  It lowers our quality of life and increases the chances of developing a whole bunch of poor health conditions such as diabetes, certain types of cancer and a slew of other illnesses.

One fact that I want to be consistent on is that I am not talking about short-term.  These herbicides, additives and preservatives do their damage over the long-term in the form of diseases and conditions that affect our health and LOWER our quality of life.

The one and only exhaustive scientific conclusion is that these substances have never before been an integral part of the human or animal diet and therefore the  health consequences for those who consume them, especially over long time periods are currently unknown.

Furthermore, any side effect linked to the GME event will be unique in each case as the site of transgene insertion and the spectrum of genome wide mutations will differ between the three modified maize (corn) types.

To review all the testing and research from one of the most accurate orchestrations on recorded,  visit the link below

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