Monsanto – Steamrolling the World Food Supply

Monsanto has already earned a bad name because of its production of deadly chemicals like dioxin. The Company has enormous ambitions to steamroll the Monsanto-steamrolling-the-worldworld food supply.

Monsanto focuses on controlling food availability right at the grassroots level.  Monsanto is trying to become the sole supplier of seeds that have been developed using their vicious methods.

The seeds contain Monsanto’s patented genes.  Already, research has revealed that 80% corn and 95% soybeans are grown in the US using Monsanto seeds.  The small percentage that is left, Monsanto would love to capture as well.

In its endeavor to fulfill its wishes, the company has attained hold on biotech firms in the US.  It is using them to expand the reach of the products of the firms to every household. Its genetically modified seed helps the farmer by being more influential in farming.

The farmer simply has to use the company’s weed killer, which kills everything but the crop. The ‘everything’ includes even the organic crop.  Hence, for Monsanto’s weed killer, even the organic crop is a ‘weed’.

Will monopoly over food be a reality? Will Monsanto succeed?

It is clear that Monsanto wishes to weed out every other seed from the planet. Its products have a mammoth killing capacity. Control of only one company in the supply of food will make the worst nightmare come true. With no competition around, Monsanto will have the power to control the prices of its seeds.

Of course, a company like Monsanto will never suffer any loss in its business. Hence, price fluctuation and price hike at the whim of the company will become a norm.  As seeds are the base of every food, price of everything edible will also rise.  In such a situation, there is little that the government would be able to do.

Are Monsanto’s products dangerous?

Monsanto’s monopoly does not only threaten the economic stability, the products of the company have been found to have serious health effects on rats. Monsanto’s Bt corn was fed to a group of rats. They were later found to have developed cancer, and tumors. Most shockingly, 70% of the female rats did not survive at all.

GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) or genetically modified crops have never been found to be beneficial. The crops that are grown from Monsanto seeds are treated with the company’s Roundup herbicide. Scientists have found traces of this herbicide in all the products made from the crops. The list is long and it includes bread, bear, cornflakes, and so on.

Research has revealed that consumption of these products can cause a string of diseases. The most prominent ones are heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. These diseases have long-term health effects and can affect generations to come. Hence, a healthy body will soon become a dream for the consumers.

Many Asian countries after getting wind of Monsanto’s harmful products have stopped importing seeds from the USA.

How is Monsanto executing its deadly plans?

Monsanto is inching its way to realizing its ambitions of Public Deception. The Obama administration has former Monsanto employees. They hold top positions on the Supreme Court, United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Representatives of Monsanto have acted as Government Lobbyists. In the process, they have used not only persuasion but bribing also. What is actually frustrating is that Mr. Obama has appointed many of the former Monsanto officials himself.

For instance, Michael R. Taylor was the VP of Public Policy at Monsanto. Currently, he is the Deputy Commissioner for foods at the FDA. It is unlikely that Mr. Taylor and other former Monsanto employees have cut their ties completely with Monsanto.

Why is it important to stop Monsanto?

Monsanto may be an American company but it dreams of having its products sold all around the world. Its genetically modified seeds are ready to reach Africa. Michael R. Taylor is using his position at FDA to further Monsanto’s plan. He is lobbying and may soon be able to convince the US government to give the company’s plan thumbs up.

If you thought that the Supreme Court could still slow down Monsanto then you are in for a cold-truth shock.  The company has already placed its agent there.  Clarence Thomas, who was the attorney for Monsanto, is now Supreme Court Justice.

Clearly, Monsanto has spread its influence deep into the core of the US administration. In case of any conflict, the decision is not likely to go against the interest of the company.  However, such a decision will certainly be against the interest of the people.

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