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Seeds of Deception

To all visitors that have arrived at this site via Search or a Shared Link:

Welcome to my collection of  facts about Monsanto.   This site was started to create awareness and was planned long before it became a reality.  Thank you for your support, donations, etc., as the site usually generates enough to support itself.

I wanted to voice my outrage and thus; “”  just kind of happened.

My efforts began in sincerity and remain this way today.  All posting on this site will be factual to the best of my abilities using verifiable sources.  Sources are quoted whenever possible and a link the the source may be included if available.   If you come across a contradiction or a piece of content that is wrongly stated as fact, contact me using for a prompt response.

I have come across thousands and thousands of pages of information on the topic of Monsanto.  Some was easy to find and some not so easy.   I’ve been careful in my investigation, travel and talking to real people.  Some of the things that I thought to be true turned out not to be true at all.  Monsanto,  its mission, all the evidence and its continued domineering is deplorable.   I also believe that they may consider themselves hero’s to the human race.

I on the other hand do not… and I’m a regular person who learned that the company who has  lied to the world repeatedly in the past is now moving, successfully I might add, to control our food supply.

Do you understand the implications?  Food is more powerful than money, more powerful than guns or bombs and Monsanto knows it.   Monsanto is executing a strategic plan to own and control the world’s food supply.

My point is this:

6 years of looking at the facts FROM ALL SIDES makes me an authority.   It’s kind of like spending 6 months in a foreign country without knowing the language.  Then, in month five you realize that just the exposure to the culture alone has given you the ability to speak the language like a native.

I know what I’m writing about and I don’t believe in conviction without cause.  This is serious cause.  Lots of freaky and strange conditions have been on the rise in the United States since the introduction of Genetically Modified Food and Food Sources.

Everywhere I looked within the GMO spectrum I found the name “Monsanto” in the oily mix of  rhetoric
and marketing propaganda.  Over time, I discovered a most excellent assembly of evidence and arguments
that led me to conclude there was something seriously wrong.

To this day, I have been unable to find another organization with as much influence over regulatory decisions as Monsanto does.  These guys are at the highest levels of the government agencies that were created to protect U.S. Citizens from companies like Monsanto – who clearly put profit before human health and quality of life.

I know that some of you who e-mail me regularly like to read books, I like to read books too – Good ones.

Many of you have asked me to recommend a book or “some books” to read that encapsulate the best evidence available about GMO and Agribusiness.  That’s how you get educated.  You want to carefully asses and confidently make a decision about how you feel about the “racket” of genetically modified food and food sources.

“The World According to Monsanto”   by Marie-Monique Robin  is the most comprehensive journalism approach to the history and facts about Monsanto.  It’s sole purpose is to increase awareness of the serious threat to our food supply and tells the story leaving nothing up for debate.  It’s an evidence based conviction.

It may not be an easy read for some people.   It’s academic,  full of statistics and interviews of people such as former Monsanto employees, Monsanto clients and recalls serious situational events with hard unequivocal evidence.

My favorite book however is similar to the above but it reads more like a thriller-novel  than an academic investigation although again, nothing is left up for debate within the assertions.  The author Jeffrey M. Smith tells a powerful story about the Agribusiness and thus; Monsanto is at the center.   In some ways this approach makes it more powerful.

It features complete and highly detailed accounts and collections of  the facts.
The book title is “Seeds of Deception” by Jeffrey M. Smith

You can get either of these books at your local public library, local book store and of course…

Amazon has it in both soft and hard cover as well as Kindle.

available now in hard cover - soft and Kindle
Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating

Seeds of Deception  by Jeffrey M.Smith
Seeds of Deception - Jeffrey M. Smith

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