Monsanto said WHAT?

This used to be posted on Monsanto’s web site – in 2002!

Today, there’s NO WAY you would see even anything remotely similar and even the text below is basically “aspartame coated” BS!

A Letter From Hugh Grant
Our “Stake in the Ground”
The Monsanto Pledge was announced two years ago. It was based on interviews with hundreds of stakeholders who met with people from many departments across Monsanto, gave us their time, explained their concerns and offered their ideas.

Their feedback helped us to better understand public expectations and suggested to us what corporate social responsibility might look like for a company solely focused on leading-edge agriculture.

The Pledge represents our stake-in-the-ground. It shows what we stand for as a company. It confirms our commitment as capable stewards of the technologies we develop, addressing tough issues honestly and openly, and delivering on values-based as well as science-based commitments.

Over the last two years, we’ve done a number of things differently than we have in the past. The Biotech Advisory Council, formed nearly two years ago, continues to challenge our thinking and suggest new approaches. Several technology donations and the investment in ethanol fuel resulted from suggestions by our Grower Council.

Our Wheat Advisory Council provides insight into market opportunities as well as the concerns expressed by various important stakeholder groups. We have made much more scientific research results and data available on our web site and other web sites.

Some of our commitments preceded the Pledge. Safety, community involvement, environmental stewardship and diversity are long held values at Monsanto and they continue as pillars in our Pledge.

Through ongoing programs in those areas, we demonstrate a deeply held respect for our employees, communities and other stakeholders.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve shared our technologies with international scientists and scientists in poorer areas of the world where they have the potential to make a big difference.

This (below) is laughable…

We continue to search for more opportunities to deliver benefits to smallholder farmers, large growers and to address environmental issues around the world. This report will provide examples of our activities and some of the differences they have made in each of the commitment areas.

We have also added two additional areas to our Pledge: Create a Great Place to Work and Act as Owners to Achieve Results. These two areas are important for how Monsanto people work together as a company and we decided that they should become an explicit part of our corporate commitments in the future.

Last year, we reported progress one year after we committed to the Pledge and then asked for feedback. Stakeholders candidly told us that, while they liked reading about the good things we were doing, they also knew that some controversies still surround our products and that we should discuss those too.      (umm, yeah.   Really?)

This report includes a number of the dilemmas we face and also includes feedback from diverse stakeholders.

It’s important to periodically reflect on whether we are doing the right things to deliver on our Pledge commitments and whether they are making a difference to people.

We have completed two annual reviews, both available here, to capture the many efforts under way.. We have also made Our Pledge a substantial part of our Corporate Web site, expanding in many ways on the latest report.

We will look forward to hearing your feedback on this report, on our performance, and on our challenges. Please click here to send your comments.


Hugh Grant
President and Chief Executive Officer

So I’d like to ask anyone that can answer truthfully about the above statement Monsanto published in 2002.


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