Owned by Monsanto

Seed Companies Owned by Monsanto

and its Subsidiaries. 

The seed industry used to rely on universities for their research and development.  Today the industry is dominated by a few major chemical and pharmaceutical giants that patent specific traits in seeds and charge fees to farmers who use their patented seeds.  If that wasn’t enough, farmers may not use any of the offspring for the following planting season.  Monsanto is a One-to-Many conglomerate.

Advanta Seeds (Canada)
Agroceres (Brazil)
Agroeste Sementes (Brazil)
American Seeds, Inc.
Asgrow (which previously purchased O’s Gold Seed Co.)
Bo-Ca Enterprises
Campbell Seed (marketing and sales segment)
Cargill Seeds International (Central/Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa)
Channel Bio (Wilson Seeds, Midwest Seed Genetics, Crows)
Choong Ang Seed Company (Korea)
CNDK (partnership with China National Seed Group)
Corn State Hybrid Services
Cotton States
De Ruiter Seeds
DeKalb Genetics
Delta & Pine Land Company
Diener Seeds
Emergent Genetics (Mahendra, Indusem, Daehnfeldt, Paras)
Fielder Choice Direct
First Line Seeds (Canada)
Fontanelle Hybrids (Nebraska Irrigated)
Gold Country Seed
Hawkeye Hybrids
Heartland Hybrids
Heritage Seeds
Holden’s Foundation Seeds
Hubner Seed
Hungnong Seed Company (Korea)
Jacob Hartz Seed (Hybritech, AgriProWheat)
Jung Seed
Kruger Seed
Lewis Hybrids
Mahyco Monsanto Biotech (joint venture in India)

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