Monsanto Fails at Improving Agriculture


You can blame the indecisive farmers AND you can try to blame consumers (because apparently we’re stupid) OR you can blame the weather and chalk it up to a fluke of nature.  Well this is exactly what Monsanto wants us to believe.  Evidence suggests that Monsanto and Monsanto alone, has created a MONARCH Butterfly disaster.  That’s right, a disaster and all roads (and scientific data) point toward Monsanto and their mantra of petulance regarding sustainable agriculture.

OK so that’s a bit extreme – harsh – but see this article and you be the judge.

Folks, Monarch butterfly populations have been measured to be 30% of their normal levels.

Monsanto’s advertisements tell an impressive tale of the agribusiness giant’s achievements: Feeding a growing population,  ok… Protecting natural resources mmm ahh well…. Promoting biodiversity,  really?  Good or bad Biodiversity? and what exactly do they mean?

It sounds great, but unfortunately these claims are often exaggerated, misleading or downright false.  Monsanto’s products—and the practices they promote—may sustain the company’s profits, but the evidence shows that they stand in the way of truly sustainable solutions to our food and farming challenges.

Monsanto get’s an “F”

HOW DO I KNOW?  I have raised Monarchs for the last six years in my own home and backyard.  Caterpillar presence has steadily declined for this entire time and this year I witnessed a more than 80% drop in their populations returning on the migration path.  Monsanto’s Roundup kills Milkweed.  The Monarch caterpillars 1 food source is Milkweed.   Go figure.

OK so it’s tough to pin the entire problem on Monsanto – truthfully it’s tough… but it’s easy to prove that there is a significant correlation to the decline of the Monarch population and the widespread use of Glyphosate.  Another NO BRAINER folks… we need to wake up!

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