Monsanto Wins an Oscar – sort of…


You Should Know

As we get older, we hopefully begin to realize that are not always what they may seem to be.

The World Food Prize is the equivalent of the Oscars when it comes to agriculture.  Last Wednesday, the World Food Prize Foundation said the honor and the $250,000 cash prize would be shared by Robert T. Fraley, Monsanto’s executive vice president and chief technology officer, and two other scientists, Marc Van Montagu of Belgium and Mary-Dell Chilton of the United States.

The foundation said the work of the three scientists, who helped find a way to insert foreign genes into plants, resulted in higher-yielding crops that can resist insects, disease and extremes of climate.

This is all true but we should wonder why, given the overwhelming evidence of bad business tactics and deplorable corporate citizenship – that such an honor would be awarded to Monsanto.  Why?

The World Food Prize funded by Monsanto – and then AWARDED TO Monsanto!

Folks,  they really do believe that the public is stupid.  Are we going to have them prove us right – or – wrong?


Did You Know…

Genetically modified crops are grown on 420 million acres by 17.3 million farmers around the world?

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