Monsanto Products

Thanks to Monsanto…

We have the pleasure of Saccharin, Astroturf, agent orange, dioxin, sulphuric acid, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), plastics and synthetic fabrics, research on uranium for the Manhattan Project that led to the construction of nuclear bombs, styrene monomer, an endless line of pesticides and herbicides (Roundup), rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone that makes cows ill), genetically engineered crops (corn, potatoes, tomatoes, soy beans, cotton), and it’s most significant product to date; Lies, Factual Distortions and Omissions.
Here’s one of the distortions that Monsanto had on its website a while back. “Sustainability – the idea that the resources and people of this world are finite. That for any business decision we make, we must consider the effect it will have on us and our children. That the products we make must not use up all of a natural resource, or even worse, contaminate what is left behind.”

OK Monsanto – I’d say that you have completely “Effed” that up.

What we have are products that hurt us, tactics to deceive us, and a list of unknowns.   At any cost, how can this be good?  How is it possible that this is anything other than old-fashioned control and greed?

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