Strange Occurrences of Disease is Rising

I don’t know what you think, but I have noticed a rise in the number of reported cases of gastrointestinal problems in the general population.  Strange occurrences of disease is rising.  Disease like diabetes, heart disease, obesity, Parkinson’s  Alzheimer’s disease and Autism.  Medical professionals that study synergistic toxicology that is: ( the toxic outcome of relationships with certain chemicals and enzymes when they are put together) are beginning to connect the dots, and the connections are more than just coincidental.

Glyphosate — the major component of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide negatively effects the human body.
It’s a fact and it’s supported by Monsanto’s own research.

I will break this down as carefully as I can:    Glyphosate, pronounced “GL EYE  FO  SATE”

Glyphosate impairs the cytochrome P450 (CYP) gene pathway, which creates enzymes that help to form and also break down molecules in our cells.  There are a whole bunch of important CYP enzymes, including aromatase (the enzyme that converts androgen into estrogen) and 21-Hydroxylase, which creates cortisol (the stress hormone) and aldosterone (regulates our blood pressure).  Glyphosate screws up our body’s ability to regulate and adjust normally.

One function of these CYP enzymes is also to detoxify xenobiotics, which are foreign chemicals like drugs, carcinogens or pesticides. Glyphosate inhibits these CYP enzymes, which has rippling effects throughout our body.  People… this is a no brainer!

Countless studies describe how all of these effects could work together, and with other variables, trigger health problems in humans, including debilitating diseases like gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, Parkinson’s  Alzheimer’s disease and Autism.

Much of the research that gives us the conclusions above came from Monsanto’s own research pool.  Why is this not front and center???  This should be on the mind of every American.  This whole GMO’s farming thing has got to stop because it’s already out of control.

It’s on a path to screw up naturally occurring growth and growing of things that we rely on to eat!

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